Trump Brags About Himself While Visiting Hospital

>>Yesterday, Donald Trump headed to El Paso
to comfort the victims of last week’s terror attacks. But it’s an important task for a president,
it was difficult for him for a couple different reasons. One, everything about him, and two, that they
didn’t want to meet with him. A spokesman for the hospital said that, this
is a very sensitive time in their lives. Some of them said they didn’t wanna meet with
the president, some of them didn’t want any visitors. Although he also added that two victims who
had previously been discharged from the hospital did come to see Donald Trump. But none of the ones that were still in the
hospital wanted to. That didn’t stop him from going, he did go,
he talked with the hospital staff, and talked as he does.>>Job you’ve done, and they’re talking about
it all over the world. And it’s an honor to be with you. Look at this group of people, can you believe
this?>>They’re fantastic.>>I was here three months ago, we made a
speech, and what was the name of the arena, that place was right?>>I was front row.>>The judges are respected, what was the
name?>>Good, come here, man, that was some crowd.>>Thank you for all that you do, thank you.>>We had twice the number outside, and then
you had this crazy Beto. Beto had 400 people in a parking lot. And they said his crowd was wonderful, but
we had some->>Uh-oh, look at this.>>Wow, look at that, did you see that?>>I was encouraging her.>>Don’t tell that to the press, cuz they
won’t even believe it.>>They only believe it on the day of the
vote, they say, what happened?>>Okay, so one of the reasons I wanted to
play that was, I just wanted to check from you guys. Is it right to despise that 100%? Acknowledging that some of the people who
are standing with him, big fans of him, apparently they’d been to his rally. But that was what he talked about while at
the hospital.>>Yeah, no, not remotely problematic to despise
it. So guys, I mean, look, again, I always wonder
what the Trump supporters really, you think it’s the appropriate thing to do. And always think about the shoe on the other
foot. I do that in our case and I’ve done it a thousand
times on this show. And I say, guys, remember now if the shoe
was on the other foot, right? If Obama had gone to the hospital where there’d
been a massacre and over 20 people murdered, and said, people are talking about it all
over the world. First of all, even if he just said that, yeah,
cuz there was a massacre, right? But that’s nothing compared to the rest of
it. And this about, yeah, my crowd sizes are awesome
and the Republican crowd sizes suck. And that’s what we’re celebrating here, right? We’re not celebrating anything, dude. These people are in a hospital because they’re
injured from a massacre, it’s not about you. It’s not about you, even if you were attacked. And in this case, he started it, there was
no attack. In Ohio, he claims that the Democrats, nonsense,
we’ll share the actual quotes. But in this case, he just comes into the hospital,
El Paso, I like El Paso cuz of the big crowd, you should have seen the parking lot.>>Crazy Beto.>>If you’re not embarrassed by that as a
Trump supporter, there’s something off with you. I mean, okay, that’s who you are, you’re like,
you know what, when people almost died, those people in the hospital and then 22 others
died. Well, I’d talk about me too, I think that’s
the right thing, you go in there and you brag. That’s the right thing to do, brag? Have you ever done that yourself? I keep asking you to think about Trump if
he was in your life. If you got into a bar and a guy walks in and
goes, I’m a very stable genius, I’m known for being a stable genius. You’d run for your life, right? In this case, if you’re sick and you got shot,
and an uncle comes by. And instead of saying, hey, are you okay,
is everything all right? He starts talking about, man, you should have
seen how great I am. You’d be like, what, hey, we’re trying to
console the person who was shot. He’s like, I know, but let’s talk about me,
okay? And my god, my crowd sizes were great, and
this other guy was terrible. You’d be like this uncle’s nuts, I’m not sure
we should invite him to the hospital. But apparently Republicans see that, and they’re
like, that’s right. You go to a hospital, and instead of mourning,
you brag about yourself, that’s what a man would do. Okay, that’s why we live on different planets. That’s why you can’t understand us, and we
can’t understand you. And you’re pretty much the bad guys in the
movie.>>I mean, there might be those that fit that
category of people who are okay with it. I think most Republicans, at least Congressional
Republicans, probably cringe because they understand the impropriety of what’s going
on. They understand sort of how, as Cenk says,
I had the same thought. If you were going to, there’s somebody in
the hospital, and there’s a guy who walks in, and you’re surviving a massacre. And the person comes in and they started talking
about their new car or something. No, no, people are really loving my car. It’s the same thought, Cenk said, you’re trying
to put yourself in the situation where this series of inappropriate remarks could somehow
exist. There’s no way you’re okay with it. But what Republicans are willing to do is
not so much say, yeah, that’s the guy we want. But they’re willing to overlook it because
of political agenda. I think that is a more common Republican response
than being okay with how inappropriate those comments and that disposition was, that’s
my sense of it.>>And they just will never acknowledge that
if Obama had done it, that they would have despised them for it.>>Yeah.>>So we can dislike it and we can be confused
by it, but we also know that they love it. They will never tire, just like Trump will
never tire of hearing how big his crowd size is, how much he won by, how astounded everyone
was, they just wanna hear that over and over. And I think it’s because Trump understands
that people don’t wanna focus on themselves and their issues, whether economic or health
or whatever. They just wanna feel like they’re something
bigger. A lot of people invest a lot of themselves
into a sports team they like or whatever. For them, the MAGA movement, the crowd, whether
they’re in it or not, that’s who they are. And they also need to mention the mission
is, who are we going to hate right now? Maybe it’s Ilhan Omar, maybe it’s AOC, now
it’s crazy Beto. So what I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna come as
president, I’m gonna come to your city that’s reeling from a terror attack, and I’m gonna
insult your local politicians, that’s what I’m gonna do. And they love it, they wanna hear how crazy
Beto is.>>You know what, it’s actually a good analogy,
John, cuz I was thinking, when you said sports. Yeah, if Terrell Owens was on your team, no
matter how much of a jerk he was, you’d be like, yeah, that’s right. You stuffed a football into the star. If you’re visiting the Cowboys, yes, right? And if he goes to another team, that son of
a bitch, right? And that’s how sports fans are, but sports
is just for fun. So it’s okay to like Terrell Owens, even though
he’s a big loudmouth, etc. I think he kinda adds to the game, and I like
the showboating, cuz it’s a game. This is not a game, those people were nearly
murdered, and their friends and their family members were actually murdered, not fun.>>Also there’s Beto O’Rourke’s response,
cuz we do have another thing to analyze coming out of his trips to the two different cities. So Beto O’Rourke responded saying, this community
is focused on healing, not hatred, not racism, certainly not crowd sizes. Our community and our country will not be
defined by realdonaldtrump’s smallness. We will be defined by the love, compassion,
strength of El Paso. So that is a responsible, that’s a good comment,
but it’s not exciting, I guess. So he doesn’t get you fired up to hate the
other person, so he will probably be forgotten as a result of it.

