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Hi, I’m Dr. Hatamian and I’m a family
dentist in Toronto. I’ve been practicing dentist for over seven
years. I’m very passionate about my work We help our patients to recognize that their
oral health is an important part of their systemic health so we believe in disease prevention and we help our patients learn
strategies to treat small problems before they become serious issues. We offer a variety of services to our
patients including but not limited to preventative dentistry that includes dental sealants, floride
therapy and night-guards. In cosmetic dentist we offer teeth whitening and porcelain veneers, and many more. In emergency services
we offer root canal therapy, extraction and tourists tuition of broken or chipped teeth. In the area of restorative dentistry we have different options to replace missing teeth including implant dentistry, dentures, crowns and we also offer nitric oxide sedation. we’re very family oriented we offer our
services to variety of ranges from small children
to adults and seniors We also have special discounted fees for
students from most colleges and universities in
Ontario. We have two locations and we offer family appointments and we also
offer some Saturdays upon your request Downtown: 100 Yonge Street Scotia Plaza, Suite 1004, Toronto, ON (416) 368-0165
Midtown: 1881 Yonge Street, Yonge & Davsville (South of Eglinton) Suite 606 Toronto, ON (416) 487-6453

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