U.S. Air Force: Capt James Stoufflet, Physician Asst

When I decided to join the Air Force, I
was young, I was married, and I had two young children. Medicine itself has always been
something that I’ve been interested in and so I spent six years enlisted as a
Medical Admin Technician. I applied for the Inter-Service Physician Assistant
Program, which is similar to a civilian PA school. I went through the program, I
received a commission and now I’m a fully licensed physician assistant
working in a family practice clinic. If you’re comparing Air Force PAs to a
civilian PA there’s really not any difference at all. All of our education has been the same, we’ve gone through programs that have
the same accreditation. Pretty much the only difference is the fact that I put
this uniform on every day. The Air Force gave me that financial stability, as well as the added educational benefits that allowed me to get where I’m at today. I
have paid absolutely nothing for all of the schooling that I’ve done and that’s
not something, with a wife and kids, that I would have been able to do without the
Air Force. One of the other benefits is that I can continue on and become a
specialty PA. Right now the Air Force is offering fellowships into general
surgery, ear nose and throat, dermatology, and what I’d like to do eventually,
orthopedics. I absolutely love being a physician assistant in the Air Force. When I get to take care of those guys who are deploying overseas or
take care of them once they come back, not only that but I take care of their
wives while they’re gone, I take care of their kids while they’re gone. I take
care of those older patients who have previously served and so there’s that
aspect of being an Air Force PA that’s rewarding because of the greater good
that I’m able to support. I’m Captain James Stoufflet and I’m a Physician Assistant in the United States Air Force from San Antonio Texas.

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