Total Knee Replacement Surgery at Boston Medical Center

everyone’s pain is different and whether it’s pain as they’re trying to walk to the grocery store or pain when they’re trying to participate with their grandchildren in other words there’s just a wide spectrum of how the pain does affect the patient’s quality of life and that’s an important step for me to identify what the most important part of their life that’s being affected is I am doctor Eric Smith chief of total joint replacement at Boston Medical Center I think there are various conditions that eventually require total knee replacement and these conditions are normal degenerative conditions degenerative joint disease osteoarthritis occasionally patients have a condition that results in inflammation of their body we refer to that as an inflammatory condition there are oftentimes patients who have trauma to their knee which results in the generation requiring a knee replacement that’s a very important step in identifying what the etiology or the cause of the patient’s degeneration is prior to discussing total knee replacement eventually when patients reach my office and they have pain that affects their quality of life and pain that affects our daily activities and they’ve tried reasonable non-operative treatments such as physical therapy injection therapy perhaps they modified their activities or used a cane once they’ve exhausted those types of things then they are ready for total knee replacement effectively a knee replacement is where I open the knee and I remove the damaged portion by shaving the damaged portion off of the articular or the weight bearing portion of the knee I then place caps over the two different bones as well as over the knee cap portion which effectively removes the damaged portion but still keeps the patient’s integrity of their knee intact so their ligaments are still the same the tendons are all the same their bone structure is all still the same but the damaged portion has been removed and a cap has been replaced after their surgery they come in the hospital they undergo physical therapy occupational therapy they’re seen obviously by our nurses our discharge planning group and then typically they’re discharged on the second day post-operative physical therapy and occupational therapy can see the patient as early as the day of their surgery depending on when they come out of surgery and make it up to the floor if we don’t see them the day of surgery we will see them the following morning for therapy and then after that we see patients twice a day in the hospital until they’re ready for discharge PT and OT is very important immediately after surgery to help you get used to your new joints help you know learn how to move with the new joint and again get you as safe and independent as possible before returning home and then while they’re at home they continue to be seen by visiting nurses and other professionals who come and monitor their progress the patients will be doing exercises to increase their range of motion and strength of the legs they’ll be doing exercises to improve their walking both on flat services and stairs we do exercises on the mat exercises on the bicycle exercises for balance and functional training the length of rehabilitation really depends upon the patient and the recovery after their surgery usually a course of outpatient physical therapy last between six weeks and three months the physical therapists at Boston Medical Center have specialty certifications and training for specific diagnosis and the care that they’ll receive is excellent and that we coordinate with the surgeons and the care team at the hospital success rate of view replacement surgery is extremely good approximately ninety percent of patients are satisfied with how knee replacement has relieved their pain that affects their quality of life and their daily activities here at Boston Medical Center if I need to have the patient evaluated for their heart for their lung or their liver or their kidney problem we have world-class consultant and specialist here so you can evaluate patients on a moment’s notice I think that really sets this Medical Center different disciplines of Medicine who are charged with taking care of the patients will communicate with each other very openly very honestly and I think that that’s a very unique atmosphere here at Boston Medical Center it’s one that I’m very proud to be part of

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