Treating Chronic Kidney Disease with Food

“Treating Chronic Kidney
Disease with Food” In the United States approximately one
in three adults aged 65 years and older has chronic kidney disease.
But the majority of patients with chronic kidney disease do not
progress to the advanced stages because death precedes the progression
to end-stage renal disease. Following about a thousand folks
65 or older with chronic kidney disease
for about a decade, only a few had to go on dialysis, because
most had to go underground. The scariest thing for many kidney
patients is the fear of dialysis, but they may be 13 times more
likely to die than dialysis. With deaths from heart disease
killing more than nearly all other causes combined, decreasing
kidney function can just set one up for heart attacks, strokes, and death.
That’s why it’s critical that any diet chosen to help the kidneys
must also help the heart. A plant-based diet fits the bill, providing
protection against kidney cancer, and kidney stones, and kidney
inflammation, and acidosis, as well as heart disease. Namely, blood pressure
control may be favored by the reduction of sodium intake
and the vegetarian nature of the diet, which is very important also for
lowering serum cholesterol, which may not only help the heart
but the kidneys themselves. All the way back in 1858, Virchow,
the father of modern pathology, was the first to describe the fatty
degeneration of the kidney. In 1982 this idea of lipid
nephrotoxicity was formalized, the possibility that fat and cholesterol
in the bloodstream could be toxic to the kidneys directly, based on data
like this showing plugs of fat literally kind of clogging up the
works in autopsied kidneys. Since the notion was put forth
it has gained momentum. It appears high cholesterol and
fat in the blood may accelerate progression of chronic kidney disease
through direct toxic effects on the kidney cells themselves. Given the connection between
cholesterol and kidney decline, the use of cholesterol-lowering
statin drugs has been recommended to slow the progression
of kidney disease. Of course, serious adverse effects on
muscle and liver must be kept in mind. That’s why plant-based diets could
offer the best of both worlds, protecting the heart and the kidneys
without drug side effects. The two potential drawbacks
are the amount of phosphorus and potassium
in plant foods, which ailing kidneys can sometimes
have a problem getting rid of. But it turns out that the phosphorus
in meat is absorbed at about twice the rate, not to mention the phosphate additives
that are injected into meat. So eating vegetarian can significantly
lower phosphorus levels in the blood. The concern about potassium
is largely theoretical, since the alkalizing effects of plant
foods help the body excrete potassium, but not theoretical for those on
dialysis or with end-stage disease, who need to be followed closely
by a dietitian kidney specialist. Special protein-restricted vegan diets
have been used successfully to slow or stop the progression
of kidney failure. Here is the declining kidney function
of eight diabetics for one to two years before switching to the plant based
diet, which appeared to stop the inexorable decline in most of the
patients, leading the researchers to proclaim it is the treatment of
choice for diabetic kidney failure. It may help delay dialysis
by one to two years, and after kidney transplant may
improve the survival of the kidney, and improve the survival of the patient. Most of the papers, though, are
just pilot feasibility studies. Doesn’t matter if it’s effective if we
can’t get people to stick to the diet. But while we’re waiting for
more definitive studies, existing data support offering these
kinds of plant-based diets as an option to all patients with advanced or
progressive chronic kidney disease. Even if the effects of such diets on
the progression of kidney failure are still debatable, the unquestionably
beneficial favorable effects of plant-based diets on some of
the most deleterious cardiovascular and metabolic disorders usually
associated with renal failure like hypertension and diabetes provide
rationale for recommending a predominance of plant proteins
for patients with failing kidneys. Yet, diet is still underutilized, in part because some people find
changing their diet is difficult. Yet we know foods rich in animal
protein lead to metabolic acidosis. Our diets are largely acid-producing
because they are deficient in fruits and vegetables and contain
large amounts of animal products. And so what did doctors do?
They gave people baking soda. Instead of treating the cause,
the dietary acid load from too many animal products
and too few fruits and vegetables, they treated the consequence by saying, “Oh, too much acid? Well, we’ll just give
you some base, sodium bicarbonate.” And it works. Neutralization of dietary acid with
sodium bicarb decreases kidney failure and slows kidney function decline, but sodium bicarbonate
(baking soda) has sodium, so doctors may be just
adding another problem. Now if patients are not going
to cut back on animal products, at least they should be eating
more fruits and vegetables. And so they tried that,
and look, it worked too, and with it doing so without leading
to too much potassium in the blood. And may even work better,
as fruits and vegetables have the additional advantage of
helping to lower blood pressure. This study is important because it illustrates
a very simple and safe way to treat metabolic acidosis:
fruits and vegetables. So the key to halting the progression
of chronic kidney disease might be in the produce market,
not in the pharmacy.

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  1. Amazing and in the wright time to. I feel some pain in my kidney aeria but i hope it might be my twisted spine. I do drink every day 100.000 IU of D3 so i have every reason to be scared but i stil hope that my Kidneys are ok.

  2. I'm eating vegan because I know it's healthy, but is it really this good for you? it's starting to sound like the magic pill to cure all ailments.

