Tufts Medical Center

♪ The truly unique thing of Tufts Medical Center is the diversity of the services that we provide. Our staff is really focused around safe and reliable care. What I find unique about the place is the level of integration and collaboration. It challenges me every day. Tufts Medical Center is a full service academic medical center providing care for kids and adults. We’re the primary teaching affiliate of Tufts University School of Medicine. The mission is really in three key areas – in patient care, teaching, and research. We were founded by Paul Revere and Sam Adams over 200 years ago, in order to care for those who were less fortunate and couldn’t get access to healthcare services. The concept of caring for our community and those less fortunate still rings very true today. It’s interesting, it’s an urban hospital. There’s really a tremendous vibrancy from the local community. It’s great to be in the middle of Chinatown. I really enjoy being a real part of the city. The commute is great. There’s a train that comes right in front of the hospital. I like the diversity. Every day is like a different story. Things change minute to minute, so you always have to be anticipating what’s coming next around the corner. The patients in the pediatric ICU are probably the most complex patients that you’ll see. We take care of patients who have very complex conditions, from cancer and heart disease to different forms of metabolic disorders that affect people throughout their lifespan. So the ability to come to a medical center that provides this diversity of services is truly amazing and is a unique environment. Tufts Medical Center is deeply dedicated to research. Every day is a new learning experience. It’s really very nice to feel that your colleagues are there to help you. We’re heard immediately and the action to support us is strong. When I walk down the halls and I run into people that I’ve worked with for 23 years now, that family connection, that family relationship that we have is a very vital component of this organization and is certainly one that I think keeps people here. It is a friendly environment, we get along good. We communicate with one another, we always cooperate for the patients because they’re first. My hearts in it, I really do care about people. We have all kinds of cases all the time, so communication between you and the patients is always key. Whether you join Tufts Medial Center as a member of the clinical team or non-clinical team, it is our belief that everyone here ultimately supports the patients that we take care of. I’m proud of everything at my job, I’m proud that I get along with people. It’s hard to describe how fulfilling it is to see therapies that are developed based on even remotely related aspects of the kind of work that you do. The quality of care that we do give to our patients makes me the proudest. This is a place where you are going to have the best colleagues and the most interactive colleagues that are going to help you do what you want to do in the best possible way. Do you want to make an impact? Do you want to be part of an environment that’s becoming the best environment for caring for patients. If you’re interested in playing that role then Tufts Medical Center is the right place for you.

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