Transperineal Ultrasound – UVM Medical Center

(light instrumental music) – [Male Patient] The treatment only takes, probably at the most,
10 minutes, 15 minutes tops. It’s very easy, very manageable. There is nothing that’s uncomfortable about the whole procedure. And the staff is very professional. They treat you with respect. They treat your privacy, you
know, they’re not invasive or anything in that way. – So this procedure is one
of a number of procedures that we use to help guide
where the radiation is aimed before, and then really interestingly, during the radiation treatment. We use ultrasound for a few reasons. One is it gives us beautiful
soft tissue imaging, and we can see the prostate gland where we can’t see the
prostate gland with x-rays. Prostate cancer treatments
are getting shorter where historically we had been
using 8 1/2 to nine weeks, in some patients four weeks, and in some very selective patients, as quickly as one week’s treatment, which means each individual treatment is that much more important. – [Male Patient] During the
ultrasound that I was given, there’s no pain at all. You feel nothing. The team here just does a fantastic job. They’re so precise about making sure that everything is perfect on the table before they do the treatment. It’s great.

3 thoughts on “Transperineal Ultrasound – UVM Medical Center

  1. As is the case with most men, they are too afraid to speak up when they don't like something when it comes to medical & the medical community knows this full well as they exploit this flaw in men every day.

    As a sign of respect of this man's dignity, did ANYONE at the Vermont Medical Center offer this gentleman male techs so his privacy could be better protected?

    Or did you do like 99% of the medical community does when it comes to their male patients & just give them the bulls**t line oh well it's got to get done & we've seen it all before as we are all professionals here?

    I'll wager if that was a healthcare employee that worked their getting tested by their peers, their attitude would be not where I work. It's okay for everyone else but not you people. BS


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