– [Connie] Tyler’s in
the hospital right now. They’re getting ready
to give him an x-ray. Here’s the x-ray room,
but they wanna be safe, so we have to wait outside
until the x-rays are done, and then they will show us
the x-ray after the fact. Okay, so good luck, Ty! – I hope it’s just a sprain. (rock music) – Today we’re gonna take
Tyler to the doctor because he might have sprained, or worse, maybe broken his arm again. So, show them, put your
arms out side by side. – Ow. – [Connie] There are, I don’t
know how to show you this way. So he has, that one, sorry. So he has this wrist. This wrist is kinda
swollen out right here, and it’s hurting him right
here, and it looks a little more swollen than this
wrist at the moment. So, we’re gonna take you to the doctor and just make sure it’s not fractured and if we need to be
putting it back in a brace. – If it is, that sucks
’cause I really want to play football this year. – [Connie] Well, if it’s
just sprained, then you will. You just need a couple
weeks off, but we’re gonna go find out. I’m going to pick up
Kayla because she’s at her friend’s house, Vanessa,
did a spend the night. And so I’m gonna grab her, so
that we can all go together, and then hopefully get a chance to get out for a few minutes after
that and do something. – Good morning, everybody. It’s Shawn and Tyler from
We Are The Davises and– – We’re going to the doctors. – Yeah, we gotta go to the doctor today. Tyler banged up his arm
during the football game, and we thought it just, you
know we weren’t 100 percent sure it didn’t look like it was,
it didn’t look like that bad anyways, but it’s a couple days later, he’s still complaining about it. So just to be safe, we’re
gonna go to the doctor and have him check it out. Make sure he’s okay,
as it’s a little sore, it’s a little tender still. – Hope I am so I keep playing football. – Yeah, we lost another
player after the game. It wasn’t during the game,
but he stepped on a piece of glass and cut his foot up. It was gross looking. But anyways, he’s out and so we’re losing, that’s two people we lost so far. If we lose Tyler that’s a third. – No, we’ve lost three. – Three? – We lost Sam, Wemhoff, and now Brown. – Oh my gosh man, so our
team is falling apart. We have such an awesome
team and we keep losing all these good players. So, we’re gonna make
sure that Tyler’s okay, and hopefully, pray for us out there. We need your help to make
sure that he’s all right, so that way we can go to the Super Bowl. And we’ll let you know. We’re just on our way
to the doctor right now. So just hang out and
we’ll see how it goes. – Okay, just came back with
Kayla and she’s cleaned up. So we’re running a little late. Shawn’s already taken
Tyler to the doctor’s, so we’re gonna go meet
them there right now. – [Connie] So how was your
spend the night with Vanessa? – It was good. We had a lot of fun at the
pool, and we were talking with her older sister’s friend and her. And we had these cool
things that her mom made. They were like these
cinnamon roll waffles. So you put little biscuit
things in the waffle maker, and you put cinnamon and
little icing stuff on it. It was so good. I wanna make some. And we, I’m trying to
remember what else we did. Oh, we tried to out-crazy
her sisters by putting a ton of makeup on our face. (laughing) So we did that. And then her sister and her
friend kind of just ended up looking like mermaids
instead of crazy people. So, her mom said that we won
the crazy contest, so yeah, just so you guys know,
I’m insane, so is Vanessa. So that’s how the sleep over went. And now we’re on our way to the doctor. – [Connie] We see how
he’s doing as you do it, so normal stuff. – [Nurse] We’ll get your
finger in here for your pulse. What happened there? – First, my thumb was out
like this and someone rammed into it and then, my game
that happened on Saturday, my wrist was like this
and someone ran into it, then it hurt really bad. – [Nurse] What game? – It was against Clay. – [Nurse] I mean, what sport? – Oh, football. – [Nurse] And this was on Saturday? – Yeah. – [Nurse] Okay, let me see, that’s 94. All right, and is there any
prescription medicines he’s on? – [Connie] No. – [Nurse] And no drug
