Toy Doctor Lucy Cures Addy’s Giggles with Rainglow Unicorn Vet

– Tic Tac Toy – Thanks to Moose Toys
for sponsoring this video. (music) – [Toy Doctor Lucy] Okay,
I’ve restocked my kiddie cars to help heal those bumps and bruises kids get so often. And there’s some Kindi Kids to help combat that toy pox. And I’ll restock the Foam Alive. Just the prescription
needed for a bad case of the stinky feet. And now I think I’m ready for my first patient of the day. – Oh, excuse me, doc. Sorry to interrupt. – Ah, toy pharmacist Jason. How can I help you? – [Jason] I just wanted
to drop off a delivery of some new toy medicine. It was just released. – Oh, well, great. What is this? – Rainglow Unicorn Vet Set. – Wow, this looks super exciting. Over 40 sounds and reactions. Light up horn. – Yeah and apparently you can play with it in two different modes. Rainbow mode and magical vet mode. – Wow, and the unicorn is pretty adorable. – Yeah, it’s definitely
some new state of the art toy medicine. – And what does it cure exactly? – Well, I don’t know all the details yet, but it should be spelled out in this toy medicine guide for you. – Well great. Thanks
for dropping these off. – No problem. Catch ya later. (music) – [Maya] 8 plus 2 equals 10. 9 plus 2 equals 11. – (giggles) How’s the
homework coming, Maya? (giggles) – It’s coming, but it’s
so not fun, though. – That’s too bad. My homework is cracking me up. (giggles) – But I thought you were
doing multiplication. – I am. Get this. 3 times
9 equals 27. (giggles) – Um, I don’t get it. – 6 times 3 equals 18. (giggles) – Are you okay? – I just can’t stop laughing. (giggles) – Oh no. I think you have
a bad case of the giggles. – (giggles) I think so, too. (giggles) – Come on. Addy, we have to
get you to the toy doctor ASAP. – Okay, good idea. (giggles) (music) – So, what brings you girls
in to see me this afternoon? – I’m sorry, I just can’t
stop laughing. (giggles) – And it’s getting really old. – Hmm. Tell me, how long
have you been experiencing these symptoms, Addy? – About two hours. That’s
hilarious, two hours. (giggles) – Mmm-hmm. Any other symptoms? Upset stomach, fever, double vision? – Nope. (giggles) – Oh, bother. – Well it definitely
sounds like a nasty case of the giggles. – Please tell me you can cure her. – Well, you happen to be
in luck because a shipment of the newest, most powerful toy medicine just arrived this morning. – No kidding? (giggles)
That’s absolutely hilarious. – And hopefully it can cure
the bad case of the giggles? – According to my toy
medicine guide, it should. Give me just one moment. Here it is. – Ooh! – This Rainglow Unicorn Vet
Set should do the trick. – Whoa. – That’s so cute. I think I
have a case of the giggles, too. – Ah, nice try, Maya,
but I’m not buying that. – Let me play with her
so I can stop laughing. – Tell you what, I’ll hang on to this one for another patient because I have one that’s already open that
I can get to you quicker. – That would be great. (giggles) (noises) – [Dr Lucy] Here she is. Rainglow just loves to
share magical adventures with her favorite people. – Aww. Cutie patootie. I love her already. – And I love how your
giggles finally stopped. – Yes, that kicked in nice and quickly. Now, do be aware that
sometimes Rainglow feels unwell and she might need your help
making her better again. – Well she made me feel
better, so of course I’ll do whatever it takes to make
her feel better, too. – Oh wonderful. Now she also
comes with a few supplies. There’s a Sparkle Scope,
which you can use to listen to her heartbeat. A Furmometer, a magical
bandage, Dream Cream, and some magical Unidrops. – Wow, so fun. – And I’ll send you two
home with this whole kit so you can properly care for Rainglow. (weak giggles) – Don’t worry Maya,
I’ll share her with you. You don’t have to pretend to
have a case of the giggles. – Phew. Okay. Thanks, Addy. (music) – Look, Maya. She loves
it when you pet her back. – I can see that. She’s neighing. (noises) – And did you notice
that her horn turns blue when she’s super happy? – Oh yeah, you’re right. – Doo doo doo. Well, girls. You sure scarfed down that unicorn cake, the chocolate bon-bons and the sugar blast ice cream super quickly. – Yeah, they were delicious. – Well here’s your next order. Unicorn cookies, confetti
cupcakes and rainbow candies. – Mm, my mouth is watering. – Thank you. – You’re welcome but you
three better slow down or you’re going to end up
with some crazy bellyaches. (music) – So what do you want to
do with Rainglow today? – I was kind of thinking
we could teach her some of our favorite games like tic-tac-toe and hopscotch. – I love that idea. We could also take her on
a walk on the stroller. – Oh yeah, through the park. – What do you think about that, Rainglow? (noises) – Rainglow are you okay? (sad noises) – She doesn’t look okay. And her horn’s red. – We better get her to the toy doctor now. – [Maya] It’s okay, Rainglow. It’s okay. (music) (noises) – Poor, sweet Rainglow. She
doesn’t look well at all. – You’ve got to make her
feel better, toy doc. – But I’m not a toy vet or
a doctor that specializes in healing toys. I just treat kids like you
two, using toys as medicine. – You have to at least try. (noises) – Well, let’s see here. Do
you still have those five magical accessories that she came with? – Sure do, here they are. – Okay, perfect. Let’s see here. – Let’s check out the clipboard. (music) – Oh look, it says we can
