100 thoughts on “Trump Doctor Press Conference Cold Open – SNL

  1. The Idiot Trump lied when he took the oath of office, & he's lied exponentially ever since. It's a compulsion – a tick in his small brain. Maybe a chemical imbalance. Maybe a good bitch-slap upside his head will fix it.

  2. The Military Doctors have said past presidents are healthy when they weren't, they don't have to tell the public the truth, in fact they don't want our enemies to know the truth. Problem is that everyone can plainly see his conditions and his idiot thoughts in every tweet he sends out. It is interesting that his previous driver license puts him at 6' 2" and the doctor says he is now 6' 3". I guess they let him keep his platform shoes on, or he is getting taller as he gets older, (yeah that could happen when Pigs fly). These type of results are what are published for tortailian leaders like Kim Jo Il or the President boss Putin.

  3. Has SNL ever made skit depicting military being managed like the school system. Teachers buying school supplies out of their own pockets to conduct class. Generals would have to do the same to conduct a war or training.

  4. Beck Bennett, the only person who gets to say let me be clear is Obama. Also, it's weird not seeing kate mckinnon as jeff sessions. I also bet you that her face will become a trending meme soon.

  5. "WASN'T A DRY EYE..in the room" Ha! get it? they don't mean "😥"
    ..it's cuz Trump 💦 in their 👁️'s when he..ahhh never mind!

  6. I believe that the Trump administration will get a star in Hollywood for their performance someday. I wish this parody keeps going on. Laughter makes people get better and I am feeling really good about the next 3 1/2 years.

  7. LOL, I am a strong Trump supporter and I think this is so funny regardless of what political side you are on.

    Brain broken LMAO 😂

  8. SNL work on your skits actually being funny without offending most of the people in this country and making the U. S. A. look bad elsewhere.

  9. Could she possibly have acted any LESS like Sarah Huckabee Sanders? Apparently they cast her 100% based on physical appearance. Worst impression ever!

  10. How did that doctor manage to give a press conference with Trump's shriveled, midget pecker stuck in his mouth??? That "To talk about how 'NOT FAT' the President is." THAT IS FUCKING HILARIOUS, even if that chick who plays Sanders nearly murdered laughter in the beginning

  11. Trump is NOT 6'3". His NY Drivers License said he is 6'2". Also, Jared Kushner is 6'3" and standing next to Trump, Jared is clearly taller. Also, Jeb Bush is 6'4" and standing next to Trump, Jeb Bush TOWERS over Trump. The man is an insecure, narcissistic disaster and he just gets worse.

  12. Nice to see Aidy Bryant get some more work. She's always been a good backup actress, but here she got in a lot of good one-liners.

  13. I've taken that mental test. All it is is about 7 simple questions like remembering 3 items mentioned after answering 4 other very simple questions like "What is today's date?" All I have to remember is a purple fish riding a bicycle to remember the 3 items. I asked my doctor how such a simple test would shed any light on my aging memory problems. She said it was a screening test to determine dementia that is fairly advanced in order to make a preliminary diagnosis.

  14. Why does Trumps Doctor look like David Miscavige? Is the Presidents Residence moved now to Clearwater? And if so…What OT Level does Trump have?

  15. Damned liberals need to quit acting. Harold obambam was a terrible president. He doubled the countries debt, went on an apology tour and played a lot of good in hawaii. Donald trump has been great for the econmy, has brought jobs back, blacks are getting back to work.middle class is getting gas breaks, he's not a racist. Yes not a homophobe. Yes not a zenophobe.

  16. Trump is also do lazy that drives across golf greens. Putting grass. Which is a cardinal sin because of how easy a cart can damage it. He's in terrible shape. If he is a standard of fitness, that would be weird

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