Trauma Care and Rehabilitation at Sister Emmanuel Hospital in Miami, FL

(piano music) – [Narrator] Its a fall
afternoon on the campus of Archbishop Curley-Notre
Dame High School, and brother John Corcoran is
teaching an important lesson. – [John] Presentation matters
right, presentation matters. The way you dress, the way you speak. – In fact brother John
has spent his entire life trying to live by this principal. – So you want to always present
your best self especially if its in a situation where
people are going to make significant judgment about you. (quiet music) – [Narrator] Putting his best
foot forward was challenged when this english teacher
and cross-country coach became the victim of
a severe car accident. – I got into the car,
I clicked the seat belt and I drove out of the parking lot (tires screeching) and that’s the last thing I remember. (ambulance siren) – [Narrator] The avid runner
fractured several vertebrae in his neck as well as his left
ankle and his right knee cap in addition doctors discovered
a tear in his intestines. – [John] I remember asking
you know, will I be able to go to school and the answer was,
we don’t know we’re not sure. I asked will I be able to
run again, and the answer was we don’t know we’re not sure. – [Narrator] Following the
trauma care and initial stabilization in the
hospital, brother John’s options looked dim. With a complex medical
condition and several physical limitations his community of
christian brothers considered placing him in a nursing home. But brother John was intent
on remaining productive. – But my feeling was
if I go there I’m never gonna come back. – Brother John was given
a diagnosis that was very very difficult for him. He was basically told that
he would not be able to go back to his community and be a productive member of society. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] He was then
presented with another option, a long-term care hospital. One that could address his
complex medical and physical needs and provide rehabilitative
therapy in the process, Sister Emmanuel Hospital. – [John] One of the brothers
in the community who was on the board at Sister
Emmanuel, got the idea of asking if I could go there because that’s a long term care facility. I had worked at Sister Emmannuel
since 1996 every summer as a volunteer, but it never
occurred to me to go there. – [Narrator] Co-located with
Mercy this small hospital team was able to focus on
brother John’s unique, long term medical situation. – [Beverlin] He was able to
embrace challenge with our help and the help of our team. We were able to motivate
him into going back and to being able to function as
a member of his community. – [John] As I said when I
first started out I could barely make a few steps
with a walker very very hunched over, and I
would say within a week my posture was much better. – [Narrator] Because
Sister Emmanuel Hospital is co-located with Mercy,
staff are able to address the physical, emotional and
even spiritual well-being of critically ill patients. (triumphant music) And by applying his own
teaching, brother John was able to put his best self forward literally. – I knew that whatever
happened, there was a reason. I didn’t understand the reason but I knew that God knew what he was doing with it and so I knew that somehow or other that everything would work out eventually. – [Narrator] With perseverance
and faith, brother John was able to embrace challenge
and is now helping students embrace their own life challenges. – [John] You know being
in the classroom, being out on the coaching field
with the kids, that’s my life. There’s nothing that
gives me more enjoyment than working in the classroom. – And he’s a great guy
I don’t know what else to say about him. He loves what he does and
he does what he loves. – [John] It was a
miraculous turn of events as far as I was concerned
and it worked beautifully. – [Narrator] Reporting for
the health-care news network, I’m John Biffar.

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