Twelfth Doctor | Without Reward

I traveled with a man called the Doctor. Listen! So all of time and all of space… …is sitting out there. This is the Gateway to everything that ever was… …or ever can be. Make a choice. What choice? Your choice. Wherever, whenever. Anywhere in time and space. Oh! I don’t know. That one! Oh my God! Emoji! It speaks emoji! You are her hero. You go places, I can tell. My mom always said, with some people you can smell the wind in their clothes. When did you start believing in impossible heroes? Don’t you know? I’m not a hero. Why are you here? Why are you still here? Because I’m not going to leave you in danger! So I’m not gonna leave you! That the Doctor will save us. The Doctor… he helps people. And when you say it, do you believe it? Yeah. I’m sorry Clara, I can’t help you. Why is it up to me? Because it can’t be up to me, your people, your planet. I serve at the pleasure of the human race and right now, that’s you. The Earth isn’t my home. The Moon is not my Moon. Sorry. Well that was me…allowing you to make a choice about your own future. You walk our Earth, Doctor, you breathe our air. This is my world too. That was me… …respecting you. I walk your Earth, I breathe your air. Human progress isn’t measured by industry. It’s measured by the value you place on the life. That’s what defines an age. That’s…what defines a species. Humanity is doomed to never learn from its mistakes. Well, I guess that’s part of our charm. No, it’s really quite annoying. Why’d you put up with us then? In amongst 7 billions… …there’s someone like you. That’s why I put up with most of them. They’re never small to me. Don’t make assumptions about… …how far I will go to protect them because I’ve already come a very long way! I AM The Doctor. There have been many attempts to conquer the Earth, I’ve lost count. I… …am what stands between you and them. I’ve been standing by the gates of your world… …to keep you all safe since you crawled out of the slime. I’m not stopping now. That’s who I am. I’m the Doctor. You will trust me with your life. I will do everything in my power to save all your lives and when I’ll do… …one day you would look back… …and wonder who I was. And why I helped you. Benedict said that you are more in need of confession than any man breathing. But when the offer was made… …you replied it would take too much time. Tell me… …am I a good man? I see into your soul, Doctor! The Daleks were evil after all, everything makes sense, the Doctor is right!! I… See… HATRED! Have you ever killed anyone? Yes. How many? That’s him. Look at him right now, that’s who he is. Don’t tell me… … you’ve moved on. Is that why you call yourself “The Doctor”? The professional detachment. You are a good Dalek. No, no, no, no. No, you must see more than that, there must be more than that. This face… …why this one? Ooooh. It’s like I’m trying to tell myself something. I think I know why I chose it. Just someone. Just save SOMEONE! Come with me. I know where I got this face and I know what it’s for! To remind me! To hold me to the mark! I’m the Doctor. And I save people. Do you do this all the time? Do what? “Advice and assistance attainable immediately.” You like that. Do you love it? That is the sound of your chain being yanked. Do you like distress calls? Why would I? Because it’s what you do. All day, everyday. You don’t call the helpline, Because you ARE the helpline. The universe shows its true face… when it asks for help, we show ours by how we respond. And it’s time for us to become friends again. Because he’s right, because it’s time to stand with him. That’s the trouble with hope. It’s hard to resist. Are you okay? Bill, I’ve got no TARDIS, no sonic, about ten minutes of oxygen left… …and now I’m blind. Can you imagine how unbearable I’m gonna be when I pull this off? Don’t do this. You always do this. Do what? Make jokes to distract me from whatever is about to kill us. I’m gonna name a town after you. A really rubbish one. Oh, I’m counting on it! And probably a pig. You’re blind. I am? Oh, well that explains the bruised shins. You can be very silly sometimes, you