Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic at Humber

Well this clinic which is located in
Humber’s North Campus is an extension of Tzu Chi’s medical care network in Canada focused on traditional Chinese medicine but this is the first time we’re
collaborating with a public college to establish a clinic that is not only
focused on providing clinical care but also more importantly it’s to provide
opportunities for students and also to provide a base for doing clinical
studies in the future. We are grateful for Humber College offer this place, this building for the clinic. We all have the same goal – for better education to
benefit the community. The space is really remarkable in that it provides students with high quality access to patients in the real environment that
they’ll practice in when they become practitioners and so it’s really really
really essential for us to have work integrated learning spaces that are
accessible to students that are of high quality.
It really affords us an opportunity to be creative and to have
interprofessional education opportunities here like we would have
not had if we didn’t have this clinic on-site. We get to use this space to do
patient intake and consultation as well as treatment we have a dispensary here
as well and we also have separate consultation and treatment rooms which
is very nice as well and it’s rather spacious. I think it’s a great space and
also we can educate our patients and have some room to show them exercises
and I think I would like to open a clinic or work in a wellness center to
provide collaborative care to patients wherever I go wherever I may be. The traditional Chinese medicine
practitioner program here at Humber is the first publicly funded program of its
kind in that it offers the full range of TCM care. There are multiple courses in
anatomy and physiology and pathophysiology and pharmacology, health
assessment sort of in the Western biomedical framework and then we have
our foundations course of TCM where they understand the philosophy behind it and
a lot of the basic foundational theories of traditional Chinese medicine. Tzu Chi focuses on serving the needy and enlightening the rich for the better world. This is not just a clinic. This is place to teach, educate and heal people.

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  1. I'm really looking forward to doing this course as from September 2019, I have applied, waiting for acceptence and currently ploughing through my Chemistry grade 11 and 12 grades. I can't wait to get started, it's exciting and innovative as the first government funded course of it's kind in Canada:)

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