listen to it’s heartbeat. – Oh yeah, that’s a great place to start. I’ll use the Sparkle Scope. – Here, Addy. Here’s it’s heart. Place the Sparkle Scope right on it. – [Addy] Okay, I’ve got it. (noises) (beeps) – That’s her heartbeat
and it sounds normal, so that’s a great sign. – And check out her horn,
it’s changing colors. – So her heartbeat’s normal. What could be wrong with her though? – Maybe she has an upset stomach? – Hmm. Has she eaten
anything unusual today? – Well, we did have unicorn
cake and chocolate bon-bons. – And there was that sugar
blast ice cream, too. – Oh my goodness! That
would upset any stomach. – So how do you treat an
upset stomach, doctor? – Well, generally I
prescribe kids Googoo Galaxy and their stomachaches
are gone in no time, but those are humans, not unicorns. – Hey look, according to this clipboard you feel Rainglow magic Unidrops. – I bet that’ll do the trick. Go ahead and get them, Addy. – I bet you’ll like these, Rainglow. Open wide. (sucking noises) – She really does like those. (happy noises) – Her horn’s no longer red. It’s green. – She’s better now. – Thanks so much, toy doc. We better get going now. – Okay. Well you girls
enjoy your afternoon with Rainglow then. Bye Rainglow, glad you’re feeling better. (music) – Okay, where should I put my O? Here. – And that means my X goes here. Tic-tac-toe, three in a row. I win again. (noises) – Shh! Rainglow’s still napping. Anyway, it’s time for a rematch. I’m going to win this one. – Only one more game though. – Deal. – Okay. You can go first, Maya. (music) (noises) – Okay, where should I put you? – Okay, my X is going here. (thunk) (noises) – Oh no! Rainglow! Come here, sweetie. (sad noises) – You poor thing. – That was quite a tumble from the chair. Are you okay? (sad noises) – Her horn is red again, Maya. (sad noises) – Her fall must have injured her. We better get to the toy doctor. – For sure. Come on, sweet Rainglow. The doctor will make you all better. – Well that tumble did
leave an interesting, bright pink booboo on her leg. – What can we do about it? – Well, if she were a human child, I’d treat an abrasion like
this with a small dose of Pikmi Pops. – But she’s not a child. – No, she’s not. Hmmm. – Hey look, the clipboard
says that we can apply Dream Cream to her booboo. – Oh, you’re right. I’ll get it. Dream Cream, Dream Cream. Oh, here it is. – Okay Rainglow, this
might sting a little bit, but it’s super important
to disinfect this wound. (noises) (crying noises) – Oh, it’s okay, sweetie. (crying noises) (happy noises) – Look, her horn is green again. – That must mean she’s feeling better. – Super. And let’s wrap
her leg up with this magic bandage. (music) – Perfect. You should
be good to go, Rainglow. – Thanks again for all your help. – No problem, but I don’t
know how much I actually did. – Now that Rainglow’s
feeling better, let’s take on a stroll through the park. – I’m totally on board with that. – Enjoy the fresh air
girls. And Rainglow too. (music) – You know, Addy, I think
you getting the case of the giggles is the best
thing that ever happened to us. – I couldn’t agree more. I can’t imagine life
without our sweet Rainglow. – She brings so much
happiness to our home. (music) (tiny sneeze) – Did you hear Rainglow sneeze? – Are you okay, sweet girl? – She has a runny nose. – And she’s sneezing? (tiny sneeze) – Oh goodness, that was
quite a sneeze, Rainglow. – Her horn’s red again. We better head straight to the toy doctor. – Oh for sure. Let’s go quick. (music) (tiny sneeze) – Well, since you girls were
outside when the symptoms first appeared, there’s
a good chance she’s just suffering from some seasonal allergies. – That’s a good point. We should rule out the toy flu, though. – I know just how to do that. We just have to take
Rainglow’s temperature. We use a Furmometer. – Smart, Maya. A high fever
is a classic toy flu symptom. – Okay Maya, just put the
Furmometer in her mouth. – Here you go, Rainglow. (sounds) – So does she have a fever? – [Dr Lucy] Take it out
and let’s see, Maya. – What does this mean? – Well that looks normal so she
probably just has allergies. – Well, what do you use to
treat allergies, toy doc? – Well, Treasure X does
wonders for children suffering from allergies,
but I wouldn’t use that on a unicorn. – Hey, I bet the Unidrops will work again. – It’s definitely worth a shot. They are magical and powerful, after all. Here, Addy. Why don’t you go ahead
and give them to Rainglow. – [Addy] No problem. (noises) – I think it’s working. – [Addy] It is. Her horn’s green. – Yay, she’s better. – And you know what?
Since Rainglow has been a brave patient today, I
have special lollipop, just for her. – Oh thanks. She’s going to love this. – She’s been through a lot today, but she has handled it like a champ. – Well we couldn’t have done
this without you, toy doc. – Actually, you’ve been
using your magical vet set to treat Rainglow and you’ve
had very little help from me. – I guess you’re right. We have done a good job
with all this unicorn stuff. – You sure have and I
actually have a certificate for you two girls as well. – For us? – Absolutely. As Toytopia’s only toy
doctor, I am naming you both official toy veterinarians. – Wow, I can’t believe it. – Well, you girls earned it. – We’re so honored. Thank you. (noises) (music)

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