Tour of the Family Birth Center at Sutter Roseville Medical Center

Welcome to Sutter Roseville Medical Center.
This is where nearly three thousand babies are born each year in this modern
inviting facility. With rose covered grounds and patio
seating, it’s not surprising it often described as more like a hotel. When you arrive to have your baby you’ll
go to the family birth center where there’s a private parking lot for your convenience. After you come in through the family
birth center entrance, you’ll check in at the front desk. You’ll then be escorted to one of our
beautiful home-like labor and delivery rooms, and take note, everyone gets their
own. All of our rooms are private, they’re comfortable and have the warm attractive
decor. Fathers are welcome to spend the night.
There’s plenty of room for visitors and a place for fathers and other family
members to sleep and relax. We’re proud of our reputation for family
centered care. Each room features a sink and a warming
lamp convenient for babies first-time bathing. There’s also a separate area
dedicated to the immediate care of your newborn after delivery. Emergency equipment, traditionally
located at the front of the bed, is tucked away close by an available if
needed. After your baby is born, you’ll move to one
of our stations recovery rooms equipped with many of the comforts of home. Mothers and newborns are encouraged to
stay together as much as possible but if rest is needed or baby needs
special care, our nursery is always available and staffed with Sutter’s highly trained nurses known for their kindness and tender
loving care. Here at Sutter Roseville Medical
Center we have a dedicated staff to meet your
specific needs. We do everything we can and to ensure your child birth is a safe and joyful experience.

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