Several Russian soldiers were badly beaten
after a fist-fight with American troops in Syria. The injuries to some of the soldiers were
graves enough that they had to be airlifted to hospital. This information was provided by a reliable
source. According to the UK-based Syrian Observatory
for Human Rights, the incident occurred on 25 December in the city of Tal Tamr in Al-Hasakah
province in north-east Syria. This kind of confrontation is rare and its
very good that it didn’t spiral out of control to result in something bigger. In this video Defense Updates reports on physical
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ship and three days of premium account time as a bonus. The U.S government had announced the withdrawal
of troops from Syria in early October 2019. President Donald Trump’s sudden decision
pave the way for the removal all 1,000 U.S. troops from northern Syria. The move was criticized by certain section
in U.S and around the world as it was seen as a betrayal of loyal Kurdish allies who
had fought for years alongside U.S. soldiers against Islamic State. U.S at that time had around 2,000 troops in
Syria, mostly working to train local forces in combating ISIS. As per the decision, U.S troops started withdrawing
but after sometime US forces were spotted returning to some areas that they had left
earlier. It it important to note that Russian and American
troops are stationed close to each other in several areas. Actually in some places the Russian army has
established its presence which were previously occupied by the U.S soldiers. The incident started in an unusual manner. The story unfolded like this – US troops arrived
to collect information from local residents, the latter reportedly reacted negatively,
and accused the Americans of betraying them with the withdrawal of US forces from the
area. Russian soldiers in the area then confronted
the Americans and there were few arguments. The verbal spat led to a fist fight between
the soldiers. It was reported that no weapons were used,
and so no major casualties were reported at first. It was then revealed that three Russian soldiers
were beaten so severely that they required urgent medical attention. According to Russian media outlet the Military
Review, the Israeli media also drew attention to the incident, although the Russian Defence
Ministry has officially denied that it even took place. The Russian Ministry of Defense,
“The report of the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights about the alleged ‘altercation
that turned into a fist fight’ between Russian and American soldiers in north-western Syria
is a primitive fake,” A brawl of this nature before this came to
light when a video surfaced that was allegedly recorded on India’s Independence day, August
15 in year 2017, showing a lengthy and violent scuffle between dozens Indian and Chinese
troops guarding the barren disputed border next to the Pangong Lake in the Himalayas. There is no clarity on how many Russian and
American were involved. It is unclear if the American outnumbered
the Russians and this resulted in Russian being beaten or its was better physicality
of the Americans It is to be noted here that troops from both
countries are known to be well trained. In highly specific roles like fighter jet
pilots, American are thought to be better because of better coaching and more flight
hours since the U.S can put in much more money, it has around ten times the defense budget
of Russia. But when it comes of ground troops , there
shouldn’t be much difference and it is bit surprising that Russians suffered this fate.


  1. This isn't news, nor is it new. We've been kicking ass since George Washington, now if it said that American soldiers went to the hospital because of a fist fight with the Russians, then that would be news. America 10-0

  2. Our boys are stronger than their boys. You don't even know what happened, but the propaganda machine does not wait for truth. It just goes on and on 😂

  3. [Russian Navy's Top Officer Says Shadowy Zircon Hypersonic Missile Has "Childhood Diseases"] http://va.newsrepublic.net/al/NSrfNf

    Lmao !

  4. This information is provided by reliable source called The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights which is run by "Rami Abdulrahman" from his home in Coventry and also who owns a clothing shop hmmm 🤔🤔 right this is very reliable ?

  5. May be this fight inbetween Russan regular force vs American special force?

    Or may be things goes into personal rather enmighty?

    Or completely Fake News?

  6. Well russian ground troops are not well trained at all. These are at most some poor 17-19 year old idiots who couldn't avoid to serve.
    They are not even properly fed during their time in the army.
    The only well trained group are some special forces units but they are few.

  7. You’re lucky its just a fist fight, if it was anything beyond that we would have called Vladimir Sarmat 🇷🇺💪🇷🇺💪🇷🇺💪🇷🇺

  8. Serious and qualified people, such as the French diplomat Ignace Leverrier, can't give a toss for the one-man-driven SOHR.


    I'm sure that you are smart enough to get the article translated into English, aren't you?

  9. Sounds Faker than Kim Kardashian ass, to much people with guns to turn an altercation into a fist fight without one shot being fired and Not One video popping up on YouTube either from Russians, Americans, Kurds Nor Syrians.

  10. Serving in the middle east must be hell. Because of politicians and their BS. Being told to leave and abandon your allies in their struggle surely sucks. I can see why US soldiers are so frustrated. Add a bunch of probably drunk Russians provoking them… it was for the best, don't bring all that stress back home. I hope no soldier had permanent injuries and they all recover soon.
    See? That's US and Russia collaboration… Russians aren't heartless thugs after all. Keep up the spirit!

  11. I would imagine the americans are trained to a much higher standard, in all aspects of their roles. In a fair fight, the russians wouldn't stand a chance

  12. Everyone forgot that it was US territory from where they fled in disgrace. Forgot the tomatoes that threw the Kurds at American cars? Short memory?

