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1997 was a significant year. It was a year that many of us realised that
a game based around running a Hospital, wasn’t as ludicrous as it sounded. In fact, it was actually damn good fun, and
we had Bullfrog Productions to thank for expanding our minds and wasting countless hours of our
days. Although its life began under DOS, it would
also make its way to the Playstation the following year. Theme Hospital was in fact, such a good game
that people still play it today, and indeed there’s even an Open Source high resolution
engine called CorsixTH which allows owners of the original base files to game in much
more socially acceptable resolutions. So really, there’s no need for a sequel, or
even games like Hospital Tycoon and Hysteria Hospital, which failed to recreate the same
charm, amusement and addictiveness, offered by a game written over 20 years ago. Personally I would be happy just listening
to this music all day. But then, from the end of hospital corridors,
we began to hear whispers of a new game. A game called Two Point Hospital. A game which aroused those Theme Hospital
feelings all over again. Well, it turns out those whispers weren’t
Chinese in origin, even if the names we applied to that old children’s whispering game were
perhaps a little dubious in origin. Because HERE, is Two Point Hospital. A game my brain keeps telling me to call Two
Point Four Hospital, but has no connection whatsoever to the average number of children
in a British Household during the 90s. So this video is here to serve two itches. The first is to find out whether this new
management sim is any good, the second is to draw comparisons with Bullfrog’s Theme
Hospital and then mull on what 20 years of programming & evolution has brought us. Now allow me to set your expectations here,
because people like ex-Bullfrog developers Mark Webley & Gary Carr have worked on creating
Two Point Hospital, and given he worked on both Theme Park & Theme Hospital, expect some
distinct similarities. No Peter Moleneux this time I’m afraid though,
I presume he’s currently been held hostage in Larry’s basement. We start with an introduction, which, although
no where near as dark as Theme Hospital, merges the same style of comedic wordplay & blatant
disregard for patient life, that we all know and love. But instead of being thrown straight into
a hospital, we’re now presented with a map. I mean, to start with, we can only select
one hospital, but I like where this is going. Now, from this point on, it really does feel
like you’re playing a modern Theme Hospital. I expected similarities, but I didn’t expect
it to be THIS similar. We’ve got the same isometric angle, the same
reception desk, the same room layout design, the same items in the room, in fact, I’m sure
that’s even the same tannoy announcer…. Rebecca Green did the original announcements…
hmmmmmm, I can’t find her name in the Two Point credits, but she sure as hell sounds
similiar. Anyway, the point is. This feels so much like Theme Hospital, that
I barely had to think to play it. Everything is where I expect it to be, and
everything moves how I expect it to move. From the placement of items, to the rotation
of the screen. Woah, wait a minute, Theme Hospital was strictly
an isometric game, this 3D malarkey is new, annndd pretty nice too. Although it felt wrong to move the game out
of that original isometric perspective. I started to lose my bearings. So, what are we missing? Well, the original cartoon look of Theme Hospital
has been replaced by more generic 3D representations. When I saw this style on trailers, I had my
reservations, but now, in the flesh, it looks good and it feels right. In fact, many of my concerns about this remake,
especially the overall quality, floated away within the first half hour of playing. It’s clear that Two Point Hospital is a labour
of love, and a true spiritual successor to one of my favourite 90s games. This meant, that although there’s a handy
assistant throughout, to help you improve and avoid pitfalls. I barely needed him, as anything from placing
radiators to keep the place warm, to hiring the right staff, to building the right number
of GP rooms was almost intuitive. What’s more, the niggles from the original,
like having to heat the whole damn building, even the empty parts to keep people happy,
are gone. I can now happily heat only the parts where
people are passing through, and this works. Like it should. Along with more familiar ailments, we’ve got
new problems to deal with, requiring new machines, new rooms and new staff training. We’ve also got statistics, graphs and tables,
just like Theme Hospital. In fact, we’ve got an even wider array of
things to keep tabs on than before, all of which will satisfy, even the most die hard
analytics fan… well, probably. But regardless, there’s not to much to overwhelm
you. Alongside this are numerous challenges raised
by both staff members and authorities. For example, you might be tasked with capturing
2 ghosts. For that you’ll need a janitor with ghost
catching skills, and you’ll need some dead patients who have come back to haunt your
corridors. Fulfil this and you’ll earn some KuDOSH..
which you can spend on new items for your hospital and it’s rooms. Perhaps a bean bag, a coffee machine, or even
a SEGA arcade machine, running Sonic apparently. Some of these we saw in Theme Hospital, others
we didn’t. It’s a nice balance. Now this is all great. But what’s really key, is whether this combination
of new and old keeps you engaged the same way the original did. Theme Hospital just used to suck days and
days of your life without realising it. The formula was so balanced that kept all
the right areas of your mind busy and interested. Thankfully Two Point Hospital seems to have
just about pulled it off. There were times when I was waiting for machines
to be researched, or just for the hospital to play out, but it wasn’t enough to make
me bore-quit, and just when you think there’s nothing else to do, a new problem crops up,
or a new hospital is offered to you. Here’s where that world map comes into use. In Theme Hospital, you’d often be offered
new hospitals to take charge of. But this meant giving up your current hospital. All that hard work, might have levelled you
up, but now it was pulled away from you. Well, Two Point Hospital doesn’t do that. You get to keep your previous hospital and
move onto the next, creating a empire of hospitals. You’re then free to go back to your previous
hospitals at any time and level them up further. 3 stars seems to be the highest achievement
for each site, but they’ll keep on running after that. Your ultimate aim is therefore to build on
every hospital site, from the rural outbacks to the City locations, with each site offering
different challenges and diseases. For example, the University hospital starts
you with only student medical staff. From there you have to build your medical
centre as normal, whilst providing training to ensure everything runs efficiently. Other outback locations may give you more
facture cases, I presume because people fell more trees directly onto their legs. Then as you move to the city pharmaceuticals
become a bigger role. These new challenges keep you engaged and
give you a reason to progress. So, what’s the verdict? Well, it actually feels like how I would expect
a modern day Theme Hospital to feel. It plays like I would expect it, and throws
a few surprises in there to. Such as the ability to move entire rooms,
rather than deleting and starting again. I’ll tell you now, this feels like a revelation
after playing Theme Hospital for so many years. The music does its best to conjour feelings
of those classic midi tunes, whilst throwing a few radio DJs into the mix who provide their
own style of comedy inbetween tannoy announcements. So, it’s pretty much perfect. My only niggle would be that it’s sometimes
harder to work out how to fix a problem, when compared to Theme Hospital. But really, that’s a good thing. It gives more depth, more variety and more
intensity to proceedings. I am somewhat pleased with how its all turned

