Trump HUMILIATES himself during Texas hospital visit

What is this over here? I wish it was a longer visit but it was a
very interesting visit, I have to tell you. I would like to—it is my humble honor to
introduce to you, the best medical staff in El Paso. They are fantastic and responded to all the
victims that needed to be taken care of. The best professionals and people that you’ll
ever want to meet. Right here. So, I don’t know if you know it, because
you’ve been pretty busy lately, right? Yes. But they’re talking about you all over the
world. The job you’ve done is incredible. And they’re talking about you all over the
world. And the doctor—what you’ve done is– I
feel I know him. I’ve seen him now. And you did a fantastic job—your whole group. And you know Senator Cornyn, Senator Cornyn,
the job you’ve done, they’re talking about it all over the world and it’s an honor
to be with you. Look at this group of people, can you believe
this? Good looking group of people. They’re fantastic. I was here three months ago and we made a
speech. What was the name of the arena? That place was—the judges are respected. I was front row. What? I was front row. Oh good! That was some crowd. And we had twice the number outside. And then you had this crazy Beto. Beto had like 400 people in a parking lot. They said, “His crowd was wonderful.” But we had some—
Uh oh, look at that. Oh wow look at that. Do you see that? Don’t tell it to the press because they
won’t even believe it. They only believe it on voting, on the day
of the vote, they say, “what happened?” I want to thank everybody. How do we get some kind of a picture here? How do we do it? Yup. This is Trump during his visit to the University
Medical Center in El Paso where he went to meet with victims and medical professionals
in the aftermath of this weekend’s shooting, and while the doctors and nurses were attempting
to be, you know, professional and praise a job well done by the staff, Trump pivoted
immediately to, what else, but his crowd size at his last rally. Because… why wouldn’t this be all about
him? The video was recorded by an individual present
during the interaction, but not news cameras, since the White House opted not to let them
in, claiming that they would’ve disrupted the victims AND because Trump is often criticized
for being unable to console victims of tragedies without committing some gaffe. And that hit home given the fact that literally
zero of the patients still being treated at the hospital in El Paso agreed to meet with
Trump during his visit. Not one. Which is weird because NOW how would they
find out how many people went to Trump’s last rally? And the most pathetic part – which, mind
you, is no easy feat here – is that even while bragging about his crowd size in a hospital
where he was supposed to be visiting mass shooting victims, he didn’t even get THAT
right. He was referring to the dual rallies that
he and Beto O’Rourke held in El Paso on February 11th. And he’s made this claim before, saying
specifically that he had 35,000 people come see him while O’Rourke had a few hundred
in a parking lot. In reality, while it’s hard to pinpoint
an exact figure, law enforcement cited 7,000 people at O’Rourke’s rally. Trump’s rally, meanwhile, was filled to
capacity of 6,500 people, with a few thousand more outside, putting the figure around 10,000,
according to El Paso’s fire public information officer. And dear God it is so sad that we have to
do this, but if the fact check seems petty, try looking at the guy who can’t even brag
correctly about his crowd size at the most inopportune moment possible. That said, if Trump was so proud of his rally,
he might consider paying the bill. According to the city, Trump still owed a
staggering $569,000 for police and public safety services associated with the event. That’s actually up from $470,000, since
late fees were tacked on. Gotta give him credit for consistency– looks
like he’s running his campaign exactly like he’s running the country. And honestly, all of this news surrounding
Trump’s visit to the hospital is a shame, because the doctors and nurses in the video
were clearly proud of the work they did in the aftermath of the shooting. They’re clearly proud of their city, which
has come together in the face of overwhelming tragedy. And I’m sure they were proud of Beto O’Rourke,
their former congressman, who’s put his heart and soul into comforting those impacted
by the shooting. But because the president of the United States
is literally incapable of not praising himself, of not making everything about him, that visit
was, per usual, overshadowed by a 73-year-old man’s narcissism. So Trump can claim that this visit wasn’t
about him, wasn’t just a glorified photo-op, but his Twitter, rife with giddy thumbs up
group photos, says otherwise. Even Fox News’ Shep Smith derided the White
House for claiming it wasn’t a photo op, before immediately releasing pictures of their
own— To El Paso, where the mourning and the grieving
continues. And thus far, they’ve not allowed the press
corps to come with them, saying it’s not a photo op. Instead, the White House releasing its own
pictures of the president’s activities today while keep the media away. But hey, I’m sure if definitely, totally
wasn’t a photo op. How do we get some kind of a picture here? How do we do it?