allergies as far as we know? – [Connie] None. – [Nurse] Okay, I’m gonna get
your temperature (mumbling). – [Commentator] (mumbling) 15 and hitting. That’ll be a very fun
World Series to watch. We’ve got the the– (beeping) It’s pretty swollen. 97.7. And now, just your blood
pressure and I’m done. – [Connie] Just poke him around. – [Nurse] I’m gonna do it on this side. Don’t wanna make that hurt any worse. (pump whooshing) Nothing else got injured? Your thumb is still hurt? – Yeah. – [Doctor] How is your
hurt, the most right now? – Right here, right here and right here. They all feel the same. – [Doctor] Kinda like all in here. So, it’s all in the, that side. And how ’bout over here? – Nothing. – Everything over here feels good. How about your elbow? – Feels fine. – How about your shoulder? – Feels fine. All right, feels pretty sore down here. Well, (sighing). Yeah, I mean it looks like
it’s probably just sprained, but of course, certainly
could have another hairline fracture of the distal radius. It’s the most common fracture
there is in children. – [Connie] And the only
way to find that out? – [Doctor] X-ray. – [Connie] X-ray. – [Doctor] Yep. – [Connie] So that would be the next step if we wanna be smart. – [Doctor] Oh, yeah, yeah. I would definitely do that. I can tell ya, I don’t
think it’s badly broken. ‘Cause usually when things break badly– – It swells.
– You get a lot a, yeah, and a lot of bruising. Lots and lots of bruising. I don’t see any of that,
so I suspect it’s probably soft tissue, but you never know. They can just have a hairline crack. – [Connie] The biggest
sign for us is when he says it hurts worse the next day. And that’s what he’s saying right now, so. – [Doctor] Well, certainly a possibility. – It felt better yesterday,
but now it feels worse today. – [Doctor] Yeah. ‘Cause it’s Monday.
– So, when that happens. Yeah. – [Doctor] Things are
always worse on Monday. – [Connie] But it’s a holiday,
usually it’s better then. Right?
– That’s right. (laughing) – [Connie] We forgot
about the holiday part. – [Doctor] Yeah. – [Connie] You didn’t have
school today, it didn’t have to be worse. (laughing) Messed up. – [Doctor] So, I’ll give him
a prescription for an x-ray. I don’t know if you still
have your old wrist splint. – Yes.
– Yeah, I do. – [Doctor] I’d definitely
put him back in it for now. – [Connie] Did you bring it, Tyler? – Uh, no. – [Connie] Uh, I told
Daddy to bring it to you, and I didn’t realize– – It’s still on my bed. – [Connie] Okay, we have two of ’em. Just in case one gets wet. – [Doctor] Keep ice on
it, as much as you can. – [Connie] Okay. – [Doctor] Try not to use
your hand at all, all right? Take Advil or Motrin for pain. – [Connie] Okay. – [Doctor] And we’ll call
you as soon as we get the x-ray report. – [Connie] So, are you
guys doing the x-ray here? – [Doctor] Mm-mm. – [Connie] So we need to
go, you’re gonna tell us where to go. – [Doctor] Yeah, just
go up to the local place and they’ll do it right away. – [Connie] Okay. – Yay. – [Connie] On to the next thing. – Right now, it could
be a sprain a fracture or it could be broken. – Yep. We gotta go do x-rays in just a minute. – What happened to my hair? – Ah, no one cares about your hair. You’re good. But, yeah, we’re gonna go do that next. He’s gonna get his x-rays,
and then, we’ll go from there. – Yeah. – And he’s gonna have
to wear his brace again. – No! – For sure. – I wanna play football. – Kay, we just ran to the
pet store that was next to the doctor’s office,
real quick, and Kayla found. – This is a little
bunny costume that we’re gonna get for Hershey,
since we think he looks like a bunny, and this
is a little duck costume we’re gonna get for Harley. Oh! – [Connie] Oopsies, that’s okay. – We’ll see what it looks like on them. – So, we’re gonna start playing
dress up with the dogs, now. – Yes. (laughing) – All right, girl, go get your costumes, so we can go take Tyler. We still gotta take Tyler to the hospital and get his x-rays. Kay, Tyler’s in the hospital right now. They’re getting ready
to give him an x-ray. (chuckling) So, here’s the x-ray room. But they wanna be safe,
so we have to wait outside until the x-rays are done,
and then they will show us the x-ray after the fact. Kay, so good luck, Ty.
