Trump’s Doctor Put Cauliflower in His Mashed Potatoes

all right, quick story. I don’t want to spend a lot of time on this,
but it is funny and it’s also sort of emblematic of some bigger picture issue that we’re dealing
with with the president. This was one of those stories that when you
first see the headline, it’s hard to believe, but it is a very interesting microcosm of
the childish nature of the person who’s in charge of the white house right now and we’ve
talked a lot of times about how Donald Trump in many ways is like a little kid. They bring, bring them a propaganda, uh, at
the white house full of positive headlines and pictures where he looks like an alpha
male because that placates Donald Trump, this is kind of like how you treat a little kid. The president presidential daily briefings
have to be reduced to, it was reduced initially to just a couple pages eventually to one page
and then ultimately to a single page with two or three bullet points and one or two
maps or graphs. Otherwise Donald Trump won’t read it or he’ll
get distracted or he’ll get bored. Uh, the low attention span stuff. And there is now a new report from the New
York times where former white house, dr Ronnie Jackson says he was a blending cauliflower
into Donald Trump’s mashed potatoes in order to try to get him to eat in a slightly more
healthy manner. And this is not like an investigative scoop
that may or may not be true. Ronnie Jackson straight up said this to the
New York times during an interview, and this was part of a bigger program. Apparently a Ronnie Jackson wanted Trump to
lose 10 or 15 pounds. He wanted to bring in an exercise bike or
an elliptical to the white house. He wanted to make ice cream more difficult
for Donald Trump to get his hands on. And yes, he was putting cauliflower into the
mashed potatoes of Donald Trump. Now, this is not breaking news in the sense
that this doesn’t affect the lives of people. Trump’s coronavirus response is atrocious
regardless of what is getting mixed into his mashed potatoes. This is not about the geopolitical embarrassment
that is Donald Trump on a daily basis, but it is yet again another one of those little
details that shows us that at every level at the micro, at the macro, and everywhere
in between, Donald Trump is like a child and people around him deal with him like people. People often deal with children. I actually know people raising kids who hide
cauliflower in mashed potatoes, who make pizzas out of cauliflower crusts instead of actual
pizza dough who will blend red peppers and put them into marinara sauce when they make
pasta for their kids. Much the same way that Donald Trump is being
handled here. And when I saw the headline, I assumed it
was an absolute and total joke. It’s all too real. This is real. It’s not about fat shaming. This is about nothing other than in every
way. World leaders deal with Trump, like dealing
with a little kid. The people who need to brief Trump at the
white house deal with him like the low attention span little kid that can only focus on stuff
for a couple minutes at a time. There is nothing about dealing with Trump
that is like dealing with an adult. It’s all like dealing with a little kid. When Donald Trump goes overseas, he has to
be managed like a kid because he’ll get bored at meetings with world leaders, the ones he’s
invited to, he’s constantly on his phone. His attention drifts to a television with
Fox news on it at the back of the room. It would be really great to have a president
who doesn’t have to be treated like a child all the time. Who’s the adult in the room and you know cauliflower
and mashed potatoes. It’s an almost irrelevant tip of the iceberg,
but it all is part of managing Trump. Like the little kid he behaves as, and by
the way is is a little bit of cauliflower in the mashed potatoes. Actually going to help Donald Trump much when
he’s obsessed with KFC and fast food. I’m just asking the question. I get that something is better than nothing,
but I just don’t know if mixing in a florid of cauliflower, florid or Florette, I guess
I’m never sure it mixing in a PISA or to of cauliflower and to Donald Trump’s mashed potatoes
is going to do too much for him one way or the other. Bizarre. The, these are the times that we are living

30 thoughts on “Trump’s Doctor Put Cauliflower in His Mashed Potatoes

  1. Well, they had to use cauliflower because when they tried mashed up broccoli, baby trump said his mashed potatoes looked moldy and would send his plate back to the chef to have it "cleaned." /s?

  2. hey remeber that time Paul Ryan was briefing Trump on the replacement for obamacare and Trump just wandered off to watch tv and Pence had to go get him and bring him back to the presentation.

  3. I see these cauliflower pizzas and the hiding of vegetables in kids food and the first think I think is, "are we raising a generation of imbeciles?" We have entirely too much junk food and entirely too much over processed food. I'm only 40, and when I was a kid, I ate my veggies, because that's what I had to eat. I ate or went hungry. I resisted, and there are vegetables that I don't like, but I feel like crap if I don't eat some vegetables in the day. Hell, they've got commercials for garbage food like fast-cook French fries or high fat cheese sauce to BRIBE children into eating their vegetables. Take away their cookies and their candy, take away their garbage food and feed them ACTUAL FOOD! They'll learn eventually.

  4. Ok…do you realize how stupid you sound right now? Really? Veggies?
    How and why do people listen to you? Are you really that desperate?
    Grow up…

  5. Cauliflower crusts are for the parents so they can pretend they aren't on the atkins diet. They are just blaming their kids to avoid the negative stigma.

  6. O hell no. Cheeseburgers are good for you. Please eat crap all about french fries..lots of hydrogenated. good. And lots diet soda.. full kitchen staff and he eats crap.. That really says howsmart he is..not….

  7. Nobody has his doctor hides vegetables in his mashed potatoes better than Trump and many people by the way are saying this in fact

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