Two Point Hospital Tipps Und Tricks (Deutsch/German) [Mono Biester, Warteschlange, Geister & mehr]

Moin Moin, this is the Zap. Welcome, show in this video
I’ll give you tips and tips for Two Point Hospital Tricks that will help you. So you can in the difficult levels
come forward and the 3 star reviews to reach. Included are tips, tricks for beginners
and a few who are also advanced players to be able to help. If you are new here, on this one
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► Switch on German voice output Trifles first, if you do not know them,
but in this case you really miss something. Since a patch in December 2018, there are
At Two Point Hospital also German voice output. Both the hospital announcer and the
Radio moderation were by German speakers synchronized. This is how Two Point Hospital does it again
a little more fun. However, the voice output may turn
not automatically, so if you have the Speakers should still be in English, necessarily
under Settings ->Language in German switch. ► catch monobiester
When the employees challenges emerges every now and then, there is also one
Steam Achievement, even with the Map challenges It can happen, the hunt for the Monobiester. These little cute little animals are
the successors of the rats from Theme Hospital, where they come from random mouse holes
came out of the wall. These are searched for at Two Point but in vain. Basically, you also need a hospital first,
that has been going on for a while. In very fresh hospitals there are still
no monobies. And then they hide at Two Point
among objects standing in the hallways. In this case, they prefer especially trash cans,
but also vending and snack machines are very popular with the little fellows. Presumably, you can hide everywhere
be, but in some things probably more than at others. To find the little creeks now, must
So you in the hallways individual trash cans or lift the machine with the mouse button pressed down
to rush them. The lifted object quickly set aside again
put, because now the things run in the Area around and try a new one
To seek hiding place. When you aim your mouse at it, it transforms
the mouse pointer is in a target cross and if You at the right moment the left mouse button
you can shoot them. This does not apply when looking at the speed
on slow or paused. Normal speed is the best
Pace for the hunt. With a bit of practice and patience it should be so
be feasible to meet her. ► Optimize queues
One thing that is very important in the game but for a very long time,
to fully understand them are the queues. If several people are in the same diagnostic
or treatment room want, first applies a “first come, first treated”
Sequence. As in real life, this order is
but not necessarily the best. This is how your doctors may treat you first
the gentleman with men’s flu in the initial stage, while on a seat in the waiting room a patient
is about to die. Every patient has a state of health,
you can see when you click on it, Mausover makes or in the patient list
looks. And to avoid dead as possible, should
We look for patients every now and then keep it that will not last much longer,
and she in her queue, in which she are straight, push forward. There are several variations on how to do this
can. The most obvious method is pretty clear. So the game shows by itself, with people,
which will soon fall over a broken one Heart above the head. Now we can just in our hospital
always with a half an eye after those red ones Look for markers. Everyone probably does that anyway. Then just click on this patient and
in his information window on the right there is one Display for the position in the queue,
in which he is currently. Then just with the small arrow to the left
in the queue to push forward. Doctor, here comes an urgent emergency. But there are other variants, something
are more hidden. This will show up in rooms with queue,
how many people are waiting. So, if you pick out a room
who has a particularly long line and at this room clicks on the door, gets
to get a list of all waiting patients. And here you can see the order of the snake
adjust by giving the patient the least health with clinging and pulling
in the list moves up. So the almost dead are very forward, they are not
so sick further back, who can wait first. There is also a list of all patients who
you can find below left or just with the shortcut key “2” can call. These can also be sorted by the columns
and sorting the table by health you also have the top sufferers in the list
above, so you can jump on it directly can to check if they are in their queue
are also pretty far ahead. These methods are also good to patients
from the temporary emergency tasks better able to provide. And of course it may be advisable, though
determines spaces permanently long lines before have the door just to build more of it
if the hospital cashier and the building site allow it. ► Hunt ghosts by hand
If our retirement measures but still have used nothing, sometimes patients die. These can then become ghosts, we
urgently need caretaker with the training to the ghost hunter. Ghosts cause in the patients in their
Environment anxiety and stress and let them run around. Your condition will be anything but
better and this also delays the queues maybe more. That’s why we do not want spirits if possible
from the automatic let’s handle that then Someday a janitor sends over,
after all the flowers have been poured and the last toilet really clean. So when we see a ghost, we strangle
we do the best we can, do it right List of employees on, either with the
Mouse on the bottom left or with the shortcut “1” and switch to janitor. Then we look for a caretaker
the necessary training and click on it, then go to his window on the right to “pick up”. Now we have the janitor on the mouse arrow
hang it and put it right on the scary one Throw ex-patients. It is best to make sure that the text box
“Ghost hunt” appears, so the cleaning devil also immediately takes the order and the ghost annoyance
suctioned away. When manual commanding you should
always make sure that you do not have any Taking people out of the break, or maybe
subtracts from major upgrades or repairs. ► “Further education needs” messages
If the employees have more experience in their Get a job, you get letters gradually,
They say that you have this or that employee should send in the training. But you do not always have an empty training room
for it, or is just missing the money for the specialist or it fits in the moment simply
