Tour the NICU at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee

Hi, I’m Kara Schwobe, one of the patient
care supervisors here in the NICU at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. I’d like to take you on a tour of our NICU
so you can learn more about the features and services that we offer. Our NICU is the largest level four NICU in
the state of Wisconsin, which means we have the highest quality of care available. We have 70 private rooms and we care for more
than 700 infants each year. Our NICU is located on center 7, center 8
and west 8 units of the hospital and is located right next to Froedert’s birth center which
is very unique and beneficial. This not only means that babies are able to be transported to the NICU faster after birth, but also that the family can be together under one roof after delivery. As you walk into our NICU, you’ll see that
there are large hand washing sinks. The sinks have circulating colored lights
that operate on a timer to help ensure properly scrubbed hands for all providers, families
and visitors. Each of our 70 private patient rooms are designed to provide the best care for babies. Within our rooms we have special sound activated lighting that change colors when the volume gets too loud. This helps remind families and visitors to
keep their voices low. In addition, the flooring, ceiling and doors
in each room are designed to help reduce excess sound. Each room has couches that pull out into beds
so parents have the abilities to sleep in baby’s room if they prefer. We have a special mechanically assisted recliner
in each room that is designed specifically for the comfort of the post partum mom. Next to each recliner is a mounted mirror
that helps mothers and fathers visualize their baby during kangaroo care. There is also a hospital grade breast pump
in every room next to the recliner to provide extra convenience for mom. Furthermore, each patient’s room has their
own patient specific milk warmer and milk fridge to allow for convenient feeding. We will talk more about our lactation support and state of the art milk kitchen later in our tour. In addition to our all private single patient
rooms we also have private rooms designed specifically for multiples. This allows the babies and their parents to be together in one room while still providing the same features offered in our single patient rooms. To provide a more comfortable atmosphere for parents, the NICU has a kitchen and family area as well. This is a great place for parents to go when
they need breaks, to meet other families or to cook and eat meals. Since NICU stays are often likely, we have
a family laundry room on our floor to provide families with convenient access to washers and dryers. We encourage parents to sleep in the room
if they wish to stay overnight. Sometimes when the baby is very sick, it is hard for families to get the rest they need in their baby’s room. If they need to rest and they are unable to
at their baby’s bedside, we do have small number of designated parent sleep rooms available. We also have a shower facility in the NICU
for parents to use. For moms that choose not to pump breast milk in their baby’s room, we offer private family pump rooms. Each is conveniently equipped with a hospital grade breast pump. To benefit our families, we offer a family
learning center with a structured activity calendar for education and socialization with other parents. Children’s is the only NICU in the state
of Wisconsin that offers an onsite March of Dimes NICU family support program with a dedicated family support specialist on staff. This program is a partnership between Children’s and the March of Dimes and provides family centered care for NICU families during their baby’s hospital stay. We also have a full milk kitchen for the management, preparation and distribution of breast milk. This allows for a safe and hygienic feeding. The parents drop off the milk with the milk
technician in the milk kitchen, inventory it and then store it in freezers until it’s needed. Within the milk kitchen we have a milk preparation room where the milk is prepared for feedings. We also have the ability to lacto engineer
milk needed based on each baby’s condition. We also have a fantastic lactation consultant
team that provides breast feeding support to moms and their babies. Overall, our NICU incorporates many features
and design concepts to support shorter NICU stays, better quality of life and improved
outcome for our patients. Our goal is to provide the highest level of
care possible to the tiniest patients we care for. I hope you found this tour helpful. If you have any questions, I invite you to
visit our website or contact us via phone or email to learn more.

10 thoughts on “Tour the NICU at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee

  1. If my baby ever needed a nicu stay, I hope a facility like this would be available to me. Compared to cluster nicus this one is amazing.

  2. Wow! What a wonderful NICU! I love the rooms and repeated conveniences to encourage breast pumping <3 i hope more hospitals follow your lead!

  3. I have been a NICU nurse for 22 years and I have to say this is one of the most amazing and beautiful NICU I have ever seen.

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