U-M Medical School Student-Run Free Clinic

(upbeat music) – The University of Michigan
student-run free clinic is a clinic run completely by students. – It’s a really great opportunity for me and my fellow classmates
to get clinical experience and to really assist some
of the underserved citizens of Livingston County and
the surrounding community. – Most medical schools
in the country right now have a student-run free clinic. One thing that I think
is incredibly unique about Michigan’s student-run
free clinic is that, in really every sense of the
word, it is student generated. Even the idea to have the
clinic in the first place came from the students. – We provide care for
people in the community, especially in Pinckney, Michigan, who don’t have insurance
and need healthcare. – While students are doing everything, everything we do is overseen
by a medical director as well as an entire advisory board. – So the important thing
is that the patients are getting high quality
U of M physician care. But everything else that you can imagine is done by the students. – [Tani] We do all of the scheduling, we schedule the physician volunteers, the student volunteers, and the patients. – [Philip] We do intake for the patients. – [Tani] We do all of the finances. – [Taylor] Make sure the
faculty are there to see and oversee the students
working with the patients. – [Tani] We do all of the
supplies, we have to– – [Philip] Make sure that
the physicians report to the right room with the right patient. – [Taylor] Do physical
exams, do histories. – [Philip] Make sure that the patient reports to the right team. – [Tani] When patients
get labs and radiology that we’re following
up with the physicians who are reading those. – [Taylor] And then finally,
making sure that they come back for the things that they
need to come back for and are seen by another great
faculty member from U of M. – In addition to that,
the clinic is committed to promoting a spirit of volunteerism. – It’s the kind of place that
people wanna come back to. It’s the kind of place that people feel comfortable coming back to. – [Philip] As a medical student
I am getting the experience of understanding clinic operations. – [Tani] The student-run free clinic is an amazing leadership opportunity. We’ve provided 5000 hours of direct hands-on experience to students. – Being able to be a part
of the clinic from day one has helped me through medical school. – By far the best opportunity that exists to start acting like a doctor now. – [Taylor] School’s hard, I
don’t wanna study any more. But you know what I want to do, is to take care of the
patients that I’m in charge of. – [Tani] It would give
me first-hand experience right at the beginning of school. – I feel like, if you’re
going to be a physician, you should have that desire to help people regardless of their socioeconomic status or their ability to
afford healthcare or not. – It’s the best opportunity
that exists to see patients, it’s the best opportunity
that exists to experience the healthcare system for what it is, and it’s the best opportunity that exists to practice being a leader in that field. (upbeat music)

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