know that? I AM…an idiot. You’re an idiot. You are a bloody idiot, you know that, yeah? Of course. Everyone knows that! You’re an idiot. You are the stupidest idiot ever! Let me tell you about “scared”. I know you are afraid. I was too scared. Scared is good. Funny thing, fear, isn’t it? For the record, I for one, fully understand that weakness. But you’ve still got to face your beast anyway. Just promise me one thing. Yeah? Just promise you won’t get me killed. I want you by my side because it is the safest place in the world. I will fix this. I can save you. I remember you, you said you could fix this. Were you right? No. Say it, come on, tell me. When you wake up you will have forgotten me. You’ll forgot we have even met. Okay. I don’t think I could ever forget you. But imagine… …just imagine how you would feel if you were this to you. Clara, I don’t think that you will have to. Assuming tonight is all we have left… I didn’t say that. Doctor, it wasn’t your fault, you couldn’t save her. This is my choice. I let you get reckless. Why? Why shouldn’t I be so reckless? You’re reckless! All the bloody time. And whose fault was that? You took it upon yourself to ignore me. To do what you thought was best! Clara, you didn’t! You have nothing, Doctor. Nothing! It’s not fair! Clara! It’s just not fair! WHY CAN’T I JUST LOSE?! Four and a half billion years. I was dead and gone! Why would you even do that to yourself?! I had a duty of care! Stop being brave! Let me be brave Can’t bear brave people! If this is the last time I ever see you, please… …I don’t want our last conversation to be this! Not like this. I don’t want this to be our last conversation. Goodbye Doctor. Thought I had to say goodbye. Is it a sad song? Nothing is sad until it’s over. This is it, I’m afraid. So if there’s something we ought to be saying… I can’t think of anything. These have been the best years of my life, and they are mine! It’s the most exciting thing ever happen to me in my life. Travelling with you made me feel really special. Thank you for exactly the same. I’m so sick of losing. When I close my eyes… Without hope. Sick of losing people. And do you know what you do with all that pain? Without witness. I am alone now. You hold it tight! Without reward. Until it burns your hand. And you say this. No one else will ever have to live like this, no one else will have to feel this PAIN! You will destroy yourself at the same time. Well that’s a price worth paying, isn’t it? I’m not doing this… …because I wanna beat someone, or because I hate someone, or because… …because I wanna blame someone. You are monsters! That is the role you seem determined to play so it seems that I must play mine! The man that stops the monsters. I do what I do because it’s right, because it’s decent. And above all, it’s kind. I forgive you. After all you’ve done… …I forgive you. Just kind. Sir, with respect, I’m worried about your plan. Plan? What plan? I think as soon as this place will be evacuated you’re gonna blow the whole floor killing as many cybermen as you can. No. No, of course not, I won’t do that until I’ve left. Liar! It can’t be done remotely. Who I am. It’s where I stand, where I stand… …is where I fall. Oh, you heard of me haven’t you? You are the great destruction of the universe. Yes, but most people will just call me the Doctor! I am THE Doctor. Are you really 2000 years old? Why? I just…wanted to know how long it takes before you could make a speech like the one you just made. Doctor… You seem like a man with regret on his mind. How many time have you died? Every single time. You lose! Even on the Moon. Doctor… …Let it go. No stars. I hoped there’d be stars. You know what, old man ? Well, don’t worry, daft old man. I’m never gonna believe you’re really dead. Doctor. It’s okay. It’s a big universe. But I hope I see you again. I don’t want to go. You’ve been travelling? Yeah, from time to time. I’m staying. Is this a story or did this really happen? Every story ever told really happened. Everything ends… …and it’s always sad. But everything begins again too, and that’s… always happy. Be happy.

