Tuscaloosa VA Medical Center New Patient Orientation Radiology

Hi and welcome to the Tuscaloosa VA
Medical Center my name is Kristen and I would like to tell you a little bit
about our radiology department we are located on the first floor of building
135 right next door to the lab we offer ultrasounds cat-scans regular x-rays and
DEXA scans when your doctors enter an order for a radiology exam come by the
desk at radiology to be scheduled for that exam also if for some reason you
can’t keep your appointment please call or come by radiology to reschedule if
you have a radiology exam performed at an outside facility make sure you get a
copy of the images and bring back to us or have them mail a copy to us so that
we can import them into our system we have distributed the self-addressed blue
envelopes to several facilities around town just for this purpose we are here
to help you and we are thankful that you chose Tuscaloosa VA Medical Center for
your care we look forward to seeing you and we thank you for your service

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