Tour the New Facilities at The Johns Hopkins Hospital

Welcome to the hospital that pushes the boundaries of medical possibilities,
comfort, and convenience, the Johns Hopkins Hospital’s new Sheikh
Zayed Tower, and the Charlotte R Bloomberg
Children’s Center. Even before you enter the hospital, you are greeted with ample parking in the
Orleans Street Garage that’s connected to both
buildings, as well as valet parking at our main
entrance. The moment you step into our soaring
lobby, you’re welcomed by light filled
architecture and dramatic artwork designed to delight and ease any
reservations you might have about coming to the
hospital. From there, you’ll notice that every
detail of our new facility has been built with your comfort in mind, including spacious,
private patient rooms, with private bathrooms and sleeping
accommodations for family. Plus, sound absorbing features throughout
help make your stay extra comfortable and
quiet. For adult care, the Sheikh Zayed Tower is equipped with the latest technological
innovations to offer an array of advanced services, including cardiovascular expertise,
neurological care, maternity care, and a wide range of
surgical services. Our new easily accessible pediatric and
adult emergency departments feature private examination areas and
dedicated around the clock services. The Charlotte R Bloomberg Children’s
Center has been designed to appeal to our youngest
patients. As with the adult facilities, all
pediatric rooms are private, with space to keep family
close. And family friendly amenities, including
meals on demand, whimsical artwork, in-room video gaming,
kitchenettes, laundry facilities, and play areas are available and greatly
enhance the innovative and compassionate care Johns
Hopkins is known for. Truly a hospital of possibilities. The new facilities of the Johns Hopkins Hospital have reinvented everything a
hospital should be. For more information, visit [MUSIC]

7 thoughts on “Tour the New Facilities at The Johns Hopkins Hospital

  1. "Nulla di grande è stato fatto nel mondo, senza una grande passione."
    "La educación y la medicina avanzan hacia la personalización y nos obligan a engendrar un nuevo modelo social. La prevención será más importante que la curación."

    Grazie Dr. Ben Carson-"Piense en Grande"

  2. To me this video gives a false impression of what the inner aspects going between the medical staff, physicians and administration. I could not get to first base at this hospital for surgical care. I went home empty handed which taught me a hard lesson. It cost me hefty travel expenses and I was discriminated against.

  3. Johns Hopkins: Where, if you're not already poisoned by vaccines, we don't want you as a patient.
    Johns Hopkins: Helping win the war for drugs.

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