– Good luck, buddy. – I hope it’s just a sprain. – Tyler’s x-ray of his wrist. I think it looks awesome. They cannot say anything right
now, because the doctor has to diagnose it, but I’m gonna guess. It looks great. (laughing) I think you just have a sprain, Tyler. But we will see for sure. So, thank you guys, so much,
for letting us see that. High hopes for Tyler. I think he’s gonna be fine. It looks like, to me, it
just looks like a sprain. But we won’t know for
at least another day, when the doctor get the x-ray,
and then he will call us, so we will let you know when we know. – But the radiologist
who couldn’t comment said he took really good pictures,
and that was the best he could do, so I’m assuming
that looks pretty good, and pretty hopeful at this
point, so we just gotta keep him iced up, and he’s gonna
out for a couple weeks, no matter what, I guess, right? We gotta let him heal up, still,
even though it’s sprained. – Two weeks, no matter what,
he’s gotta wear his brace again and let it heal. So, that is the verdict today. Now, we’re gonna go try and
find something fun to do because it is beautiful
outside, and that’s just what we do when it’s nice out. And we have the day off. – I say we should go eat on the beach. – Yes! – Oh, let’s go! – We got Tyler’s x-rays all
done and it turns out he’s got– – I broke my arm! Just kidding. – He’s gotta hole in
his shirt, so he looks a little slobbish, I guess
is probably the best way to put it. So, we’re gonna get him a new shirt. These are some ones we picked out here. Those are awesome. They look really cool. They’re on sale, buy one get one half off. So, we’re gonna pick
those up, and then we’re gonna go get some grub,
’cause we’re hungry, so. – [Connie] All right. This place is really, really nice. – Yeah, we went here for
Mother’s Day a couple years ago. Two years ago, I think. – [Connie] Yeah. – Come on! – [Connie] This is called One. The restaurant One. – [Tyler] It’s funny,
’cause it’s in a hotel. – So, we’re just waiting
here for a sec until they get our table set up, and then
we will have a beach view while we get to have lunch. – [Shawn] The waves look
good, maybe we should go get the surfboards and head
over to (mumbling). – No.
– Come on, Dad. – [Connie] Yeah, we
probably should, actually. – [Tyler] I can’t do anything. – [Connie] Yeah, you can. – [Shawn] You put on your other brace. – [Connie] You put on the
brace, you can get it wet. You have two of ’em. – [Shawn] Yeah, you got your
wet brace and your dry brace. – Yeah, but we have to go
back home, then we have to go back. – Not here, we’ll go to (mumbling)
which is closer to home. Surfing. – [Connie] Surfing, yeah. I wanna get some surf shots. We still haven’t done that. – Well, then we have to
bring chairs and stuff. – [Connie] Yep. What do you think, Kayla. – Yeah.
– We’ll go to the beach. – Can I bring my boogie
board, ’cause I can’t surf? – [Connie] Oh, say that again. Yeah, you can bring boogie boards. – I wanna bring the boogie board. – [Tyler] Where’s the hamburger? – [Kayla] The hamburger’s
right here, the Angus burger. – [Shawn] Yeah, I don’t
know if you guys are, if you guys get that,
you’re gonna split it. – So, it looks like we are
probably gonna be going to the beach after this. It is such a beautiful day, I don’t think we could pass that up. Preview of Halloween! (laughing) – [Kayla] That’s his Halloween costume. – [Connie] Let’s see, hi Hershey! Look at me! Hershey? I want to see her– – [Tyler] Guys, he hops so good. Boink. – Oh, he’s so sad.
