Tour The Birthplace at Essentia Health-St. Mary’s Medical Center

[MUSIC PLAYING] [BABY CRYING] SPEAKER 1: So this is Ren. Ren Olivia [INAUDIBLE]. We did not know what we were
having, so that was a surprise. SPEAKER 2: She was our
surprise, for sure. SPEAKER 1: Yeah. It was a very good experience. The nurses were very good about
getting us in, and getting us settled, and getting
us ready to deliver. LISA CAVALLIN: Well, I
always recommend Essentia to all my friends– my mom friends that
are having kids. It’s just a great place
to have your baby, and it’s just a
great place to work and welcoming a
baby into the world, and being a part of such a
special time in families’ lives. We really make them
feel like this is home. Make the space feel
comfortable for them so that they’re more comfortable
during the labor process. It’s great that we can offer
essential oils, and a lot of families really like that,
and just our caring nature, and we really make them feel
like they’re the only person here, and give them a lot
of attention and support during this time. DR. ANDREA WAHMAN: We offer
so many services here, from really low interventional
delivery with our midwives that are working with
us as part of a team. We have one of the OBGYN
doctors in the hospital 24/7. So there’s always
somebody readily available if things happen really quickly. We’re lucky enough
to have the NICU team right on our same floor. They are so quickly
available if things don’t go according
to plan, and you just happen to need some
extra care for your baby. You, as a new mom and baby,
aren’t separated from your baby at all during the
hospitalization. This includes c-sections. We have our c-section
suites right here on our birthplace
floor, and the baby stays with mom the
whole time, and then goes back to her room where
her recovery takes place. That allows mom, and
baby, and immediate family to really get to know one
another during the recovery process in the intimacy
of their own room. AMBER HARDWIG: Well, we have
lots of options for delivery. We have
non-pharmacological tools to help you cope with labor
and progress naturally, if that’s what you want. We also have pain interventions
like IV pain medication or epidural, if
that’s what you want. AMITY HEINBUCH:
Patients have the option to choose a midwife
that can care for them during their pregnancy,
as well as their labor and delivery. Typically, midwives will
spend more time one on one with a patient
during their labor, giving them suggestions,
position changes, different ways to cope with
the discomforts of labor. JANE JOHNSON: The Baby
Friendly status or designation means that we follow a 10 steps
to successful breastfeeding guidelines, which all
our maternity practices that are known to promote
breastfeeding in the hospital, and once the baby goes home. Those might include skin to skin
in the first hour after birth. That’s the golden hour. Uninterrupted skin to
skin, 24-hour rooming in with their baby,
offering breastfeeding help so moms learn
how to breastfeed. Offering help to pump if
their baby should be separated from them, and all
other practices offering support group
and follow up afterwards so that there’s
somewhere the mom can go. LISA CAVALLIN: I always tell
families, when we’re monitoring a mom, I am worrying about mom
and baby like they were my own, and we’re here to help bring
a healthy baby into the world, and keep mom healthy, and
that’s my ultimate goal– is to have a healthy
mom and healthy baby. And knowing that, we’re
going to keep them informed along the way, and just make
it a smooth of a process as we can, but know that we are
here to help take care of them the best that we can, and
like they were our own. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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