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  1. It funny how there was ad for game before the review video started . But played hospital theme a few times it was fun

  2. Whelp, you frigging sold me on the game. I probably need to upgrade my laptop or hope for that (non Xbone) console port

  3. So, the game takes up about 4GB and it gets me thinking: I often find games with 70GB install sizes feel vapid and dull, while games that clock in under a few gigabytes tend to… if nothing else, be more focused. It makes me wonder if those games didn't spend so much time on graphics, what kind of game could they have fit into that disk space. What does 70GB of gameplay look like?

  4. The voice over is too slow. I recommend increasing the video speed up to 1.25 to experience roughly how it should sound.

  5. Absolutely sublime game. My only issue, personally, is the amount of fecking GP's required. I have about 6 to my current 1 diagnosis, pharmacy, ward, cardio ect, and there's still an insane queue for my GPs.

  6. Can't decide whether to get this or Planet Coaster. I like simulation games like this where you can grow a business and can watch characters doing stuff. Loved Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 but never played Theme Hospital. Both games look fun to me. Anyone played both and can suggest one over the other?

  7. Yeah, Mark Webley and Gary Carr (who both were involved in making Theme Hospistal) made this game. They've been wanting to make this game since 1997 basically but have had bad luck getting it made until now.

  8. I’m noticing a distinct lack of benches in your hospitals. I remember having to cram them in all over the place in theme hospital.

  9. Theme Hospital was revolutionary for the time. Without it I dont think we would have games like The Sims. Thank god EA didnt get their hands on it

  10. I still play Theme hospital, just brought two point hospital. I must say the original is still great fun AND i love the new one. Will I give up playing Theme? Nah. Will I enjoy the Two Point? oh yes!

  11. Oh theme hospital always brings back the memory of overheating a corridor outside the room they treated people being sick and getting a chain vomit reaction. Was a fun game and will stay on my list for a classic game.

