Transplant Pulmonologist: Matthew Robert Pipeling, MD

Hi, I’m Dr. Mathew Pipeling and I’m a Transplant
Pulmonologist here at Duke Health. I have the privilege of seeing
patients who have, what we consider having end stage lung disease
such as cystic fibrosis, pulmonary fibrosis, emphysema,
pulmonary hypertension diseases that have no more
medical options for that patient. Only remaining possible intervention
would be lung transplantation. I like to make sure that
my patients realize that we really are doing this as a team, that we are all adults. And I’m not gonna sugarcoat things,
I’m gonna tell you how it is. And we’re gonna make,
sometimes, easy decisions and sometimes hard decisions, but
through all that Ill be right there at their side with
whatever we need to accomplish. What I love about what
I do is everyday having the privilege to be involved
in the extraordinary care of patients for
whom all hope was almost lost, and really on death’s doorstep. And by the miracle of lung transplantation have got a new lease on life and
number one, just to see my patients gratitude for
that is amazing. And then to actually be
able to really see what that means to them with
the photos with the grandkids to the being able to complete college. Things that previous,
prior to lung transplant they didn’t think would ever happen for
them and to have that and be a part of that is,
it excites me every day.

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