Transitions Contact Lens – Unboxing New Acuvue Oasys Transitions Contacts

so in this video we’re gonna be putting
on the new Acuvue Oasis with Transitions so that you can see my first
impressions of this new contact lens. so let’s take a look. hey everybody this
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now I’m gonna be putting on the new Acuvue Oasys with Transitioned lens
it comes out on April 1st here in 2019 so currently these are not those lenses
these are my other contact lenses that I usually wear but I’m about to head into
the clinic so that we can actually put them on for the first time and you can
see exactly what they’re all about so here’s the Acuvue oasis it’s just in the
blister pack it’s an 8.4 based curve a 14.0 diameter and it’s in my
prescription of – 550 now if we actually pulled it up over here in the light and
this is just light coming through the door I will turn it around just in the
blister pack alone we should start to see it start to actually transition into
a gray lens yeah you can kind of see it’s starting already
now the company actually says that it’ll change within 60 seconds when the lens
is sitting on the eye and really exposed to UV light and so that actually causes
some crystals embedded within the lens to start to kind of change shape and
block out the sunlight look how dark that’s getting already that’s that’s
pretty impressive and so this is just an room temperature in the blister pack
yeah Wow the dark that is all right so I took out my other contact lenses and I
opened up the cases so here we go I’m gonna put them in from my first
experience okay so first lens is in you know I’ll
just kind of comparing right and left you know I can’t really tell much of a
difference because this isoh blurry but it looks like the lenses do have just a
little bit of tint to them just to start off you know the actual manufacturer
real estate that it blocks somewhere between 14 to 15 percent of light just
while they’re clear so just here putting them in for the first time they actually
seem pretty good I mean they’re clear they’re comfortable they’re in my
prescription so they should be working everything looks good so yeah now let’s
head outside it may take a second for the camera to adjust but now it’s kind
of mid-march here in Minnesota so it’s all snowy and a little bit cold but so I
get my body temperature should help keep the lenses change really fast
and I don’t know can you guys see it change already can be envisioned wise
I’m pretty light-sensitive from the snow like snow blindness but this already
looks pretty darn good jeez I don’t feel as light-sensitive as I usually am so
they must be changing I can’t I can’t personally really recognize that they’re
changing while they’re on my eye but I don’t know it’s actually stands like it
seemed a light into the eyes there so I’m not looking directly into the Sun
but just the regular light bouncing off all the snow and everything around me is
it already getting pretty dark guys I don’t I can’t really see it can’t see in
the camera so let’s now kind of compare here so just out of curiosity if my
vision is gonna actually improve or not I’m gonna just kind of slide the lens
out of place oh yeah that’s a difference that’s the difference for sure Wow yeah that that’s just like kind of like
we’re in sunglasses and out we’re in sunglasses that is really intense yeah
I’m liking it already okay so now we’re gonna head back inside now
again the Acuvue oasis and transitions companies is all the research they’ve
done they say that it does take about 90 seconds less than 90 seconds to turn
back clear again once you head inside so I’ll have you guys help keep count for
me here okay so we’re gonna head inside okay so again the cameras gonna kind of
adjust here and whoa so hopefully I don’t look too creepy right that is a
little bit creepy because I usually have blue eyes and it kind of looks like I
have grey brown eyes but that’s pretty neat so I’m trying not to stand directly
in the in the light so it slowly starts changing back this is pretty cool and
the lenses are really comfortable I mean the standard Acuvue Oasis lenses that
have been out for a long time so if you’re someone who’s never worn a key
view Oasis lenses they’re a two-week lens so you do have to clean them and
take care of them I’m usually learning daily lenses but hopefully if this
technology takes off they’ll eventually come out with daily versions of it but I
know right now that’s feeling really cool can you guys see it as my as my
color changing back yet already so I don’t know if it’s really changed
fully back to clear within 90 seconds but I know my vision wise coming in it
doesn’t has not seemed kind of too dark or anything it’s not like I’m wearing my
dark sunglasses or anything like that but I can still see very clearly so I
think it’s pretty awesome this is a first first round here okay so now I
just took off that other lens I now just have one my blue eye without the lenses
and this one with the lens so let’s kind of step back outside and get kind of the
full effect here and so yeah just kind of going back and forth I can already
tell things are a little bit way dimmer here with the lens the lens you know
that I with the lens in it compared to the how bright it is with the other eye
Wow so I don’t know does it look really creepy comparing the right versus left
with the lens and without I don’t know you guys will have to let me know so
that was a pretty cool first impression with these sorta lenses again this is
the first time this technology’s ever been out I know they’ve been working on
it for over 10 years the first lens actually they kind of failed a couple of
times it took them almost three tries now to actually get these set up right
I’m just gonna head back here into the contact lens we have and now these
lenses are again a two week lens so you do have to use some sort of solution to
clean them with the same company that give you brand made by Johnson & Johnson
they also have the blink Revitalens solution so perhaps it’ll work better
with this but I do have a whole other video on contact lens solutions for
contact lenses and if you haven’t checked out that video I’ll hook that up
here in that YouTube card above as well as in the description below but yeah for
my first time wearing these lenses what do you guys think go ahead and comment
in the section below let me know your first kind of impressions from watching
this video with these lenses are you excited to try them out please comment
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