Top 10 Scary Hospital Horror Stories

Hello most amazing fam! this video is by Abz
and Aymz, and no that is not the name of a motivational fitness podcast. Hi I’m Abbey. And I’m Ayman. And today we are bringing you
Top 10 Scary Hospital Horror Stories Talk about our own hospital experiences? I had a severe concussion oopsie doopsies
*chatter chatter chatter* Alright no more time to waste, let’s get
into it! Abbey: At number ten, Mass Hallucination
This one was posted by a nurse that goes by RN_Waitress on reddit. During a 2012 outbreak of fungal meningitis,
the acute care floor she was working on had at least 10-15 meningitis patients. The floor has a capacity of 20. Many of meningitis patients were having the
same hallucinations. The nurse wrote that they experienced, “ children
in the corners of their rooms and auditory hallucinations of religious music.” If you think this was a plank being played
by sick patients, then think again. All of the patients were in isolation with
no shared rooms, and no communication between one another. What do you think caused it? Specific parts of the brain the fungal infection
was infecting? Or something else? Ayman: coming in at number 9 is The Bloodbath. This one is grusome and shared by a user called
Paravell. They shared they were working their regular
night shift in a bone marrow transplant unit with another nurse. They had 5 patients and as the other nurse
was coming out of room 4 she shared that the patient in there had died a grusome death. He was slated and approved to go home but
that night the nurses heard the sound of someone falling. They went in to check on him and saw nothing
but blood. The man had pulled out his own central line
and there was blood everywhere it was a bloodbath game of thrones red wedding style. He died right there and then and no one knew
why he did it. But get this. A few weeks later a little old lady gets moved
into that room and she asks if anyone had died in there. The nurse brushed it off saying people die
in the hospital all the time but the old lady replied by saying no i think i young guy died
in here because hes talking to me right now. Now this woman also has a central line and
later that night the nurse goes in to check on her. Again an utter blood bath, her central line
had been cut, not pulled out like the other guy it was proper cut. There were no scissors in the room and the
lady said ‘he did it’. Abbey: Next at number eight, false hope
This one comes from an ER nurse who spoke from a now deleted account on reddit. She had an old lady stay in the ER overnight
that was near death. They saw the signs, irregular breaths, barely
responsive, pale and cool, so they turned the lights down and kept an eye on her monitor. They searched and couldn’t find any family,
plus she was a DNR: do not resuscitate. So, the writer says they were basically waiting
for her to die. She was close. Then an hour later, all of a sudden, she’s
standing at the door of her room with all of her clothes back on. Apparently she was hungry so they got her
food, and while she ate, the old woman talked to the staff a little. Then, she told her nurse she was tired and
wanted to lie back down, and within 30 minutes she was dead. This surge of energy is called rallying before
death and it’s not uncommon. But it is unnerving seeing so much life in
a person before death. Ayman: now at Number 7 is Speak Back to Me.
this story comes from a travel nurse called Courtney and if you dont know what a travel
nurse its basically a nurse that travels across the country and works at a new hospital every
5 weeks. Courtney shared that she was working at an
ICU at the time and she had a patient there that would only repeat what was said to her
and nothing else. That day Courtney was with her all night and
she started telling her all the ways she had apparently died. Saying things like I died because I took too
much insulin, i died because of a narcotic overdose, i died on a sunny sunday afternoon
and so on. Courtney kind of brushed it off as the patient
was troubled but then she looked up at the ceiling and said theyre all still here. At that point Courtney was like im gonna up
the hell out of here and ran out of the room. If that was me id be like medicate honey,
im not here to be hearing you talk about the ghosts of deaths past. Im here to do my job and leave. She further shared that once she was caring
for a blind patient who continuously asked her what time it was all night. She left and came back a while later to check
in and all the patient said was its the witching hour. Court looked at the time, saw it was 3:33
and walked out. And hopefully never returned. Abbey: alright onto number six, a shriek and
a goatman Now, this isn’t the shrieking goat like
from that taylor swift cover. This is a story that comes from the mother
of dangermuus on reddit. She was on night shift in a hospital in Arizona
going room to room when an old lady told her about a goat man trying to get through the
doors. The woman was an insomniac, so she didn’t
think anything of if. Then a blood curdling shriek rang out that
people heard all around the hospital. People were freaked and then a few looked
out the windows, where they find hoof marks by the doors and windows, with no trails leading
to or from them. That insomniac clearly knew something was
up and it must’ve been the goatman causing that shriek right? Either himself or through nefarious means. *raise eyebrow???* Ayman: Filling our number 5 slot is The Hallucination. This ones from reddit user whites42 who worked
as an ICU nurse. She shared that a woman in her 20s had come
in with serious cardiac abnormalities and then abruptly went into respiratory distress. She was put on a ventilator and was sedated
