Traverse City Regional Center – Masters of Physician Assistant Studies

I picked GVSU in Traverse City because it
allows me to stay in northern Michigan, which is home base for me. I’ve already
worked and done a lot of service opportunities in northern Michigan and so it
really ties into that giving back to the community. I get to stay, live, work
potentially all northern Michigan There’s definitely a community aspect
here, it’s such a small class size I feel like I get a really good relationship
with my professors which for me is something I didn’t have in undergrad, so
it was really nice to find that in grad school and living and going to school 40
plus hours a week with the same students and teachers who just get really close. For me my
career goals are to hopefully work in an intensive care unit or potentially
later kind of see people through with the hospice and the care kind of side of
life and with this, I have flexibility as a PA I can move around from one special
teacher next and that’s really what I was interested in and Grand Valley I
feel really prepares you well for all of that.

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