100 thoughts on “Trump HUMILIATES himself during Texas hospital visit

  1. Trump didn't need cards (like he used with the Florida school shooting) to pretend he cared because he just showed he didn't give a damn….

  2. What a massive fukwit you have as a leader. And as for the sub human scum who voted him in…..The rest of the civilised world is belly-laughing at you.

  3. And people laughing, what a bunch of fucking idiots, ass licking,brainless lambs, I can’t with people no more. They’re smiling and laughing with this 2 turds with legs. A predator and his whore, and this is only the beginning of the decent of this country.

  4. Trump: Never before in history not one US Presidents never before in history not one US Presidents and I'm the only one in the US Presidents history never before get check in to Psych Wards and I'm the only US President made it happen. You all should check that out but you all fake news.

  5. small feeble minds gets impressed by small things … "oh wow look … socks" p.s hey racist #derangeddonald have you paid your El Paso rally fees from February!!! grifter that you are

  6. "Trump humiliates himself " , is sufficient…
    Unless you want to add "always" , for those coming out of 3 year comas or people from mars .

  7. What is that demented son of a b** going to say now????? Go back home!!!!!🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  8. Not one compassion bone in his stupid fat ass body. The idiot in chief actually started talking about crowd size while visiting recovering victims in the hospital. Hes just plain stupid

  9. Politics aside, his wife had to pop around the corner to be seen and meet the doctors and staffers. He didn’t even have the decency of introducing his wife/ First Lady. Self centered much?

  10. smiling, laughing, photo-ops, and talking about Beto….right after 20 people were killed. I certainly wouldn't want to be treated at that hospital, unless there was no other option.

  11. This man has no sense of humiliation. He always talks about himself and how great he is and how big his crowds are.

  12. in a time when everyone is coming together to comfort those that were hurt or lost a loved one during the shooting trump still finds the time to put his so called opponents down and try to lift himself up, theres no pause button on this morons mouth or mentality.

  13. He projects on to the doctor "The whole world knows you are the best"…like the doctor cares. Like the doctor and his staff are not traumatized as well.

  14. People all over the world talking about you and what a great job? I thought they were talking about the mass shooting and the victims not the hospital staff.

  15. They say in your country the U.S.A voting is a right you dont have to do here in Australia its the law anyone over 18 must vote or pay a fine. Australia voted in what i would consider a Republican a man that calls himself christian but locks refugees up on islands Australia has to vote but the poor here dont give a shit about fines but if we could get all the poor to vote we could make a better world. in 2020 call on the poorest of the poor to come out in numbers show the world what made a America great vote against your system of voting. we use to use the same system in QLD but its changed to whom ever has the most votes wins GET EM USA strike that orange fucker from the books of America A man that says he better then LINCOLN get em

  16. One more year. I'm counti g every day till that blessed day of the election, where I hope people will finally react and eject that guy ALV.

  17. The idiot in chief. Dang now i know how italy felt about Mussolini. Same with Mexico with Santa Ana. We hit our crackpot with genetic lottery.