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  4. I have a friend who works at that particular Hospital who shall remain anonymous for obvious reasons who told me that administrators at the medical center hand picked the staff members during that video clip with the president and his wife and were told to be as cordial and pro Trump as possible .

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  6. Trump is the response of Obama’s policy’s!!!! Many many people who would have never agreed with our Fuhrer in the past now are true NATIONAL SOCIALISTS!

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    Going to the hospital, whose found will be cut down because the money he is not paying to the city…

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    Trump: Hi there do you think im the best?
    Victim: Help! Im dying!
    Trump: Dont worry buddy we will get to that but do you like me though?

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  13. Trump still owes El Paso over 500,000 dollars for his rally there. Dead beat Trump has the nerve to show up now he not only owes them money for his rally he is responsible for the hate filled massacre.

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  19. that looked like a cell phone video and he was just having an informal conversation…not like he formally came out and said all that after this tragedy. That being said, he is a dick.

    Spread the chant:

  21. I used to appreciate your show but now you've become so superficial and meaningless.
    I was born a social liberal but at this point I feel ashamed to be grouped with what you guys think social liberism means. Where were you when you globalist neo cons bombed all those countries and turned America into a cesspool?

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  29. It's just painful to watch. He went to El Paso only because to him it was just another photo op and a chance to talk about himself. Imagine, there were people in that hospital who had escaped being shot to death by yet another gun freak, and all Trump wanted to do was to talk about how he drew a bigger crowd than Beto O'Rourke. I watch all this and I just find it hard to wrap my head around the fact that America's president is a grubby self aggrandising douchebag…

  30. My question is
    With so much outrage about trumps words and actions and behaviors, why is it such a worry that we won’t vote him out? There are more democrats than republicans. All we have to do is bother to show up and vote him out yet it’s still possible that we won’t. It’s Dems own fault if they don’t vote and vote blue no matter who.

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    He’s acting for the camera.
    He is a puppet
    He doesn’t actually care about the fatality that took place

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