not because, for example, just treated an emergency must become. If you just click on the message
Button “not now” presses this message but completely deleted and really
helpful information, which fellow now needs training, is lost. Then you would have the appropriate employee
first search by hand again. That’s why I always click on these messages
on the X top right and close the window only, the “not now” button I never press. Either start training, or if
that does not work, X, that’s my tip for it. So these messages accumulate in the news
List below right, and if the training rooms are empty and the cash register allows it and none
Emergencies come in between, then I send the people on the important course. ► Multiple staff rooms
An employee works in almost all rooms and everything works fine. Sometimes the janitor comes by, but
every doctor and sister has their own Room. The game does not sound so straightforward
but there are rooms in which you have more staff can send. And these are the station, the fracture station,
the marketing department and the research. If you click on these rooms there are in the
Info window on the right the option “additional Staff “and with the + and – buttons
we decide how many carers or assistants to work in this room. There is also a list of employees
in the room we are talking about People can also track down directly if necessary. Of course it also makes sense in these
Spaces to set up more treatment equipment. As an example, you can then in the fracture station
Set up more plaster cast and so on treated several patients in parallel. In research, so the projects can be
which take a long time to accelerate and speed up Marketing the effectiveness of the campaigns
increase. ► Run optimization for patients
It will always be in very full hospitals more important the flow of patients liquid
to keep it and to make sure it does not too much confusion in the corridors
gives. Of course, wider corridors are one here
good thing, but that is not always possible. Sometimes the premises are simple
too cramped and you have to go with 2 or even just 1 box wide corridors to cope. But it can quickly lead to problems
if too many patients and employees through want such a bottleneck. Ideally, we think about the construction of the rooms
even to certain sequences of running routes, but that can only be very abstract
to plan. The more important it is that we try as possible
Avoid bottlenecks, so no 2 boxes Doing aisles, better 3 and, if necessary, bottlenecks
are that we are not yet with stuff full set. We already had the queues in front of the
Rooms. Now let’s come to much more difficult ones
Queues. A very big influence on the routes
also have the vending machines. Food, drink, entertainment, that’s very
important things for the patients and also the employees and who to which machines
running is not easy to plan. There are already some machines before
sometimes longer lines and they can walk make it almost impassable. Because people who stand in front of a machine
and wait are a hindrance to anyone passing by and that delays their way and worst of all
Case, there are real traffic jams. So one should avoid vending machines in
To set tight passages or to use very heavily Running routes. The reception also has queues,
Of course, I recommend the right one for that Reception with multiple reception desks instead
of the pure reception desk. That should be, if enough money available
is, if only because they do The staff thereby a better atmosphere
provides. But here, too, the waiting people are spread out
then on several switches and it does not come to a crowd in the lobby. For hospitals with several buildings
then the patients come from different Directions, it may make sense
several receive switches to opposite To build ends of the plot. A few tips on how to set up
and decorating the rooms ► Items stack effects
When you set up a room where it is It should be particularly fast, it is worth it
to look after the furnishings, give the values. For example, to diagnose the doctor faster
or at training rooms are items particularly interesting, which make
that students learn faster. And you can also multiply these items
put down and their effect is stacked up, so to speak. A training room with 10 shelves that the
Speed ​​increase is really noticeably faster. If you like it pretty and varied
like, this tip is probably not for you, but otherwise, less decoration, more values ​​in
the rooms. The example shown here may be one
not so much. ► Bypass space
If you are in levels, where lack of space big problem is, it is extremely helpful
if you have objects for the rooms, that do not take up any real space,
so that you can build the rooms very small and can still bring to level 5 prestige. So one may also take pictures behind cabinets and
hanging in front of windows, at least for now. Then in a small room the space rating
to get up quickly, it makes sense as early as possible in the game as many pictures
unlock. At least if you want some variety for
the optics want. Otherwise, it is simply important some pictures
to have. These have different sizes, so
you can easily fill different gaps to fill. A special form of the murals are the
Certificates, these can be very dense place and also at bottlenecks such as
Hang example at the door. Carpets are then extra good, the
you can underneath in the room underneath everything So they do not need space
actually. In summary, one can say, if
one does not care about the appearance, one can Just decorate spaces with useful things. So usually the important functional objects,
like 2 small heaters, 2 flowers, a fire extinguisher and otherwise I use several faster
Learning statues and where possible, the Drug cabinets, diagnosis and treatment
accelerate. Then a coffee and a sweets
Vending machines, so people do not spend that long Have to take breaks and “clog” the aisles. Then just gold certificates and everything
To make up the room Prestige Level 5 reached. This works very well. ► Outro
I hope there were a few things for you that you can use in the game and
did not know yet. There are also a few gameplay videos from
Two Point Hospital of mine, top right in to find the corner at the “i”. Otherwise, I would be very happy about you
Happy fingers crossed and if you know more tips, just write me the comments,
maybe I’ll show you then in a successor Video. More info about me in the video description
or on my homepage where There is also a community forum that you like
can join. Take care, Ciao ciao, your zap

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