it hurts I just thought of a tree it hurts
really bad hopefully it’s not broken but we don’t think it is we are on our way to the
hospital and were to get an x-ray all right so Jesse Tara and the kids are coming over
and were to have some hot dogs and French fries and it is the girls and boys night before
the last day of school we are gonna do some Kool-Aid on the kids hair tonight what color
do you want I’m going to do half of my hair purple and that’s it yes which half like no
like this way okay just the tips basically yes my ends because tomorrow I’m going to
have a side pony and then I’m gonna have big curls I want to look like a unicorn a little
bit and I’m playing this game I hear so that’s why keep looking away so are you going to
get your hair colored yep cool I have red instead of doing a here can I just do the
top part read and this blue no we are just gonna do some of the tips but I don’t have
blue I have purple and I have read and I have orange purple purple that’s what I was thinking
what color are you gonna dye your hair I have to dye my hair to do we have anything kind
of like a turquoise magenta type of cross mix I don’t think he has enough hair to dye
it yet so we’re just gonna make this a little end-of-the-year school party for the kids
and it should be fun we got Tara and Jesse Jayla and Aydah we got Tyler and where is
good old Rory Rory hi Rory watch me okay I want you while look at you you have so much
energy 1230 by the way guys I think it was a comment on one of our YouTube videos you
guys recognized Kayla we get a lot of comments were you guys were saying I know Kayla from
we are the Davises so that’s awesome that was cool awesome yes see you’re going to end
up seeing some of us in there than some of theirs in us so it’s all good later that not
a single French fried burned all right how do you like me now that’s two out of three
baby hold on let me check guys it was hidden underneath that was just well done at that
is called perfect right there I like it like that let’s see that Emoji hey hello Jayla
keeps cracking up at that every time he bends down it’s that Emoji it gets her every time
all the hot dogs look at these hot dogs these are so good-looking are these all be Frank’s
there Angus beef they are the best only for you baby if you’re gonna buy hotdogs is the
only way to go they are so good Tyler are you okay he was hanging from a tree in many
bellyflop on the ground are you all right you want me to hold it it hurts I just fell
out of a tree it hurts really bad hopefully it’s not broken but we don’t think it is we’re
on our way to the hospital and were going to get an x-ray were going to see what’s wrong
if I have if it’s sprained or if it’s twisted or is it bruised I don’t know were just going
to see what’s happening you can do a Ty let’s see if we can take a look at it so here’s
his hand we get some ice on it and it looks all right but he is resting it so underneath
it looks like it might be turning a little purple so were to keep some ice on of a right
now he has been really good about it and I am proud of him he is taking it well the little
tree fall just scared him a little but I think is gonna be all right so wish us luck here
we are on our way to the hospital right now yet Ty you can to give my fist bump a pound
they are gonna check your wrist right now baby okay they ordered you and x-rays of the
gonna come in here and take a picture of it to see if it’s broken or not okay thank you
and the only other thing that we need to do is get when your fingers to check your heart
rate and then I’m just gonna scan your four head for your temperature does that hurt no
doesn’t hurt right there it’s in the middle over and under right here and you can me touching
it right there yes does I feel normal to you does it feel like it’s a sleep I don’t know
what that feels like doesn’t feel like it does over here and feels exactly the same
okay that’s good that’s what we like to hear can you make a fist doesn’t his or her real
bad in your rest okay you can stop can you touch your thumb to each finger you don’t
have to do it if it hurts real bad and you reach the pinky okay don’t try to force it
okay can you turn your hand over for me that hurts okay to hurt really bad in here no pain
on the side it’s all right in there just right here and right under here okay relax your
hand there’s no pain at all right here feels okay okay will get his wrist x-rayed and see
what’s going on look at this big old machine that they’re bringing in for Tyler here everybody’s
got a falling out of the tree story right otherwise you can have a good childhood have
you ever broken and are before no okay good I want to see if I get a picture of this before
she runs it because it looks intense if you ever had x-rays before their real easy okay
let that arm up and go just relax your arm all the way down okay there you go good gets
all your fans that your cool Superman okay now lift up on the to put another board under
you go now this time I want you to roll your wrist up a little more this time just like
that make sure you hold really still alright working to do one more pretend like you’re
breaking this board you got it that is so good that is perfect that is good hold right
there for me alright that’s it there you go is that where you want it I will I hope you
feel better we hope it’s not broken thank you okay bye you guys so that was your first
x-ray man how do you feel did that actually make you feel weird you can go outside and
pick up a car right now can you see through us as what x-rays are they give you like x-ray
vision you can tell a hotdogs as is because my belly sticking out I told you that they
were discussing a thing over it and scan it I know but I was a little scared of the pain
I thought you might’ve been worried to and I was trying to help at least put that to
ease so you weren’t stressed out on top of anything else it hurts though I know will
now what’s the worst that can happen is there to put a brace on it and will just have to
rest all right it looks like Tyler’s getting a splint that’s all we know so far are you
excited to get his splint no so how does it feel horrible and hurts really bad you got
that it feels horrible so don’t jump out of trees people I didn’t jump I slipped don’t
slip either usually when it is a contest between you and gravity gravity will always win I
won last time I always win when I do certain jobs but then I slipped yep well no more slip
and what we can hope this letter that we can help with jumps no more jumping off of trees
or mountains or roofs or bikes or anything that’s all there is to it yet your vertical
leap is like 2 1/2 inches dude member we already checked it out dude can you turn the camera
off now okay that’s the break right there right above his wrist so there’s the break
in the hand I’m in the arm I mean pretty clean but I’m bummed that it’s broken take Tyler’s
gonna get a caster put them in a splint right now but tomorrow is to go get a cast it’s
your arm yep were never gonna let him forget as we are videoing it forever well he is smiles
right now so I’m happy it’s a huge improvement from we got here that’s for sure I was crying
because of all us suffering now are you not to get a cast probably tomorrow or the next
day so what you think and now I think my class is going to go what happen oh my gosh oh my
gosh oh my gosh what happened I fell out of a tree so what you want to do we will just
sleep in and then will call the doctor and I’ll see when I can get you in appointment
and then we can stop by the school and say hi and get your yearbook and you want to have
everybody sign it the right yes I do alright so we got cleaned up and were home my first
night sleeping in the cast at the splint what is it a brace it’s a splint not quite a cast
yet but it will be now we’re working on that your arm went from round to square or rectangular
that does that hurt no it looks like a mine craft thing that hurt it’s more on the side
that hurts does that hurt yes to see if daddy get it can get in here he’s gonna have to
lay down when I can make tides of up and down here and want to say cannot you guys go or
good morning or good evening depending on whenever you’re watching it well we are saying
good night because it’s that time right now but we were glad we are able to share with
you were so thankful that Tyler’s okay and it was a little scary for him and us we didn’t
know I cried a little we kept hoping it was just a sprain but it’s a break I thought it
was just to be a sprain to his you kept saying it was to be super around it wasn’t that bad
of a break and we were on top of it right away went to the hospital right away soon
as we realized so we were quick quick on the draw anyways so I don’t know we have anything
else just hashtag down below get better Tyler get well Tyler and nobody out there jump out
of treesit’s bad don’t jump out of trees but I slipped don’t slip out of trees don’t do
it is not worth it this is what happens when you slip out of trees tree climbing is not
such a good idea that I thanks guys thank you for watching and will talk to you later

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