Top Plastic Surgery Clinic in Bangkok, Thailand

Welcome to V Plast Clinic, Thailand!
V Plast Clinic is one of the best aesthetic and plastic surgery centers
in Thailand. Tts goal is to offer excellent beauty treatments and
procedures by combining the spirit of science with art. The medical team is
dedicated to the field of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery performing all the
procedures with modern equipment, care and commitment. Our treatments and
procedures: Breast reduction,Breast lift, Breast reconstruction, Inverted nipple,Breast augmentation (Transaxillary, Inframammary, Periareolar, Transumbilical), Nasal tip reshaping, Lengthening of short nose/short nose extension, Long nose reduction, Correction of deviated nose, Nostril reshaping, Lips augmentation, Double eyelid surgery, Ptosis correction (droppy upper eyelids), Square jaw reduction, Cheekbone reduction … If you want to know more please contact

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