U-M students bring Disney songs to life for kids in the hospital

[ Singing ]>>I’m Christina Maxwell, and I’m
a senior musical theater major here at University of Michigan. And every Friday I come in and bring friends
with me from the musical theater department, and we sing with and for the
kids and bring in Disney music to them to sort of brighten their day. [ Music ] I tell people, as strange as it
sounds, Mott’s is my happy place to because this place is so
full of joy and resilience. And it’s incredible and it’s contagious. And so my friends love it. We all love performing but what performing
is about is about that connection. It’s about sharing that gift of
joy, that gift of love and happiness that these Disney songs convey so
beautifully and with such humor. And so when they come in here for the
first time and they get to share a song and they see the way those kids light up,
it’s not hard to get people to come back. [ Music ]>>One time I sang with the
little girl up in her room. She was hooked up to a machine
getting an emergency transfusion. And she couldn’t come down and
she was heartbroken about it. So her mom came and grabbed
me and I ran upstairs. And she was just in her hospital bed like barely
awake and when she saw me, she light lit up and was like mom, put on my Elsa dress. And she had the full costume. Put her in the boots, the
dress, the braid, everything. And we sang every single
word from Frozen together. And I remember leaving that hospital room and
calling my parents and saying I have never and will never again do better work than that. That’s what it’s about. [ Music ] [ Applause ]

7 thoughts on “U-M students bring Disney songs to life for kids in the hospital

  1. I so love this I wished that I used it when I was C.S Mott Children's Hospital at the older building Victoria Jaska xoxoxoxo

  2. Wow, those U of M musical theatre students sing so well that they sound professional. They have wonderful voices. I'm so impressed.

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