  3. Can you make a video about vaccines… Influenza vaccine! Thank you very much 🌹
    And also thank u for your dedication and work. Respect

  4. I have 2 family members recently diagnosed with symptoms of chronic kidney disease. The "advise" they got from the MD was stunningly ignorant. Basically, one was told to ignore it. The other we're still waiting for stupid advise. I have tried to help with what I learned on my own thanks to Dr G's multiple videos on this topic. Thanks as always for helping fill the vast abyss known as our "healthcare" system.

  5. A huge company should fund a major ad campaign for Flood the public with clever ads on the radio, TV, and online.

  6. I used to dislike Dr. Greger. But, after watching video after video that he has produced I greatly respect him and what he is doing. He has totally converted me to his way of thinking. I used to be a follower of Dr. Mercola who espouses views opposite of Dr. Greger, but now I have made the big switch. Dr. Greger's videos are so much better. They are backed up by 100 percent science and he shows you the documentation. Just click the pause button and you can write down the name of the journal he is quoting and go look it up yourself. I love his videos. I feel like I am finally getting down to the truth.

  7. hello, i would like to know what fruits and vegetables are to be ate in diabetic patients with chronic kidney disease cause i am treating diabetic patients. Thank you

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  9. I knew it all organs are negatively influenced by high fat, it couldn't have just been the heart and the liver, modern day humans are so clueless about diet.

  10. So, is chronic kidney disease a slow-or-stop situation; or can it be healed with a plant-based diet? (Please post as a "Reply" so that I will see your response, whether you are Dr. Gregor or not.)

  11. I will now offer a modest impression of meater trolls sure to comment under this post: "Vegan Propagandaaaaaaa!!!" Thank you.

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  13. Dr. Kimberly Gilbert, a kidney doctor at Upstate Medical in Syracuse NY, says that a patient at stage 4 can eat as much protein as they want and that any correlation between protein and kidney failure is an old wives tale.

  14. I'm a 38 year old female, my kidney function level is at 50…so yes I have CKD. I just found out a few months ago. I have been doing research on my own trying to figure out the best diet for my kidney health. I have almost completely eliminated animal protein from my diet. I've been eating a combination pretty much daily of white rice, red peppers, avocados, celery, dried cranberries, carrots, sometimes there's cashews or walnuts thrown in there. can you give me any other suggestions of what to eat? Also per my nephrologist I am on a no salt/low salt diet. Thanks so much.

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  17. I know it happens, but it's hard to believe that someone would rather eat meat than live longer. Amazing.

  18. I am nurse that works in the community and I was visiting a client that has chronic kidney failure and cancer today. I was asking about her diet, and everyday she would be consuming mostly dairy, meat, and eggs with very little vegetable and fruits incorporated into her diet. I was not only shocked that her dietician and doctor recommended these foods into her meal plan, BUT she also showed me the list of foods she could not eat which included a long list of fruits and vegetables such as dark leafy greens, broccoli, beans, chickpeas (just to name a few) due to the phosphorus, calcium and the medications she was on. I was at a real cross roads as how to educate her in eating fruits and vegetables that the rest of her healthcare team is telling her otherwise. I'm finding this aspect of my career hard, because I know the life changing research and want to truly heal my patients, but how can I do this through nutrition if the rest of the healthcare team does not agree? It is so important to me to incorporate nutrition and healthy lifestyle into my care, because it is SO overlooked in hospitals and in the community setting and this information can change someone's life. If you ever need a registered nurse in the future, I have become very educated through the research you have provided and through other sources as well. I am honored to have taken this research and already have recommend nutrition advice to several of my patients. Thank you for changing lives everyday! – Jessica RN

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  20. I just got out of the hospitalthe THIRD time for kidney stones and they found megaheptaly. A enlarged liver. I am not a teetotaler but I hardly drink at all. I was mostly plant based for six months and I'm going back to being plant based. And I need to layoff the sugar. I guess it takes getting messed up to get half way motivated. Anybody got any advice?

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  24. It is painful to see the other dialysis patients fall apart, become puddles of flesh, because they listen to the doctors' dietary advice (obviously I don't–though they tried to scare me into listening, telling me I'd die if this or that (turns out I only improved)).

  25. You are telling something which a common man fails to understand tell straight what to eat n what not instead of explaining in medical terminology

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  27. if the point is to maintain the brain and operate the muscle/skeletal system find the proper nutrients in that and get rid of the organ system and its complexity and feed correct nutrients. this will be possible as AI advances to determine correct nutrients – in the future food will be an archaic non necessity to other types of ingestion simulations and new traditions of socializing….eating to survive a chain and ball around your neck……soooo primitive and odd.

  28. I have been moving closer to a plant based diet but I'm concerned about following it completely because so many of the foods recommended as nutrient dense are high oxalate foods. I have had problems with kidney stones in the past and went to a low oxalate diet. I'm confused why it's said that this diet prevents kidney stones. Spinach, kale, beans, sweet potatoes, strawberries are all high oxalate foods.

  29. I have been vegan for 5 years and now I'm getting inflammation of the kidney. I don't understand why because I eat really well. Lots of greens , beans etc , a lot of potassium. When I first went to the ER they said my potassium was extremely low which makes no sense because I eat lots of bananas and avocados.

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