Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation at MossRehab

As a family member of an individual with
brain injury what you really want to look for is a rehabilitation hospital
that has specific expertise in dealing with traumatic brain injury. There are
very unique considerations to the brain injury patient as compared with standard inpatient rehabilitation patient. Having a rehabilitation unit
that’s specifically dedicated to brain injury can be instrumental in recovery. At MossRehab specifically we have a dedicated inpatient rehabilitation unit
that has real high concentration of expertise. We have three doctors on the
unit that are all board certified in brain injury medicine, and we have a lot
of folks here who are really passionate about moving their field forward. I
think that’s the the secret ingredient. On the inpatient side we use a lot of
the robotic assisted devices to help with the upper extremity in folks that
have difficulty moving or coordinating their upper limb after a
brain injury. Then as people progress toward outpatient we do have the
availability of a lot of robotic-assisted therapies for gait
training. By and large, it’s the experts, it’s the therapist
and the doctors that are all working together to apply these technologies
that really make the difference. Our ultimate goal is to maximize their
independence and that means we may start with just being able to
communicate basic wants and needs – to being able to transfer from a bed to a
wheelchair on your own, or with a little help as possible, to being able
to walk without help, being able to get dressed by yourself, ultimately being able to go places by
yourself, being able to get a job if patients who go back to college
eventually or go back to some type of vocational school. All of
these things. Being part of their journey, i think, is a privilege and an honor. I work with people
who are like-minded, and who are also passionate about this, and who
are smart and good at it.

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