Transplantul de Păr I Dr.Serkan Aygın Clinic

Good evening, my name is Fărâma Silviu. I was pleasantly impressed by the hospitality and courtesy of the clinic staff. Doctor Serkan Aygın consulted me, he told me about my situation… …that I need 4000 bulbs, 3700 for my forehead and 300 bulbs for the top of my head. My hair loss started 5 years ago and I thought find a solution for this situation. I watched my brother’s situation (evolution) after he came to Dr. Serkan Aygin… …one year ago and he has got fantastic results. I decided to come here as well and I’m sure that I’m going to have great results. “AFTER THE OPERATION”
I want to say that I’m very pleased by the intervention. The doctors that performed it were very nice and understanding… …they paused when needed. I have only words of praise. The intervention happened in the morning, they cut my hair… …they’ve been talking to me politely… …guided me and explained to me what’s gonna happen… …and what I have to do after the intervention. After the intervention I’ve been offered a meal, post-operation instruction …and I’ve been taught how I should wash my head and what products I’m supposed to use. I don’t have any complications, it didn’t hurt. I was expecting some pain on the implant zone, it’s ok… …this is the day after the implant, I’m fine, everything is perfect. I strongly recommend those who need a few extra hair for a new look to gain self-confidence. Do not overthink it, it’s worth it.

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