Topping Out of the J. Kent McNew Family Medical Center

(tranquil music) – We are gathered here for
a pretty momentous occasion. All of us know the importance of this investment in our community. We have had several community
health leads assessment that indicate very clearly
that mental illness and addiction are really the two top health priorities in our community. We have a long history here at Pathways of taking care of people,
and because these illnesses are often co-occurring, the
ability to have this contiguous space and this campus where we can have an innovative approach to
taking care of patients suffering from the diseases of
addiction and mental illness. So again, a significant investment, your mark here today,
figuratively, literally, it’s really, really critically important. I want to recognize Kent and Sue McNew who are with us here today. Their landmark gift to
make this possible is just, we are so grateful for your
leadership and generosity to be able to place your
trust and confidence in our health system to help
the people across this region, so that can develop the J. Kent
McNew Family Medical Center. (tranquil music)

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