just enough to keep her lucid. She could nod to answer questions and thats
all they needed in that moment. A few nights later the patient in the room
next to hers died but the body was yet to be taken to the morgue. The girls room door was closed and the male
patients curtain was drawn so they never met nor saw each other. The nurse went to check on the woman and she
looked like she was about to die. She was in pure panic mode and the nurse asked
her if she was cold in pain warm and she said no to everything. She then asked if she saw something and she
started nodding aggressively. And mind you just because she was sedated
that didnt mean she would hallucinate. She started probing and asking questions to
try and figure out what she was seeing and she found out she was seeing a caucasian bald
man missing his left arm. The nurse freaked out when she realised the
patient was seeing the ghost of the man who had died in the room right next to her. Abbey: At number 4, followed by death
This comes from another deleted account on reddit. A staff member at a skilled nursing facility
was typically working in the Alzheimer’s ward and had a troubling string of experiences. Firs, they hear someone shuffle behind than
and feel someone put a hand on their shoulder while in a linen closet. But they turn around and no one is there and
the door is still closed. Then, another lady began to complain for two
weeks straight, every night, that a man was coming into her room at night. That being the Alzheimer’s ward, the author
didn’t take it too seriously, saying they’d check in on her throughout the night. And the end of the two weeks of complaining,
the staff member asked what the man looked like. The woman said, “He’s real handsome, and
wears a black suit. Oh. He’s right behind you now, honey.” Which justifiably freaked the writer of this
story out. There was no one behind them. And as for the old lady, she died the next
night in her sleep. Ayman: At number 3 is The Grim Reaper. This ones from redditor ScaryKerry91476 and
boy oh boy are you guys not ready for this one. So Kerry is an intensive care nurse and she
shared that back in 1999 she was in a 12 bedded ITU in London. She was in charge of the nurses station and
she looked up to see a man coming through the double doors of the unit. And that image just stuck in her mind even
20 years later, it was like he had been plucked out of 1974 and dropped into 1999. He was wearing cord pants, a check shirt with
a patterned tank top on top and platform shoes. He looked about 30 years old and he just very
calmly walked towards the bay of patients. Now Kerry had no idea who he was so she asked
him and he responded by nodding and continued walking. Alright. He went and stopped at the end of a patients
bed and just looked at them. He didn’t touch them, no contact, he just
made eye contact. The patient was sick but very stable but as
the man was looking at them, they suddenly started deteriorating in front of Kerry’s
eyes. Staff rushed over to assist him and they were
just acting like the man wasn’t even there and with that exited as calmly as he had come
in. the patient ended up dying and Kerry asked
the assisting staff who the man was and none of them had seen him or remembered any man
walking in that day. So Kerry thoroughly believed she saw the grim
reaper at work that day. Abbey: For my last one, at Number two we have
a c-section nightmare It comes from P As In Peter on Reddit, who
had a traumatizing experience while getting a c-section. She said that when the doctors were preparing
to close her she had blood splash on her face. She wrote that one of the doctors working
on her “must have dropped one of [her] organs”. Um, HELLO?! This woman was simultaneously giving life
and being reminded that hers is fragile. She at least had a good attitude about it,
because she said her family got their money’s worth from the anesthesiologist who wiped
the blood from her face and glasses. The miracle of life ladies and gentlemen. Ayman: and last but not least at our number
1 spot is The Repetition. This ones from redditor cambrewer who was
a 4th year nursing student when this happened to them. She was sitting for a 28 year old woman who
was going through alcohol withdrawal and it was the 3rd day which is scientifically the
worst. And sitting is basically when you sit by a
patient that could be a danger to themselves or others and this woman was fully restrained
like hands and feet bound. She was shouting racial slurs at the nurse
and spitting on her and after a while started straight up hallucinating. She thought she was in her car driving with
her 2 kids in the back and she kept begging the nurse to take the wheel. She then explained this car crash in vivid
detail and saying her son had died. She kept crying and apologising and repeatedly
kept asking the nurse to hadn her the body of her dead son. She was sedated and when that wore off the
same hallucinations happened again. The same scenario happened 8 times in this
woman’s 12 hour shift and after hearing it enough times she realised it wasn’t a hallucination
at all. This was something that she had actually done
but was replaying in her mind in this delirious state. OUTRO
Alright everybody, that’s our top ten scary hospital horror stories. Now, in general I never want to be in a hospital
because that generally means either someone I know or myself is sick, but these stories
seal the deal for me. Props to those in the field of medicine for
what you do *send props lmao* *Chit chat* Tell us what spooked you the most down below
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  1. Maybe what dropped was the placenta??? *** BRIEF BIRTH STORY AHEAD*** I had a vaginal birth and I saw a little bit of the mess, it was bloody. My sister said it looked like a horror show.