  12. also, people , staff and patients, have their own personalities. They react on each other by many ways and it makes them so much more real… this game is pure gold and will be as classic as was its predecessor.

  13. Did anyone ever fail a level on the original theme hospital when your hospital it literally filled with a million people? Lol

  14. If you love/loved Theme Hospital then you will love this. Its very enjoyable (even though it does repeat itself sometimes) and you will lose hours in this. The radio stations are very funny as well and as its on Steam be interesting to see if any mods and thus more stations may appear? Its worth playing anyway 🙂

  15. This does look like a spiritual successor, and seems to fix some some of the dated game play mechanics, like starting over again as you level up.

  16. I hope they do this for theme park ink as well. I loved that game as a kid I still fire it up now and then. I haven't player theme hospital before but I imagen playing this would be just like theme park ink in a hospital. I may have to pick this game up.

  17. Many years ago PC gaming was considered dead and games like these were certainly never going to happen until Steam came around! They definitely regenerated simulation games for the PC market and opened them up to new younger audiences! The best thing about it all is that independent studios are developing these new titles most of the time instead of the usual large AAA developers such as EA. 👍

  18. Love your review. You know what Bullfrog game I wish they would remake? Magic Carpet. That game was tremendously fun and really deserves a modern make-over.

  19. Great Review and well thought out and balanced against the Original game. It's all too easy to heap endless praise or scorn on Two point because of its links and similarity to Theme Hospital but I felt you got it pretty much spot on. I really hope that Two Point Studios use this as a platform to give us a spiritual successor to Theme Park next as we never really got that either with Theme Park World/Inc being poor sequels that didn't feel connected to the original. And from there high hopes for more spiritual successors to classics from that era and the "Bulldog" family as well as new ideas too, I'd love a Video Game Tycoon/Game Dev Story style game mode in the Two Point mould.

  20. Has anyone got the link to the source code to make the graphics better in the original? Just started playing it again and I have to say its better than I remembered 🙂

  21. The tannoy announcer is one of the employees from 2 Point studios, they couldn't track down the original announcer. (According to the livestream on launch day.)

  22. Is this game any good is it mostly automated I played one like this on my phone and I uninstalled them in 3 seconds because you had to do extra stuff and I don't like that sort of thing if it's more tycoon II you putting the people to do the work for you I got no problem with it but when you have to start tapping to get a hospital to run that's what gets me uninstalling I like watching the automated stuff

  23. Is the operating room back? I fail to call it a hospital if there is no surgery going on more of a doctor's. Had Jurassic World Evolution which is kind of like a spiritual successor to Jurassic Park Operation Genesis or at least trying to. Now need a spiritual successor to Zoo Tycoon (original not the shitty console version) and Rollercoaster Tycoon 🙂

  24. I wish Total Biscuit got to experience this game before he passed away, I'm sure he would have been pleased with how it turned out

  25. SOLD! great review made me want to go ahead and get a copy from Steam 🙂
    I agree with you the tannoy announcer does sound like the same person did the voice acting and its great.
    My family hated me playing Theme hospital because they hated the voice and made me turn the volume down or off lol. Now being an adult and living in my own home I can play without such restrictions lol.

  26. Great video
    Loved Theme Hospital, I had it on the PS one spent way to many hours on it as well as X-com and Final Fantasy VII I'm going to have to looking into Two Point Hospital.

  27. I've been waiting for this for close to 20 years.

    I just wish it was sprites instead of 3D, like the original. You can't recreate that same cartoon graphics feel on 3D.

  28. It's not the same announcer. They went looking for her, but failed. However one wife of the developers (I think it was) could do nearly the same dead pan delivery…

  29. Massive fan of the Theme Hospital, lol, I still have the disk form all those years ago. Looks like they have created a truly great successor. Can't wait to give it ago

  30. @Nostalgia Nerd For some reason your video no longer plays for me in my playlist it may need fixing? Cancel that its my end it works at 360p must be my crap internet or a full cache or hardrive on my PS4 making a bottleneck of sorts, if only i knew how things worked lol

  31. one thing i love about this is you can have your own custom radio – always fun when prodigy 'firestarter' comes on when my hospital is basically burning to the ground and people running around panicking

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