99 thoughts on “Twelfth Doctor | Without Reward

  1. I get goose bumps every time I watch this. I love Peter. Thank you so much for making this. Even though he's gone… He was my absolute favorite. So mean… but with some sort of love. tough Dad logic. I love him. And you captured everything he is in this video. I watch it all the time. And it always makes me tear up. <3

  2. Everye one of your videos make me cry…. This Doctor IS si much…. Philosocal and i love this… And yes…. He's an idiot, A FUCKING IDIOT THAT MAKED ME CRY OKAY ? I LOVE YOU, DO. NEVER. DIE. *NEVER*… I love you …. Doctor…..

  3. Oh, these clips've just reminded me. Just when I was resigned to believe that nothing can beat the obnoxious hubris of Clara, they threw Bill at me.
    As for the thirteenth doctor… Words cannot utter it.

  4. omg I'm sobbing
    Peter's run was incredible; props to the writers, and camera crew, and directors and everyone else who worked on this show because this was truly something special. But this man is on another level entirely, I love him so much <3

  5. The doctor is probably one of the most difficult roles to play from an actors point of view, all of the conflicting personality traits and alien like thinking whilst still being human like, but almost every actor that gets this role plays it perfectly, Peter really brought out all of those things and highlighted his vulnerability

  6. What’s the first piece of music used for this? I searched the one that’s credidted but it doesn’t seem to be the same

  7. Since the "good man" question, 12 is always searching for what defines him. When he says "who I am is where I stand, where I stand is where I fall" he finally finds out what it is: he is defined by how much he is willing to sacrifice for the things he stands for. That's brilliant, that's why he's addicted by distress calls and that's also what makes him an "idiot". As Dostoevskij (author of "The Idiot") said "if a man always do anything with good intentions, then he must definitely be an idiot". I also love how he fights his own regeneration, and everybody can get his own interpretation about this, personally I think his sense of duty is so strong that he'd rather to die in the most painful way than let anybody else (the new Doctor in this case) "have to live like this, […] feel this pain". Everything he does is a sacrifice for someone else, that's why he finds so hard to regenerate, it's against his own nature. In his last episode he thinks he has to face some evil plan but then he finds out that's no evil plan, because it's the episode when he must win against his own nature, and finally he can let his guard down for once

  8. I hope that if they ever end doctor who, they end it on a normal average story. I hope the doctor dies helping just a normal ordinary person. It would really prove that the doctor only does what he does because he’s kind.

  9. how did i only realise now that the reason the roman guy and capaldi have the same face is to remember. THAT IS BRILLIANT

  10. Clara cops a lot of flack but her flaws are script rather than performance. The 12th Dr worked well with Clara and Bill surprised me as a companion. I loved his relationship with River and Missy/Master and the Victoriana Gang. I missed out on the Tenth Dr, partly because fumed over Eccelston not continuing and 4th Dr was My Who. I think the character works better if a certain amount of detachment is written. There's no need for the Dr to be invested in the passions and politics of the day. The companions tend to fill that roll and depending upon how much being involved will affect their current surroundings is how much the Dr should get involved. I hope Jodi gets a chance to discover that balance. Quite like a Dr clothed in a mishmash of 6/7, with a good dose of mania and a pocketful of sour licorice. 🙂

  11. Those words (the ones the title references) are the proof of kindness. To be able to do something truly good, without hope, without witness, and without reward.
    The reason that Peter Capaldi's Doctor was such a dick is because they were trying to show that kindness isn't just being nice, it's a truth, you don't act kind, you are kind.
    The fact that Doctor Who puts those concepts out there is one of the many reasons I think it may be the greatest show of all time.

  12. it kills me rewatching his regeneration. Im here. Crying. Every ending is sad but every beginning is happy. i lost my doctor this day. i lost a friend.
    Peter Capaldi. You changed my life. Doctor Who changed my life.
    Doctor….i let you go.

  13. Well I've got No tardis, No sonic… 10 minutes of oxygen left and now I'm Blind….Can you magine how unbearable I'll be when I pull this off

  14. Well I better start watching doctor who again, I stopped at the first trip with Clara (11) and haven't watched since…….Time to watch again

  15. He is not human, yet much more human than anyone realizes. It is his job to stop the monsters, absorb the pain, live the sorrow, save those that deserve saving, and so often, do it alone. "A duty of care". How simple, yet so devastating. He doesn't always succeed, but always carries on. How Peter Capaldi plays such a character, more seriously than David Tennant or Matt Smith, is why he will go down as the best Doctor of the modern era. The performances he gives in "Face the Raven", "Heaven Sent" and "Hell Bent" are about as good as it gets. In the instant Clara dies, he knows he has failed and must save her, tries to do it by the rules, then shreds the rules and betrays himself and all he stands for to eventually save her. But he cannot keep her, that's his punishment, and her last message until his end tells him to carry on. And he fails again with Bill, but is forgiven, then makes a wrong right by helping the first Doctor save himself. He gets Clara back and finally lets the Doctor go with words that ring true. It was an ending in more ways than one: a new and radically different "Doctor Who" was created to follow Capaldi's work, and is struggling to find it's way, much like 1963 and 2005.

