Trick-or-Treating at UC Davis Children’s Hospital 2019

[SPOOKY MUSIC] The kids that are here in the hospital
are not able to go trick-or-treating and it gives them a chance to experience
Halloween even when they’re in the hospital. -Happy Halloween! They get to participate in games, they
get their face painted, they get to trick-or-treat. We have 15 doors that are
decorated by the staff members. -Happy Halloween! I think it’s nice, just because you know she can’t right now go trick-or-treating, so it’s
something that, you know, they can celebrate here at least. You like Hot Wheels? I think you want some of these too. It’s just a fun event
that everybody can kind of forget about whatever is happening at the moment and
focus on the holiday and having fun with their kiddos. Happy halloween!

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