Tulane Inpatient Rehabilitation Center – Tulane Medical Center

– [Narrator] At Tulane
Inpatient Rehabilitation Center, we are with our patients
every step of the way. From the moment you arrive at our convenient location in Metarie, we begin planning your return to home. First, we get you settled
into your large, private room, and introduce you to your rehab team. Team members may include
physical medicine doctors, nurses, specialized therapists, dieticians, and social workers. Your team will explain the
basic day-to-day routine, including how to order meals
from the extensive menu, how to contact your
nurse, and visiting hours. Next, you and your family members will meet with Tulane’s therapy team, and together, you’ll make
a personalized therapy plan to help you reach your goals. Your personal therapy plan may include physical or occupational therapy time spent in the bright and
spacious rehabilitation gym. Our gym is equipped with
the latest technology to help you get moving. Your personalized plan may include time spent with a speech therapist. Tulane’s therapists are experts in speech and swallowing disorders. Your Tulane therapy team will
be by your side every day, challenging you and helping
you celebrate your progress. Before you go home, you can
practice every day activities in Tulane’s transitional living space, which looks much like a small apartment. And when you meet your goals, your team will help you
get ready to head home. At Tulane Inpatient Rehabilitation Center, we’ll be with you every step of the way. – The support here was wonderful. I had my family and my friends
were great support also, which made it even better. I don’t think that I could’ve
gotten as far as I am without the center and without all of the wonderful people working here. – The staff was very
professional and caring more than anything, and I
think that’s very important. I can’t say enough about
them for that reason. They helped me to move forward for the next chapter in my life. – [Narrator] Find patient success stories at tulanerehab.com, or
for more information, contact the Rehabilitation Liaison at five-zero-four, two-three-four,

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