Tummy Liposuction | Plastic Surgery in Toronto | The Plastic Surgery Clinic

Liposuction continues to be a very powerful
tool in body contouring. We use it to remove fat from unwanted areas and typically areas
that are very difficult and persistent despite exercise and a good healthy diet. I think
we’ve gone through an evolution in liposuction over the past few decades in that now we’re
really recognizing the utility of liposuctioning not only the very prominent areas but also
trying to blend other areas in to achieve an overall harmonious appearance to the body.
What we want to do is create a silhouette that’s smooth with s-shaped curvatures. I
frequently perform circumferential liposuction, which in many patients, when they come to
me looking at their tummy or their love handles, I typically will see that they will benefit
from having liposuction of both of those areas and including the lower back and the bra rolls
to give them the best overall shape. When patients come to me and point at their inner
thighs, quite frequently it’s not only the inner thighs that would give a good result
but also doing liposuction of the front of the thighs and the side of the thighs, and
in particular the saddlebag area to get the best overall result. The endpoint is to try
to achieve the best contour possible for the patient.

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