23 thoughts on “Twelfth Doctor | Endings

  1. Phenomenal! My favourite Doctor and I can't bare to imagine how much better he could of been if the writing was better.

  2. The Twelfth Hour has passed, but a new hour, the Thirteenth, is dawning. I'm sure I will welcome Jodie Whittaker later this year, but like the winds, and the Stars, 12 is never forgotten, like a frequency, like a pulsing star, tucked away, but always there. I'm sure I'll see Capaldi's spirit in Whittaker, and the other way around. Kind of like this video putting it all in perspective, beautifully done.
    As long as 13 doesn't wear sunglasses… we know who owns them..😋… other than that, I love this video. 😊.

  3. I just finished seeing the part where Capaldi was in Torchwood and watching this video … is seeing Capaldi go twice in less than two hours

  4. Hello There – I just want to inform you guys that I am currently getting a much higher quality of Doctor who episodes and am going to have them all converted so that I dont have to do it each time. Expect the next upload to be a bit late as it will take me some time. Thanks for all the support you have shown and expect some better content for the future!

  5. Hi – I know I haven't uploaded in a while and its because I am currently overwhelmed with work at school cause I have exams coming up. I wont be able to upload until the end of June in which I will upload again. Thanks for all your support, even now when I have to be currently inactive. See you soon 🙂

  6. Brilliant stuff here, wonderful parallels and a great exploration of the twelfth doctor. 🙂 I can't believe I hadn't found this before, but I'll probably be watching this like every day :3 Beautifulul sense of rhythm, amazing voiceovers, the doctor's lethargy, his pain and his kindness, all shown in one fantastic video 🙂

  7. I think 13 will have the wisdom and knowledge of The Doctor with the sense and sensibility of Clara – something of a kindly hybrid who won't bring death and destruction to millions. 🙂

  8. Beautiful video, emotional, great use of quotes. Proud of ya.
    Sleeping At Last makes everything 20x times more emotional. Glad you used that.

  9. The tweltfh hour is over now
    The clock is striking thirteen
    Time to say a final farewell
    To the greatest Doctor there has ever been.
    And will ever be

  10. I like to think it’s actually capaldi saying “doctor, I let you go” instead of the Doctor, saying goodbye to his incarnation of the Doctor

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