  2. One story i heard from my fren whose mom work as a nurse in paediatric ward:
    She was sending a dead body (baby) to the morgue using an elevator. Then she saw a small kid standing next to her via the reflection on the elevator wall. She said "Come, let's send this little one to the morgue" without flinching. Apparently, this normal occurrence for the nurses to see spirits of dead baby or small kid in the hospital

  3. Something tells me this duo is going to stick together for a while. I kind of want to watch them go on adventures together.

  4. you guys look fun together 🙂 so I got not really a scary story but an interesting one. I've been in and out of hospitals since I was a kid. I was born with a hole in my heart. when I was around 18 years old I had another surgery for scar tissue removal and a valve replacement, I had woken up from the strangest dream it was like I was in limbo, l while I was in this dream things where so white it was hard to make out what things where, I could hear voices and such, it was nothing intimidating, you could tell it was family and such that was watching over me and trying to talk to me in this dream, just before I woke up it was seriously like I was sitting next to this man of very importance and I could hear him telling me to wake up. when I woke up I looked around and there was post it board right next to my head and I swear I seen the writing "angels where here" on this board and it's like I blinked and the message was gone. I was in the room not alone I could see my mom and dad sleeping on the chairs in the room, it was only me and them, I actually had to talk to them loudly to get them to wake up so they where fast asleep.

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  6. The 6th one got me the most hearing a shriek plus with seeing some hooves that just came and went with no trace out of nowhere on hospital grounds I'd be outta dodge asap

  7. My mom was an ER nurse and I asked her what was the craziest patient to come in was and she said a man with an ax in his head, from a domestic dispute, came in and after major surgery, he actually survived.

  8. I worked in an old hospital turned into treatment facility for teenagers. There was always rumors and stories about nuns and patients. I worked nights and never came across any ghost or ghouls.

  9. The story about the man in the suit freaked me out. I work in a nursing home, several patiens have hallucinations. This one particular resident will always have the same few hallucinations but this one night she had something different. She was in a panic talking about a man on her ceiling, saying he wore a suit and a top hat. She is still alive but she only ever talked about him once. All her other hallucinations are reoccuring.

  10. I got a hospital story my grandfather had suffered a stroke so we were waiting outside his hospital room after five minutes of waiting. I saw him turn the corner of the hall. I followed him and saw him looking out a window I asked him how did he got out of his room. and said. "He shouldnt be out of the room and how did you get past everyone." he said he was still there. Then he said "you should leave,you cant be here yet you still got time go spend it while you got it." then I woke up according to my dad I fell asleep. Then two minutes later while I was asleep my grandfather died an accidental overdose by the nurse.

  11. When I was 17 I broke my ankle and I woke up during surgery and tried to get off the operating table in the middle of surgery. They held me down on the table and had to inject me with more medication to make me sleep.

  12. I'm a nurse in an old folks home & the husband of my co-worker is psychic. He sees spirits all over. He once said that whatever your core beliefs are is what comes for you. He said he's seen the hounds of hell drag a spirit away, the grim reaper come for someone & he's seen angels come. He also said that he won't go on one unit at all because it's full of angry spirits.

