Tour the Betty Ford Center for addiction treatment

(light piano music) – Hi everyone, I’m Jeff – And I’m Carla – And welcome to the Betty Ford Center. The Betty Ford Center is located in Rancho Mirage, California. The Betty Ford Center was founded in 1982 by former First Lady, Betty Ford. – We know that coming to treatment can be a scary experience. So what we’d like to do
is show you a little bit about the Betty Ford Center, and show you what happens
from the moment you pull up until you’re settled into your home. This is the reception and admission area where you’ll first be greeted when you come to the Betty Ford Center. – [Jeff] After admissions,
you’ll be escorted to the medical and detoxification unit. – In the medical unit, you’ll be evaluated by our team of physicians,
and it will be determined when it’s appropriate to move you over to one of the residential halls. – [Jeff] Our medical staff is here 24/7 to make you as comfortable as possible. – Your treatment team will determine your next level of care. The Betty Ford Center has
several different levels that you can go to. First, we have our inpatient program which is two male halls, and
two female halls on campus, and each residence hall
has a private balcony, a private deck over looking the lake, as well as a common
area with a kitchenette. All of the rooms are, for the most part, double rooms with a private bath. Second, we have our day treatment program, which is a private lane
where patients live 24 hours a day in a
monitored house on a lane, separated for men and women, and come over to the Better Ford Center for treatment during the day. Our third, is our intensive
out patient program that you can either live
in our sober living houses, or on your own, and attend
treatment during the day, and during the evenings. At the Betty Ford Center, you’ll follow a specific schedule. Your day will begin early,
and you’ll have a variety of activities throughout
the day, including wellness, spirituality,
grief, relapse prevention, among others. Your program will be a
mixture of group therapy, as well as individual therapy. Your schedule will be
specifically tailored by your treatment team. – [Jeff] You may also have
mental health appointments during the day. We have a team of
psychiatrists and Psychologists on site that you will meet with, depending on your mental health needs. – As a patient here at
the Betty Ford Center, your weekly schedule will be structured, and there’s a reason for this, and mostly it’s because when we are active in our addiction, or
alcoholism, we’re not getting up at a specific time. We’re not going to bed. We’re not eating three
healthy meals a day. So, the plan is here, is
get you used to being back and living life on a healthy schedule. So, for that reason,
you’ll go for lunch… Breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day at specific times with
the members of your hall. That gives you a chance
to get closer to your hall and build lasting relationships. You also will have free
time on the weekends and specifically Sunday is
visiting day for family. They can come out for brunch at the Center and spend some time with you, and on Saturdays you’ll
have some free time with your peers to enjoy the nature, and the campus of Betty Ford. The Betty Ford Center is
on 20 beautiful acres, and right here, Jeff and I
are sitting at Lake Hope, and there’s a walking trail, and a meditation trail
that surrounds this lake. We also have volleyball courts. We have frisbee golf. We have water polo tournaments, hiking. So we really try to make use
of this beautiful environment that we’re so lucky to be a part of. We have incredible lecture series at the Betty Ford Center, as well. At the Betty Ford Center,
your treatment moves way beyond the time that
you spend here on campus. We have an incredible after-care program, that includes a connections program, and a more program, which are way for you to keep in contact with our
staff, family and friends, and community, for the rest of your life, as well as an alumni
program, which reaches around the United States and abroad. Our goal is to keep you connected, and therefore stay in recovery
for the rest of your life. Once you leave the Betty Ford Center, you’ll be surrounded
by over 250,000 alumni, in our alumni community worldwide, and that’s an incredible thing, because that means that
you will be connected in your sobriety. Wherever you go, we’ll be here for you. So give us a call and start living again. Come to the Betty Ford Center, and learn how to live
a new life in recovery. – You are worth it. Pick up the phone and call us today. (upbeat music)

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