  18. All these butt hurt Clinton supporters on here ,go Trump 💪 Shaking them Haters, Democrats move on do sumthing for America and Americans been 3 years done nothing but waste tax dollars over 25 million on Russia and nothing,zip,move on,race card,his taxes, womanizer, Russia, Stormy Daniels,hate gays,man what's next he is a crack head,wow wtf get over it do sumthing for America and Americans,we sick of the cry baby race card fake Democrats sick people, Trump wins landslide,who is going to beat him Lol,come get sum Trump going to eat them up, Democrats that are running are a joke

  19. This president is pathetic. I'm in the north west region of Spain and when I first got to my extended family's house and began meeting the family, they all gave the usual two cheek kiss, so European, and then they hugged me… for an unusually long time. When I asked why they did that, their response was, "we feel bad about the president you have and we know that it affects you." I knew what they meant and appreciated the sentiment but I had to laugh. My response was that it didnt affect me at all. I wasn't the one making a fool of himself ofnthe United States. I laughed some more and they joined in. As we spoke more, it amazes me how much more they know about our politics and government than the average Republican voter. Heck! More than the average overall voter. People here are pretty educated about America for not being there to have an interest in it. But there you have it. They're shaking their heads as dumbfounded as sane people in America are over this president. 😐

  20. What happened to the men who wanted a male President with a hot first wife? Will never forget those brainless yt comments.
    You dont like that now? You didnt like bernie back then or jill Stein.
    No..must be a woman hater..
    A reality star.. with no experience politics
    whos even made mistakes in his own career
    But you know…brocode!!

  21. Cannot bbelieve that this is what is supposed to representing the U.S. Totally Is A Disgrace. He was not even listening to the Dr.,,, only thinking of what garbage he was going to reply with,, which was nothing,, He leaves a Trail of BS no matter where he goes..

  22. I could have my grammar wrong, but doesn’t someone have to know that they’re humiliating themself or making a fool of themselves, either on the spot or retrospectively? I don’t think Donald Trump has ever humiliated himself. He’s definitely been a disgrace, and humiliated the people he has sworn to represent (which is also a mischaracterization as he appears to hate Americans).

  23. I was walking along a footpath the other day and happened upon some street-vomit. It actually reminded me of trump!

  24. Yes!! That …. BLINK…….BLINK……BLINK….BLINK moment was gold!! WTF, the Dumbass in Chief doesn’t know how to act without committing a gaff…… press isn’t allowed in to record that ……not a good reason! Trumpy wants to control the narrative and what gets out…….THAT’S what the media ban is ALL about. Trumpy is a fascist.

  25. Why are people even listening to this idiot? He’s the reason these doctors have been so overwhelmed with patients.

  26. Trump knows exactly what he's doing. It's all the haters that make everything about themselves. It's actually quite hilarious how bent out of shape you TDS people get about everything Trump.

  27. "how can we get some kind of a picture here" what the fuck. They're not here for a picture with you ir to talk about crowd size, they're here to listen to you address the recent tragedy.

  28. Here what not to do if you are the President he don't have any remorse it all it all about him every dam word he don't know how to be sincerely he a idiot and pretty pathetic

  29. At some point I feel we are making fun of the mentally disabled. He forces our hand to do it, however, I feel like he truly is mentally disturbed.

  30. Trump repeats himself..t h en talks about himself and his crowd size at a rally and knuckleheads are laughing at his silly dumb comments…Trump is an embarrassment to himself and to America. ..

  31. How much time You must spend trolling thru and editing all the HOPELESSLY LIBTARRDED ANTI TRUMP, HATE TRUMP NO MATTER WHAT PHONY NEWS just to keep up Your own SAD, Typically IGNORANT Millineal ,HYPOCRITICAL ARGUMENT against Trump.
    In the end PAL….Trump will TROUNCE all of the FOOLS that have sadly DESTROYED a once REASONABLY Moderate Democratic party.
    Let me say here now that Trump will not only win…but WIN IN A LANSLIDE that will make Reagans win over Carter look like a potential recount!!!
    I really PITY YOU….Because You are a victim of your own YOUTHFUL IGNORANCE.

  32. Out of the Park ladies and gentlemen – another one onto the blacktop!!! We’ve lost count up here in the booth… Kudos Brian!

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