  13. I’m kinda spooked…you know I’m not SCaReD I’m not a baby 🥴. But it’s spooky season so I’m powering it through lol.

  14. Healthy high 5 to all the hard working doctors and nurses .
    Scary bunch of stories number one hit me the most imagine re living that pain over and over . Poor woman , poor nurse and such a shame for the young lad thaat lost his life alcohol can be the devil 😈 don't drink and drive.

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  16. My experiences of sleep paralysis and a weird encounter:

  17. Good stories, hard to get used to the voice and way of pronouncing sentences and animation compared to the other hosts.

  18. Really starting to like Abbey. She seems to have relaxed a bit and is not as stiff as she was in the start. I'm loving those double colabs too 😀

  19. This isn’t a hospital story, this is from my old haunted house. I was 6 when this all happened. I was watching a movie in my room with my younger sister but she always went to my parents room to sleep. When I fell asleep I woke up sometime at midnight. I looked for my sister to see if she hadn’t left but she did and when I looked in the corner of my eye I saw a huge shadow on the door. It was covering the whole door. It had no hands, or feet only the arms and legs. It was a horrifying thing to see. I immediately got under my blanket and hoped it would go away. After about 1 or 2 minutes I looked up and it was still there. But thing is my room light was on as well as the bathroom light one so this shadow had to be coming from the restroom. I looked away and when I looked back it was gone. I had the courage to go look. There was a small doll my sister had gotten that always gave me the chills, no hands, no feet. Sitting there on the edge of the bathtub. I ran out to the room and stayed up till the morning horrified.

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  22. Railing before Death happen to my Granddad, he had leukaemia, he was so awake and alive that he bet on horses with his family while watching TV , had a Sunday dinner and laughed a lot. It was sad to see him go but he went peacefully.

  23. I hate hospitals because when I was little, I think I was 5 or 6, I was sent to the hospital to have some teeth removed. When I got there, I was put into a little playing room where I had to sit, alone, and wait for the doctor to take me in. I couldn't see my mom from the nursery so I was freaking out. When the doctor came to get me, I asked for my mom. They said she was in the waiting room. When we turned the corner, my mom was sitting in a chair in the hallway outside of the room I was to go into. All I wanted to do, was go to my mom. They ushered me into the room and hoisted me up onto the table. I fought them like the devil. I was kicking and screaming. It took six nurses to hold me down before they realized I just wanted my mom. They brought her in, I held her hand, and out I went. When I woke up, she was right there beside me.

    Its not really all that scary but I still hate hospitals….

  24. 9 – ok either its a dialect thing, or im a dumb American. does line mean blood vein? if youre referring to an IV, I don't see how that would kill someone in such a gruesome way.

  25. several years ago I worked 3rd shift in the laundry at a nursing home, which was unfortunately located in the alzheimers unit. while I was working one night I went around to the racks to hang up some dry clothes and one of the patients was standing there. nothing special hit me at first except to wonder how he got in there because you have to have a card key and a code to even open the door. so I took him to the door and told him he wasn't supposed to be in the laundry room. he was one of the older men with severely advanced alzheimers so I knew he was genuinely confused and most likely didn't even know how he got in there. I wasn't angry as it wasn't his fault. he seemed more scared than anything. anyway about an hour later he was in there again. which confused me, as I hadn't left the room but once and that was to get a drink and a snack from one of the vending machines. so again I escorted him out, and went back to work. a couple hours later he was somehow back in there. now I was getting starting to get a little weirded out. so I took him back out and went up to the desk in there and asked if they had seen how he was getting in there. they looked at me with a shocked expression and told me that he had died 2 days ago in the laundry room. he was wanting some shirt or something and one of the day laundry people had let him in there to look through the racks to find his shirt. he tripped over a mop and when he hit the floor, the impact killed him. I had to take the rest of the night and the next day off. my boss offered me the week, but I told him I couldn't afford to lose that much pay. needless to say I found another job that had nothing to do with any form of care within two weeks.

  26. I may have a theory on the linked visions and hallucinations.Fungi communicate with the environment and each other, facts shown by nature.Thump a log several times and watch the area for the new shrooms closely.They know when another tree falls it's time to spore the area to reproduce because of the food/growing medium nearby.Fungi been here longer than we have.They have the ability to communicate with nearby fungi, especially when it's the same strain.

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  29. I have a scary hospital story. I was sick,went to the doctor and then it happened! He prescribed me an

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