UCF’s PedsAcademy at Nemours Children’s Hospital

medical advances for children with
chronic and complex medical conditions have advanced at a really rapid rate and
education hasn’t caught up with those children or or kept up with medical
advances so even children who face some of the most insidious diseases now they
survive and very simply put the the cost of living cannot be education Peds
Academy it’s for the world’s first pediatric school program that’s research
backed and dedicated to educating children in ways that are specific to
their disease phenotype or condition sometimes being in the hospital is
stressful it can be stressful for the parents stressful for the the patient
obviously and we are always looking for ways to try to make that experience a
little easier to cope with and whether it’s a surgical procedure or you know a
day at an infusion center you know if they are engaged if their mind is
engaged I think the whole experience goes so much better you see them light
up you see their enthusiasm I think it makes a world of difference
our purpose is to provide those really rich meaningful educational experiences
so that children aren’t just keeping pace with their healthy typically
developing peers but that they’re actually getting extraordinary
educational opportunities like robotics and immersive and augmented virtual
reality while they’re here in the hospital well she definitely enjoys putting the
making the robots do you know all kind of silly things the challenge of
learning whenever you’re in and out of hospital is that there’s no consistency
so it helps to have someone else come in and to kind of explain things I’m not
good at explaining them to her some parents when they learn what this is
have been immediately brought to tears just tears of joy that they’re gonna
have some support and being able to navigate the education for the child
while they go through this experience which in some cases will span years
I think it’s definitely gonna help her whenever she goes back to school it’s so
exciting it’s such a high level of motivation for them that what we
in Peds Academy is yes I’ll do that thing where we’re having to set time
limits and say okay we’ve got to move on to the next room and you know we’ll be
back tomorrow but I think some of them would keep us in there all day

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