Treating Hollowing and Volume Loss + Skin Tightening with ULTRAcel & Plasmage for Middle-aged Couple

today I’m still Euan MacKinnon hi guys
I’m here today with Angie who is 54 right and why don’t you tell the guys at
home a little bit about what it is that you’re hoping to achieve with your
non-surgical work base it I’d like to look 20 years younger with the help of
you Sarah I will do my best but this is not a magic wand
I will try um so have you done anything before no first timer
yeah first time gosh first time for everything yes Wow okay well why don’t
we grab your pictures and then we can go through together what might work for you
okay so one of the things that you mentioned when you came in was about
this little bit of fold of a skin fold of skin don’t ever that is the hoods
yeah above the upper eyelid that’s it’s a
pretty tricky to treat that but we did have a conversation about how we could
maybe use plasmage there this is a technique where we basically heat the
tissue up here to contract it and that’s the one that gives you that little bit
of downtime okay and you’ve also got a tiny little bit there of hollowing so
it’s not gonna be me doing your treatment it’s Euan but I’m gonna have
a chat with him about whether or not it made me wants to just put a little bit
of filler right there as well because both of those two things will give you a
bit more of a wide-awake look okay more bright in the eye um that’s a bit of a
discrepancy as well I’ve noticed in the eyebrow position yes
now nobodies brow position is perfect I don’t mean you know this one of me is like way
down here and this one’s up there but I think we could maybe make a bit of an
improvement by taking that one up and then perhaps dropping that once okay so
that they look a little bit more equal and we would do that with Botox right
and when you came in we also spoke a little bit about yes that bit I hate the droopy bit so
non-surgically realistically it’s we can’t do too much
there but maybe what we could do is try a little bit of ultrasound
radiofrequency skin tightening for the neck and the lower face just to see give
it a little bit of a lift yeah I mean it’s definitely not not
magic and I think by the time that you come back in when we do your afters we
won’t have had the full benefit of it either because it takes about 3 to 6
months for you to see the final result from there so it’s not a quick thing
takes a bit of time and we do the filming like I think it’s five or six
weeks after we’ve done the actual procedure so it might not be too
spectacular by them but at least we can do it yeah and we did have a bit of a
chat as well about how else we can get some lifting here and maybe I could
suggest doing a little bit of temple filler or a little bit of filler just
directly on the cheekbone as well that might get you a bit of lifting too yeah
did you write any ideas now I just want to get rid of what I call my crow’s feet
but my laughter lines if they could be tight and on if did I’d be really
pleased with that so when we talking about these little lines here you can
get an improvement in them by doing a bit of Botox around there and also by
popping some filler in the temple and underneath the eye in this area and the
reason why that works is because this big muscle around your eye that gives
you the crow’s feet as your bone shrinks away from it and so does your fat it
doesn’t have the fulcrum anymore so it tightens up so if you re expand the soft
tissue compartment by adding volume in there it can often make the lines look a
lot smaller I’d be great I think let’s just have a look at your from the side I
think this area we can try and put the ultrasound and radiofrequency there’s a
tiny up as much as possible I don’t know how much change we’re gonna see but we
can definitely try and hey that really great I mean realistically you know the the best
thing to do for this area is doing something surgical but you know not
everybody wants to do surgery or every can do surgery so we’re gonna do what we
can do so let’s just have a quick look at you smiling here now
the fact that your face goes into much more of a v-shape when you’re smiling
basically means that you’re quite easy to treat with dermal fillers
it’s a favourable thing right yeah which is good you just mentioned as well you
quite like to do something about the little vertical lines on the lip
I see that there’s a scar here yeah I am basically was mugged years ago and then
it caused a form of a cyst and then I had it treated at a hospital but they said
it’s still never gonna properly go so I was wondering if you could obviously
even that out with there yes so you could probably do a bit of something on
the other side to make it look a bit more symmetrical if there’s scar tissue
there which there is it can make it a bit harder to get through like
physically get through but we will definitely do our utmost to do that
that’d be great do you know what on this image it does show really well how
hollow you are right there on each side and also in the eyebrow area too I think
that’s quite interesting I definitely think we should have a go with that you
know I think I think it would be really nice
and just give a little bit more use around the eyes and when I open up my
eyes more well it’s a good question actually because that’s the part that’s
hooded there and that’s the part that you’ve got quite a lot of volume loss in
though it’s kind of like the opposite of each other Oh too much skin there and
then not enough yeah which makes it a bit weird so what we would do is that
bit there we would heat it to make it contract and then that little bit there
actually we’d probably put a little bit of volume in there so
it looks more equal okay having having two areas next to each other one that’s
fallen one that’s kind of got not enough for you minute that’s what one of the
things that makes something look older make someone look older and it’s also
this distance here when we measure there in some people that gets bigger as they
get older and wider and wider and wider and it can lead to kind of the skeletal
look in the upper eyelid so one of the best ways to treat it is to actually put
some filler in it okay okay so let’s go ahead and see what Euan’s
gonna do okay how do you I’m Doctor MacKinnon nah no no way I’m doctor Euan
MacKinnon what are you talking about Wow are we still doing this joke okay
here’s what we did for Angela and we did quite a lot so we start with voluma and
I place one mil in each temple I then move on to the cheeks now with cheek
