Tre’s Story – Inpatient Rehabilitation – Parham Doctors’ Hospital

(uplifting music) – My name’s Rebecca and
my son’s name is Carl, but he goes by Tre. He was in a dirt bike accident
Easter Sunday this year. We’re a very active family. We snowboard, we paintball, we do all kinds of fun things as a family. We were out riding dirt
bikes and he went over a jump and lost control when he
came down on the ground. The first two trees that
he hit broke in half. Then he proceeded to go through
about 10 more yard of trees. He was airlifted to Norfolk General and they gave him a four
percent chance to live. My understanding from the accident, he had no part of his
brain that was not bruised. He had fractured his eye socket. He broke his cheek in three places. He broke his upper jaw. He had neck fractures around the arteries supplying the brain. He was in surgery for five hours and she didn’t think he was
gonna make it through surgery, let alone the next few days. He was moving all of his
limbs, doing everything, laying in the bed very normally, but when he got the Meningitis, that’s when everything changed. He quit moving, quit doing everything. That was the first hospital. He was in the hospital for seven weeks. He was in a coma for five and I have been with him every day. We live in Newport News, so
it’s an hour and a half ride one way for us to get here, but nobody would take him down there. Joy was wonderful. She was so excited. She was like, “We’ve gotta have him here.” Here in therapy, they
do everything with him. They work with his speech. They work with him eating. He works in the harness. They’ve put him in a chair with
hydraulics that will stand. They’ve done that. They work with him on the mat
doing all kinds of exercises. He’s gone from being in a
coma, not doing anything, constantly being in a
posture position, to talking. He can read. He understands everything. It’s just amazing to see
where he’s come from. I’m thankful that Joy pushed
so hard for him to get here. She’s just wonderful. November 16th, they’ll be six months he’s been in the hospital
and he’s ready to go home, but if he didn’t come here, he wouldn’t have been able to come home. (uplifting music)

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