Trauma Center at Kendall Regional Medical Center

– [Narrator] Kendall
Regional Medical Center South Florida Trauma opened it’s doors to the community November 19, 2011. Since opening we have seen over
a thousand trauma patients, and through it all our focus
has been to save lives. We do it with quality care and compassion for our patients and their families. Thank you Kendall Regional Medical Center. – Trauma doesn’t discriminate. It affects anybody at any give time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. – Miami-Dade County has
been chronically underserved in trauma, and Kendall
Regional Medical Center stepped in to fill that void. At Kendall Regional Medical Center, the fine nurses and
physicians have come together to become a great team. – As first responders, we have to make split second decisions
and triage patients at the scene of an accident or an injury. Our priority is to get these patients to a trauma center as quickly as possible, so they can receive life
saving medical treatment from the doctors, nurses, and
staff in the trauma center. – We have the latest technology and the best equipment available to us to provide for our trauma
patients here at Kendall Regional. – Day in and day out we save lives. We provide the entire continuum of care to our patients and their families. – The reason why I became a trauma nurse is because of that one
to one patient experience when they come into this trauma bay. – The best part of my job
is seeing my patient heal and go back to their normal lives, and come back to the
hospital with a big smile on their faces and share their stories. – August 30, 2012, I was very exhausted on my way home and I fell asleep in my car. I hit a tree and my car flipped over. When it flipped over the roof
of the car scalped my head and I had very traumatic injuries. I then was taken to
Kendall Regional Medical, to the trauma team by the helicopter. After I was admitted to the hospital I spent 30 days recuperating and enduring seven
reconstructing surgeries. – On Sunday March 18, I was
walking to church and fell. And somehow I was able to get to church, probably by my guardian angel, and the people there saw
that I was disoriented, couldn’t focus, they called 911. And I was subsequently
brought to the trauma center at Kendall Regional. I woke up in the emergency
room hearing my husband’s voice saying I had fallen. I had a severe concussion, contusions, and all the (mumbles) bones were shattered on the left side of my face. After three days I was
moved to the main hospital. Miami is a ciudad de dos idiomas, y quisiera decir como agradecida estoy para todo que used a hecho por mi. Dios te vendiga. Thank you Kendall. – While on vacation last year, we were involved in a very
serious boating accident. – I was okay, but Leslie
was struck by the boat in her stomach and rib area. They airlifted us from Key Largo to Kendall Regional
Medical Center Trauma unit and rushed her into the CT scan room. For the next few days, Leslie underwent four major surgeries. The staff, the nurses, the
doctors, the specialists, everyone cared greatly for Leslie. They were tremendous. They were superior in their care. – March 17th as I was leaving Dolphin Mall I was involved in a car accident where the rescue transferred me to Kendall Regional Medical Center. It was a pretty bad car accident. I had to stay in the
hospital for over a month. – On my motorcycle I
entered a construction lane that was not properly closed. And so I lost control of the motorcycle. I just remember thinking,
this isn’t happening to me. I was just being thrown around. I didn’t know when it was going to stop or if I was gonna die. When I finally came to a
stop, I ran as fast as I could to the side of the road. And I was lucky enough to have Dr. Lee traveling not so far behind me, that he actually helped
me lay on the ground and, you know, tell me to calm down right before rescue
picked me up and took me to the trauma center
here at Kendall Regional. Following the accident I had broken bones. I had a right clavicle
broken, a left foot broken. I also received 25-28% road rash that was 3rd degree and 2nd degree burns. I was hospitalized for five
days here at Kendall Regional then I was sent home with a
nurse who took care of me. – On April 2nd, I was in
a motor vehicle accident where I was ejected from the car. I was taken to Kendall Regional Hospital where I spent 15 days in ICU. I especially like to thank Dr. Cockburn and Dr. Aziva for being there
for me and saving my life. Thank you all. – I would like to say thank you to the doctors and nurses and staff. – I want to thank the
hospital and the doctors again for everything they have done for me, and for giving me the
chance to live again. – Muchas gracias. – You never lost the human touch, and you genuinely care
about, you know, how I felt. – Their modern day heroes to us. Their presence in our life
will always be a blessing to our family. – There are no words to
describe my gratitude. – I would like to say thank you to Kendall Regional Medical
Center for their efforts in providing invaluable trauma services to the Miami-Dade residents. Kendall Regional Medical Trauma Center is a community jewel,
and I am proud to say that we save many lives here. – I wanna thank Kendall
Regional Medical Center for having the vision to assemble such a superior team and serving our community in the way that we do. – I’d like to thank Kendall
Regional Medical Center for the opportunity of a lifetime. – We want to say thank you, thank you. – Again thank you so much.
– Thank you. – [Narrator] Happy
Anniversary Kendall Regional Medical Center South Florida Trauma. Thank you for having the
vision and the courage to do what is right for our community. One team, one goal: Saving lives.

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