Two Decades of MCRI Discoveries: 1998-2018 | Tufts Medical Center

Stands for the Molecular Cardiology Research Institute and so, it’s a research department at Tufts Medical Center, that is dedicated to understanding at the basic molecular level how the heart and the blood vessels work, when they’re healthy, and how that changes when we develop heart and blood vessel diseases. MCRI was founded in the late 1990s with three goals in mind that have really been our fundamental underpinning for the entire two decades. And one is to really understand at the most basic level of the molecules how the heart and blood vessel works. The second is to translate those fundamental new discoveries into changes in patient care that advance how we take care of our patients. Snd then the third is to train the next generation, or the future of cardiovascular research so that this will continue because there’s always more to learn. There are some big areas that we have really changed the landscape of our understanding. Everyone who comes to the MCRI has a passion for understanding cardiovascular disease, which is the leading cause of death in every group that you look at still to this day. I also think that it’s a group that’s very collaborative so they want to work together to make those kinds of discoveries with the ultimate goal of helping our patients down the road. It takes on the order of a decade, sometimes more, to go from a new idea to an actual product that improves the lives of patients. And so, the fact that the MCRI has been around for 20 years puts us in a position that some of the earliest discoveries that we made here are now far enough along in our understanding and in development to start to move into clinical trials and patients, and of course the discoveries from our second decade are going to be the devices products and ideas that go into patients in the next decade. And so I think having been around for two decades puts us in a position to really have- make a difference in the lives of patients.

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