Tuscaloosa VA Medical Center New Patient Orientation Appointments

Hi, I’m Rick, one of the man
medical support assistants here to assist you at the
Tuscaloosa VAMC On the day of your first VA
Primary Care Appointment, please plan to arrive at least
30 minutes early. If for any reason you cannot
make your appointment, please call the appointment
call center. Upon your arrival, please have
the following items with you: A valid picture ID,
your insurance cards a list of medications you are
taking including over the counter and supplements with dosage amounts and
frequency, or you can simply bring your medication bottles
with you. Also, please bring copies of
medical records from hospitalizations in
the past 2 yrs. These should include recent
test reports like xrays, EKG’s, stress tests, echocardiograms,
and lab work. When you check in for your
appointment we will ask if any of your information
has changed, such as your address,
telephone number, and next of kin information. At least once every six
months, we will ask if your health insurance information has changed. If so, we will ask to scan
your card and return it to you. Keeping your information
accurate allows us to better inform you of VA services and remind you of upcoming appointments. It also allows medical staff to contact you
regarding medical issues You may also call the enrollment office at
205-554-2221 to make us aware of any changes to your contact
information. After your appointment, please check out with
the clinic clerk to schedule your follow up appointments. Please note, to maintain your enrollment, you must be seen at least once every two years
by a VA primary care provider. We look forward to serving you, and thank
you for choosing the VA. ♪♪♪

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