filler I like to start with structural support deep and then work in the fat
compartments more superficially so we did some structural work with voluma we
did 0.5 mils on each side I then went on to the front portion of the cheek and
worked deep again with another mil of product on each side I then took a break
from filler and switched to the ULTRAcel machine the ultrasound machine uses
ultrasound energy to contract the tissues at the SMAS layer now this SMAS layer is what facelift surgeons will target to lift your face during the
surgery so by heating up that layer at the ultrasound machine were able to
tighten the face and neck and get a really pleasing result now you get about
30 percent of your initial contraction on the day of treatment and the rest of
the 70 percent happens over the next three months moving back to filler now I
use Juvederm the lift one mil I treat the nasolabial folds and a little
of the upper lip area to help with support and start to treat those barcode
lines switching to Volift now I treat her
nasolabial folds and a little bit of the upper lip to help with support but also
to smooth out the barcode lines I use one mill here and I for her lip
treatment itself I switched to Juvederm Volbella which is a nice soft product I
use a cannula to place one mil in the lips and another mil in the perioral
region to help smooth the skin I now switch to Juvederm voluma and treat the
chin crease and the chin point with one Miller product swapping now to Juvederm
Volks I treat the pre jowl and jawline area with one mill on each side and the
marionette zone with one mill on each side switching to voluma now I told you
earlier I like to do deep structuring followed by superficial structuring so
I’m now treating the superficial fat compartments with a mill of Juvederm
voluma on each side I now switch to Juvederm Volift and I treat the sub
cheek area with one mill on each side continuing with Volift I treat the oral commissures with one mill each side and then I move back onto the cheek and
place another mill to complete her filler treatment I do 2mls of Profhilo
on the face and that’s the injectable moisturiser for a glow and skin
tightening we now do Plasmage for the upper eyelid
area if you haven’t seen Plasmage before you will see that there are small burns
being placed on this skin now it’s these little burns that caused the initial
contraction however you’ll get some further skin tightening over the next
three months I do a little bit of Botox in the upper face and then there was a
troublesome skin lesion on the side of the patients face which I removed with
plasma okay guys welcome back so we have Angie here it’s been six weeks since she
had treatment so thank you for coming back today how are you feeling I’m
feeling amazing good what’s making you feeling anything the treatment I feel a
lot younger I feel revitalized I feel like everything’s been lifted tighter
she did a lot of work on lifting didn’t place so I’m glad you’ve noticed
the difference so yeah we did a lot you guys will have just seen in the footage
we did a lot of filler work we did a bit of toxin we worked on your upper eyelids
and we worked on the neck and the lower face with ULTRAcel so a lot have done
in one go how did you find that I found it okay there was no pain just a lot of
swelling a lot of bruising but I did take some Arnica and I used a lot of
Vaseline for the treatment to help with the soothing of the soreness yes so
kind of in terms of what you’re expecting was it kind of what you
expected for about a week afterward yeah it’s cuz you’d explain to me so yes yeah
so after about a week did you say it was all settled it was all settled just a
little bit of bruising still just around the lower neck and things like that and
a bit round the lip but otherwise it healed really fast
and were you able to cover that yes yes oh I used to bit of cover stick it
didn’t stop you doing it no not at all so if there’s anything what would you
say had the biggest impact on you treatment-wise
my eyelids and my neck and my lips everything I’m pleased with everything
good so the eyelids that we did the Plasmage
yes did you get much swelling or downtime with plasma I’ve got a lot of
swelling with that but because I had it done at the top right and underneath but
otherwise it went down very quick good so you guys might be aware by now
that after having Plasmage you get some scabs they usually are gone by
about day five yeah and then afterwards well you got initial swelling for a
couple of days but after about five days to a week things are usually pretty settled
but you do need to look after the area and apply SPF because yeah because the
skin is a bit sensitive for a couple of months after treatment but yeah to me
looking at you it’s looking well thank you so you mentioned the neck we
did the ULTRAcel on the neck how did you find the ultrasound treatment yeah
no that was great wasn’t painful at all it was soothing it was quite relaxing I
feel I could feel it tightening when he was doing the treatment so we have the ULTRAcel system at the clinic at the moment and the ULTRAcel system is very good
because it’s not so painful I’ve used other systems before which are very
painful and I find that the results with ultra sellers are equally as good but
the patients are much more comfortable so I’m glad that you said it wasn’t so painful great is there anything that you wouldn’t do again no good the important question now is
you’re obviously on our couple special yes with David has he said anything to
you yeah he said you look amazing you said it you can’t believe how having all
them treatments have made you look from that to that
any comment is on my neck and saying how its lifted it everything yeah stick and
then just to finish I suppose if you were to say in a nutshell how these
treatments have made you feel compared to when he first came in have you has it
changed at all yeah it’s made me feel much more confident I feel like I’ve
been look in the mirror and feel I don’t look as old as I do and yeah I’ve had
lovely compliments from it having this treatment oh that’s fantastic okay guys
thank you so much for watching I’m so glad that Angie is happy with her
treatment results I’m thrilled with them as well
if you have any questions because we did a lot there may be some so ask them in
the comment section below and I’ll be sure to reply to them as quickly as I
possibly can we release videos every two weeks make sure you like and subscribe
and also thank you again thank you bye bye guys
you you

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