  13. This sounds much more difficult to verify than the 200 Russian contract fighters killed while attacking a U.S. outpost.

    If this report is true then it’s because U.S. troops in Syria are Special Forces while I believe the Russian troops are regular forces.

    I wish our nations could work together instead of quarreling.

  14. Lol it's kind of funny. Russian troops are widely thought to have better hand to hand combat skills. That is in general, some us units get more advanced training than others. If this is true, it shows that brutally training isn't always the best. Btw arguing with the US troops isn't going to get them to stay. It's not their decision to make. It is how they say, above their pay grade.

  15. That's old school people, put the guns down and put up your hands!!! Best way todo it but don't hurt each other that bad but go have a beer after the brawl…😁

  16. us soldiers left in a ditch from instant dishonourable discharge. No way US taxpayer is picking up that healthcare bill.

  17. US personnel doing foot patrols in Syria are most likely 82nd Airborne, Rangers, Marine Recon or SOCOM operators. From this clip I gathered they were Green Berets. Not the type to fuck with at all.

  18. Russia had it coming. Constantly taunting America with its stupid fly bys of US navy ships and trying to ram American navy ships. In my opinion American soldiers are more physically fit and better trained than Russian soldiers. American and ISRAELI soldiers are the most experience military combat soldiers on the planet. So if you're going to fight America or Israel soilders you better bring your A GAME. 😎😎😎😎😎😎🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😎😎😎😎😎😎

  19. What the hell are they doing this crap for. That kind of stuff is stupid and can end with someone getting killed and escalating from there! This kind of thing can’t be allowed to happen.

  20. Any actual evidence apart from "reliable source" or information from the biggest source of fake news from a guy on his couch in UK (observatory of human rights). So its kind of silly to make a whole video based speculation…

  21. Great news! I thought war thunder will be exempted on this 5-minute video but no!! It consumed 2-mins of the play time.

  22. You would think that if they were outnumbered, that they would have played the victim with evidence from observers to back their claims. A little bit of the truth mixed in with the lies makes it all easier to digest, after all.

  23. I bet the soldiers were bored af on guard duty and decided to bet who could win both just talking mad shit haha that shit actually happens it wouldn't surprise me.

  24. Defense Updates when are you going to make the video of the Iran missile attack on US bases on how their air defenses didn't work same like in Saudi Arabia? Been waiting for that video

  25. At least the Russians didn't suffer the number of casualties they incurred when their "contractors" tried to overrun the US and Kurdish base in 2018.
    Russians tend to think they have the best and toughest soldiers in the world. Other countries, including the US, think the same of their own soldiers. Their mistake occurs when they underestimate others.

  26. A total lie. Total provocative BS from the Western media. The real fight between Russia and Western Empire is ahead of us. Well see who is going to be beaten once all weaponry will be unleashed.

  27. Go watch the Modern Army Combatives Program vids including the one Tim Kennedy is in. Russia you better behave or we’ll fill your skies with maroon berets haha

  28. Fake news ! Your channel is ultra biased by american grandiose psychotic military supremacy… this would have made global news if it Really did happen ! Russians have stricter rules of engagement and would not fall into fighting us gis ! get some education!

  29. I recall in the '60s or 70's Russian and Chinese troops fighting along their border. Russian troops were beating the Chinese. Later Chinese martial artists were sent and changed the results. Anyone remember this?

  30. A reliable source?? That Uk based observatory ?? Check your sources…i heard it was an office with one guy on it in London …

  31. As a American I DONT LIKE THIS !
    Something like this CAN escalate things to where it gets completely out of control. I guess I'm naive and maybe not well educated on the past and the present relations with Russia but gladimir Putin won't be the leader of Russia forever we need to start looking ahead and maybe trying to find ways to become friends with Russia and if they're willing then we have to be that much more Vigilant this is not good at all where you put Russian soldiers in the hospital I don't like it.

  32. What do you mean it is a bit surprising it happened that way? The Russian were lucky the Americans didn`t rip their heads off, and $h!t in their empty skulls.

  33. I doubt that any Russian soldiers speaks English.And No American Soldiers speak Russian.So how in the world did they get into a fist fight.

  34. simple, the Americans are better trained, equipped, cared for and better fed. Pound for pound the Russkies didn't have a chance

  35. It must be a fairfight, its known that US army is the on the side of good.
    Those civilans in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Serbia, Syria, Afganistan…they where asking for it.
    Bunch of criminals, i mean the US army and their insane political leaders.

  36. You have refered UK based n then Syrian Human Rights, both r by their name of origin completely story makers anything on Russia n Syria. It z totally fake n false story, by the name of source itself.

  37. Russia pick a fight, thinking they were about to beat up a bunch of soft air force or national guard solders, turns out they were Marines, then the Russians got their ass kicked and then denied they got their ass kicked.

  38. Russian soldier : hold my vodka Yuri..
    American soldier : hold my beer dude..
    Why does Russia Suck so hard?? They can't even beat the U.S. in a fistfight.

  39. Wuahahahahahahahahaha….It was the classic scene from Rocky Balboa vs Ivan Drago times 10 !
    At least Drago did not end up in a Hospital E.R

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