Traumatic Brain Injury: Ongoing Rehabilitation Helps to Restore Independence

Therapist: Now I want you to push my hand forward.
So how did you initiate that movement, what did you do? You went UGH, with your body. So I
want it all to come from the shoulder. Ready, yeah. I know it’s going to come up
we know that. Joey: Nice biceps! Therapist: Yes you do, very nice. Therapist: Push forward. Push, push, push push, push,
push, push, breathe. Let it go. Push forward. push, push, push, push, push, push, push, push,
push, good, pull back. But I wanted to show you another way to do it, okay? You
started that time with your head, next time I want you to start with your arms.
Arms first this time. Which one are you gonna start with? Joey: The bad. Therapist: The right hand,
it’s not a bad hand, just not working that well right now. Thats important though.
No excessive shaking. Something you can try to is taking your left hand and putting it through this way, or that way yep. See, he got this. That was smooth isn’t it. Do you see how much easier that was? Joey: Yes. Joey: It’s like I used to wear underarm
leggings or not leggings but like leggings like things under my shorts. Therapist: Good.Trying to keep that knee straight, nice, good. There you go. Press down from the knee, pull those hips forward, good, one more time, I like that good bend. Don’t loose that balance. Come forward or up, stand tall. Don’t let it float out of the water.
Keep it down I’m gonna take my hands off, I’m gonna keep my hands off.
Perfect hold it there another eight seconds and you gotta count to eight. Joey: 1,2,3,4, 5,6,7,8. Therapist: All on the right side, I like that.

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