Two Point Hospital – Developer Vision Trailer [International]

[Music] you put your hospital you don’t want to put it in a box but it’s a business management simulation doesn’t take itself particularly seriously something we’ve been you know working on for the last couple years but it’s something we’ve been thinking about really yeah two-point hospital is a game about building hospitals curing some slightly odd patients and ultimately building a healthcare organization across the whole of two point Council you’d spend your time building rooms placing items looking after patients managing your staff it’s it’s spinning plates so we’ve come up with lots of fun and wacky if you like made of illnesses and we’ve come up with lots of wonderful cure instruments how a lot of them come about we often think of what sounds funny and then work out a visual for the funny sounding illness the example of light-headed this you know chapter it’s got a light bulb for a head kind of thinking well you know used to have to unscrew like hopes so it’s basically it’s a grandmother just twists on the top of his head dumped the eye blight pulp out and then twists a new head on to him they’re not very scientific it’s highly exaggerated it’s very much old-fashioned cartoon look to it and you know that’s where that’s where you get the charm that’s where you get a character our team of highly trained clinicians and support staff are dedicated to your we’ll be we do want people to be able to express themselves through how they build up their hospitals and really spend time decorating them and they’re trying to make the most interesting place for the patients so coming through and places that will keep the stamp happy we want people to feel like it’s their Hospital everyone’s got a in a in a designer everyone looks creating things everyone likes making things pretty we wanted to make little people games that’s kind of our vision for where we’re going we want it to do more than just make a game where you play a hospital level and then you complete it and move on to another hospital level we want you to make a richer worlds and also make you care a lot more about the people that live in that world in our world hospitals look like this [Music] you [Music]

32 thoughts on “Two Point Hospital – Developer Vision Trailer [International]

  1. The only game i still play from childhood is Theme Hospital. So seeing this I for one can't wait. Hoping it won't be long for release. Early Access on steam? If so I'll definitely purchase. Fingers crossed it will live upto expectations & be even funnier than Theme Hospital.

  2. You guys better deliver at least a decent Theme Hospital reimagining, because I'm kind of hyped for this.

    And you should at least add some more of yourself in it with interesting systems.

    Wait and see.

    Also, non steam releases please.

  3. Published by Sega. I fear they will step in and ruin this. The developers need to be careful they don't screw this up. Being their first release if they stick microtransactions in this it will ruin the game and ruin them as a studio.

  4. Genuinely thank you for making this. It looks pretty good so far and is sure to bring me back to those many hours screwing around in Theme Hospital 🙂

  5. I'm nearly 30 years old. But I want to cry, roll on the floor and throw the biggest tantrum you've ever seen because I want this now.

    Hey Two Point, add an illness into the game called impatient gamer syndrome that requires a psychiatrist to calm the patient (maybe by giving them a release date) so we can all feel like we're in the game and getting help.

  6. I love the original bullfrog studio. The fact that the team is still closely knit and come together to bring light to simulation games astounds me. Im even more excited about the gameplay reveal coming this weekend!

    Ugh.. my childhood memories. I seriously thought the idea of a hospital tycoon game was braindead after Hospital Tycoon came out. Jesus that game was disgusting.

  7. I wonder if this'll feature the mediaeval, Victorian, and future time periods originally intended for Theme Hospital?

  8. I started playing Theme Hospital when I was about 5, so I've been dreaming of a follow up for decades! This looks like such a genuhinely funny and immersive game as well. I'm on tenterhooks for the release date!

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