  16. Doctor who has been something I've grown up around. The old series was my bedtime stories. I sat around my family's second hand store tv with my mom and dad and baby brother and hung on every moment. I grew up with this story and it never ends. I love every face, every word, every whir, every episode every minute every single second. And sometimes when the night seems dark, and the world seems so big and bad and so so scary. I remember words that shock me now as much as they did when I first heard them. Never give up. Never give in. Never cruel or cowerdly. Hate is always foolish and love is always wise. And the world seems a little less dark.

  17. Why should anyone do it?
    No reward no, obligation, no nothing.
    He can walk away anytime to never look back and no one can held responsible him because of it…

  18. Can we PLEASE get a feature length film with a PROPER F***ING WRITER, where Capaldi somehow comes back. He deserved so much more than Moffat gave him

  19. Clara ruined 12, all those fake comebacks and fake deaths just boring because a writer has a hard on for Jenna Coleman, much better with Bill.

  20. The companions are there to save The Doctor, in every sense. It started with Ian and Barbara, and they're still at it.

  21. Remember will smith. I think he was a badass and new everything. But this doctor is different. He is lonely and don’t know who he is. I think he is trying to put himself together and find who he really is. This is why I like the show.

  22. Absolutely NOTHING ruins a potentially great video than advertisements just shoehorned in anywhere. This video is utter crap because of it.

  23. Here's what's great about Capaldi.
    He takes god awful stories like forest of the night or the girl who died and does freaking perfectly with their mediocre script.

  24. Ok so they seem to keep not mentioning that he is actually over 4.5 million years old did he just forget when he forgot Clara

  25. 9 was my favourite before 12 came along. I don't like 10, he's so annoying, and Tennant's acting is sometimes irritating. When Capaldi was announced as the next doctor I was extatic, so so happy. And I was right: 12 is the GREATEST doctor, and Capaldi's acting is superior!

  26. The thing I like about Doctor Who with its ever changing main cast is the lesson that everything good comes to an end but that doesn't mean we shouldn't enjoy the moment while it lasts.

  27. When 11 regenerated, I was positive nothing could beat him. I never loved 10 as much as I loved 9, so when 11 came around I thought he was the pinnacle of Doctor Who. And for a while I believed didn't like 12, probably because I missed 11. But after rewatching his run I realised how bloody amazing he is. He is genuinely fantastic.

  28. I feel like the 12th doctor was just numb. His emotions are a whirling tornado and he has to try so hard to keep calm, he’s caught in the storm.

  29. So I have a headcanon and I'm not sure how well it works and I'm still kind of making it up as I go along but here it is; TLDR; Dalek cult eh?

    So that Dalek that he went inside and mind-melded with? The one that calls him a "Good Dalek"? Now I think in the episode it was implied that it went sorta kamikaze on the other Daleks but What if it made it through that whole experience and lived on after that?
    What if through its ability to connect with other Daleks it convinced others of its cause? Showed others the Beauty of the Doctor's hatred? His Hatred of evil and cruelty?
    I'd like to imagine it would start up some cult or group or movement like the Knights Templar? A Holy Order of warrior monks. Got loads of scattered Daleks together and maybe recruited others like the Cybermen and Sontaran and such. They'd call themselves "The Doctors' Kindness" or something, referring both to the literal "Doctor" but also the more metaphorical kindness off doctors when they give the mortally wounded or Terminally ill too much morphine or something to send them off without pain. (Not super sure on the name though)
    They'd act according to a sort of distorted version or a perverted Mirror of the Doctors' morals wherein they'd actively seek out evil and brutally put down those exhibiting it. Seek out those who can't be helped or saved, give them beautiful lies so that they are at least somewhat comforted or calm when the black hole sucks in their whole planet or their star goes nova.

