Tuscaloosa VA Medical Center New Patient Orientation MyHealtheVet

♪♪Music♪♪ Hello my name is Bethany Cockrum
and I’mexcited to tell you about
MyHealtheVet website. My HealtheVet is an award
winning online personal health
record located at www.myhealth.va.gov My HealtheVet was designed to
partner theVA patient and their
health care team in order to improve patient health outcome
to VA health information and
resources. My HealtheVet offers registered
users anywhere anytime access
to VA health information and
resources. Some of the most used features
of My HealtheVet are the
pharmacy and prescription refill The My HealtheVet online
pharmacy tools allows you
to refill VA prescriptions track delivery of prescriptions
,get VA prescriptions shipment
notifications and much more. Another top-rated feature
includes secure messaging,
secure messaging allows you to send and receive messages
to VA health care providers,
save drafts of messages, review any sent messages and
maintain a record of secure messaging
for up to one year. As a patient you can
communicate with your VA
health care provider about any non urgent matter without
ever having to pick up the
phone or leave the house. In addition to pharmacy and
secure messaging VA s blue
button feature makes accessing VA medical information easy,
it allows you to view and
download my HealtheVet personal health information
and share it with members of
your healthcare team. So how do you register?
Any veteran who is enrolled
at a VA health care facility and wants to take advantage of
all the features that My
HealtheVet offers. You can follow these two easy
steps. First, visit the My
HealtheVet website at www.myhelath.va.gov Create your account by
clicking the register button. Second upgrade your account to
premium through an in-person
authentication by visiting the Tuscaloosa VA Medical Center If you have questions call us at
205 554 2000 or come to the
My HealtheVet office, or you can call the My
HealtheVet help desk at
1-877-327-0022. four at home technical
assistance. We look forward to seeing you
at the Tuscaloosa VA and
“Thank you for your service.”

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