Trigeminal Neuralgia Treatment

Hi I’m Dr. Jeff Turner of Texas Migraine
Clinic. If you suffer from Trigeminal Neuralgia,
you know what extreme pain is all about. It’s typically something like an
electric zap or sharp stabbing feeling in your face with everyday activities,
such as brushing your teeth, eating, talking, sometimes even a light touch
over the nerve in your face or in your mouth can set it off. As with most other
facial pain problems, it’s rare that there’s anything to see with medical
testing. So all you’re left with are a couple of medication options which may
or may not work, or injections that don’t actually fix the problem, or an invasive
skull base surgery that has an unpredictable outcome. It has associated
risks of trigeminal nerve damage and it alters your Anatomy permanently. If
you’re ready for something more than just quote “relief” for your Trigeminal
Neuralgia pain, then take the quiz, below, to see if you’re a candidate for our
advanced treatment; because once we reverse all of your symptoms, we can then
very likely get you permanent relief so that you don’t experience the truly
awful pain of Trigeminal Neuralgia ever again. In other words, we have consistent
success reversing trigeminal neuralgia with a natural system that’s both fast
and lasting; that doesn’t require medication, injection, surgery, or ongoing
therapies. It’s routine that Trigeminal symptoms rapidly become less frequent,
less intense, than progressively absent altogether as healing occurs. Thanks.

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