– Oh, his ears are showing. He’s happy, his tail’s wagging. – [Kayla] Oh, yeah. – [Connie] Look. – Why is there a hole in it? – [Connie] For the leash. There! Hi, baby! – Hi! – [Connie] Little bunny. – He’s so cute. – [Connie] Is you the bunny? Are you a little bunny? Little bunny Foo Foo. – [Tyler] How come he has three ears. – [Connie] He’s a bunny Foo
Foo, hopping through the forest. Awe!
– He’s so cute. – [Tyler] I’m the bunny Foo Foo– – Harley has to put on his duck costume! – [Connie] Yeah, we’ll do that later. – Okay. – We’re actually on our
way to the beach right now. We’re gonna see if we can capture some of Shawn’s surfing skills. So, wish him luck. – Yeah, we were just at that
restaurant by the beach, and it looked like there were
some good waves coming in, probably left over from the
hurricane, so, I’m hopin’. – Let’s see what we can– – We have a stick hand on our ceiling. – Yeah, the kids are messin’
around and now we’ve got a stick hand stuck on the ceiling. – [Tyler] It’s probably gonna
be there for like two hours. – [Kayla] That’s my fault. That’s my fault.
– I think it’s gonna be there ’til we move. We made it to the beach! We’re gonna take the little
pups for a little walk. A beach walk. (whistling music) (surfing music) – Fight all those, it’s
like so rough out there. The currents are pushing you
all different directions. All right, Tyler go! All right, Kayla go! I’m gonna be ready to take a nap here. I don’t even know if you can
hear me, ’cause the wind is goin’ (whooshing). – Dad, I could’ve done it myself, but– – I’m tired. – [Connie] And the puppies,
they look like they’re perking up a little bit. – Harley’s tail is almost under his butt. (laughing) He’s not having it. – I’m just trying to relax. – I moved back and forth on my surfboard, so it went like this. – You did some fancy stuff,
I got you on the surfboard. (mumbling) Look at these cute little pup-pups. These little cutie pups. Hershey, hi! Hey! What’s ya doin’, babies? – [Kayla] You’re gettin’
sand all over your face. – [Connie] Sandy babies. You’re just a sandy pup. – Yeah. – All right, I think we’re
gonna wrap this up here and head home. Everybody’s kinda had their
fun at the beach today. – Yep. – So, we’ll see you back home. (guitar music) Awe, little ducky! – He’s a little ducky. – [Connie] He’s a ducky, quack quack. – [Kayla] He’s just weird ducky. Go be free, little Hershey.
– I think we’re gonna buy all kinds of costumes for them. – Be free little ducky. (laughing) – [Connie] Harley, come here, let’s see. Harley, hi! – [Tyler] He’s like this is embarrassing. – [Connie] Hi, Harley. Do you wanna play? – [Kayla] It’s just a little ducky outfit. – [Connie] You like your ducky outfit? (laughing) So funny. – [Kayla] He’s got
little feet in the back. (speakers drowning each other out) – Look how cute these doggies are. Our puppies. – Harley’s going over his head. Or over his eyes. – [Connie] We’re gonna have so much fun with them at Halloween. – Yes. – Yeah, this is just a regular day. Imagine on Halloween what
they’re gonna look like. – We’re gonna have to do a dog show. – Right.
– Yes, a doggie fashion show!
– Absolutely. – That would be so much fun. – Yay! – Yep, so we’re gonna
say goodbye to you guys. This was Labor Day for us, but
we know you’re probably not gonna see this for like another week. We’d like to know what you
guys did for Labor Day weekend. Did you go do anything special? – Go to the beach? Go camping? Go, I don’t know, rock repelling? – Have a barbecue with your friends? Visit family? What did you guys do– – Fly fighter jets? – For Labor Day weekend. – So, comment down below. We’d love to hear your thoughts. And until next time. – Bye! – [Tyler] Click on the annotations
if you are on a computer. – [Kayla] Click on the
iCards above, or links in the description below if
you are on a mobile device. – [Both] Don’t forget to
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