    The Doctor says he "Doesn't do this because he wants to beat someone or because he hates someone!" The "Knights of kindness" (Or whatever name they go with) however, they do in fact do what they do because they Hate, because they Hate evil, Hate cowards and the cruel, because they want to beat their foes.
    They could be like a combo of Valkyries and the Furies. They'd Blast through the universe screaming out their Beautiful Hatred of the Cruel and the Cowardly, raining down the fury of righteous judgment upon them. They could come to eventually "Worship" the Doctor at the alter of the battlefield. The Battlefield of "Good" Vs. "Evil".
    They'd preach of the righteousness of their cause to those they had saved, recruiting them to their cause. Whole planets coming to see the beauty in punishing the wicked-

    And Oh my god I just realized this starts to sound like WH40k and the God-Emperor… O_O
    But that could work actually… … … And hey funnily enough, much like the God-Emperor in WH40k the Doctor too would probably be horrified when he saw what they were doing in his name… … Kinda similar questions about how much is justified justice, how much can be sacrificed for the good of the many as well…

    This last bit is a bit rough but bear with me lol—
    And even better, it would even fit nicely in with the new season's inclusiveness and female empowerment. Probably not in exactly the way they would prefer but imagine this, you've got your group of warrior monks; As long as you swear your "Oaths of Hatred" towards the Wicked you're in. All the ships and weapons and uniforms designed to work with any people who sign on, designed to work with any of the differences you'd come across with dozens or hundreds of different races/species. Mixed crews and regiments possibly based on some combo of Gallyfrean and earth military formations. All-inclusive. To fit the Female empowerment in there just imagine, everyone, friend or foe, knows the Doctor likes earth (for some reason, like we're a favored pet of Mr. Time god or something) and the companions he travels with tend to be either solely female or composed of at least one female so what would a religious order trying to follow after their preferred hate god do? They might actively look for earth female type stuff to integrate into their symbolism right? SO why not actively include things like the aforementioned Valkyries or furies, folks like the Amazons and such. I'm not sure exactly how they would integrate said symbolism though, perhaps the Sontarans would start cloning female Sontarans for their special forces dedicated to the cause, call them amazons or something, that could be cool.

    Just a thought… What do y'all think?

  30. God I miss his face. He just looked like The Doctor, it's that simple. Looked, walked, sounded, felt like – he was The Doctor, and will remain The Doctor to me. Yeah, the show was somewhat inconsistent throughout his era, but Capaldi himself was nothing but consistent. In fact, he only got better over time, and was always an absolute joy to watch. He made me smile, he made me cry, he made me angry, he made laugh. I've never felt prouder to own a (Well, three and a special) DVD box-set in my life! Lol

  31. I loved this man as the doctor. One of my favorites. Love the music as well. “ that’s the trouble with hope it’s hard to resist”

  32. I've been a Whovian for so many years, Hartnell was always my favourite Doctor, not even 10's charm could steal his spot but… Capaldi. God damn it. He stole my heart. Became my #1 Doctor.
    I revisit this video so often and I'm pretty sure I watched it when it was first uploaded.
    Such a good tribute to look back on 12.

    So cheers for giving me a video I've consistently been coming back and nearly booing over for years haha

  33. Missy's redemption Ark was one of my favourite parts of this entire show, part of me is incredibly sad that it ended in her death but considering the lack-luster writing in the latest season another part of me is glad that she got to go out on a high note. 10 will always be my favourite, but 12 got so close to beating him with all the amazing moments that happened throughout his series.

  34. He got a reward. The Testimony was not an ennemy of him.
    He also got the best reward. Living 24yrs with River on Darillium.
    More than any Doctor. At the same time; he helped 10th to "save"

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