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lists! We’re listening, and today we are getting
the clinical kind of spooky! I have to say as well, a lot of these places
were former psychiatric units, which somehow makes them even scarier; are the spirits of
the criminally insane still stalking these abandoned buildings? You decide! Before we delve into the video, though, I
just want to ask you guys what the scariest situation you have ever been in? I’ll tell you to mind at the end of the
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our content! Shall we start this list off with a Nazi Asylum? At number 10, we have an Abandoned Hospital
that Hitler stayed in? Check out Beelitz Heilstatten Hospital in
Berlin Located 30 kilometers outside Berlin, the
huge hospital has been used as a place to treat tuberculosis as well as transforming
into a military hospital in world wars one and two. In 1916, Adolf Hitler was admitted to the
hospital after being wounded in the battle of the Somme. Later, in World War Two it was exclusively
used to treat Nazis. A lot of nasty people have been nursed back
to health here, which is pretty concerning if you think about it and means it is not
a place I would want to spend the night. They say that walls absorb history…well..
there is some pretty intense history absorbed in these walls. The hospital is VAST too… like…seriously
huge. While it is abandoned, it has been used as
a film set on a couple of occasions. For example, It was used in the 2012 movie,
the Pianist. 9 – Denbigh Asylum
Denbigh Asylum is a former psychiatric institution in North Wales. Over 1,500 patients were lobotomized on the
grounds between 1848 and 1995. Not only that, Welsh MP George Maitland Lloyd
took his life in the asylum in 1949. Urban explorer and filmmaker Lee Rielly shot
an incredible piece of footage on a DJI Phantom 4 Drone flying over the old abandoned building. It is kind of hauntingly beautiful. Lee also ventured inside and took some photos
of the crumbling building. Talking about his Urban exploration, Lee said
“the buildings just sit there letting nature take over. It’s sad in some ways but I feel proud to
be one of the few people to see the places in their current state.” 8 – Britain’s Largest Lunatic Asylum
Hellingly Hospital has been abandoned for 18 years. Sitting in the Sussex countryside near the
village of Hellingly, the building has fallen into disrepair. The main hall has a theatre like a vibe, with
spooky high ceilings. Some of the old equipment is still in the
building too, like this patient chair, for example. I can imagine someone laying in that chair
while a doctor prodded and poked at them with utensils. The fact that that chair can still be found
in the building is pretty chilling. 7 – This next hospital is also in Berlin and
is rumored to be haunted by Zombies. Whaaat? Also, this hospital was a children’s hospital
which makes things even creepier. The facility was called Kinderkrankenhaus,
which to the English tongue makes it seem even scarier! These days, the building in the woods has
been battered by the elements and ransacked by vandals. Urban legend in the nearby town is that the
old abandoned hospital is home to a number of zombies waiting to strike. Those who dare visit the location have taken
some terrifying pictures if the interior and exterior. On the flip side, though, some of the graffiti
is pretty cool. 6 – Kings Park Psychiatric Hospital – NYC
Kings Park is on Long Island and it opened in the late 1800s. At the time it opened its doors as an asylum,
it was the largest state-funded mental institute. The facility came complete with railroads
to bring in supplies. The facility expanded and eventually suffered
from overcrowding in the 1950s. By the mid-90s it had run out of money and
was closed down. While people can explore portions of the grounds,
the buildings are kept away from the public eye. That hasn’t stopped urban explorers gaining
a glimpse, though…and I have to say, it looks terrifying. Like most scary abandoned hospitals, it is
surrounded by woodland… I can just imagine the patients running through
the trees trying to escape. Youtube channel Vocativ made a whole video
about the place that you should check out. Also…here are a few pictures from the inside…Look
at those paintings on the wall too. I am not talking the graffiti…. The kind of absurdist ones at the back, like
what on earth is going on there? Another New York Asylum up next, we have the
Willard Asylum for the Chronically insane at number 5
This is one of the creepiest places on earth. Operating from 1800 until 1995, rumors circulated
that once people were admitted here, they would never be leaving. The average stay of a patient was 30 years,
which….is actually longer than most life sentences…so that is pretty intense. It is also said that people who died in the
asylum were buried in nameless graves in the hospital grounds. As the hospital was closing down in 1995,
an employee found 400 old suitcases stowed away in the loft, clearly packed away as if
the person was never going to leave. The cases contained personal items and letters
from family members, which is really sad if you think about how the patients weren’t
allowed to keep them. Some contained old photographs, which are
really haunting to look at when you know that these people were admitted to the hospital
and never allowed to leave. Several murders took place in this hospital…we
have the Gaebler Children’s Centre at Metropolitan State Hospital in Waltham, Massachusetts at
number 4. The children’s center was not a nice place
to be. In a book written by Dinah William’s on
the topic of Abandoned Insane Asylums, she reveals how the center was once amid a scandal
of accidental poisoning. On top of that, the location has garnered
the nickname of the hospital of seven teeth due to a nasty murder in the 1970s. A patient named Anna Marie Davee was pounced
upon and murdered by a fellow patient, a deranged man named Melvin Wilson. When Police finally investigated him, they
found he had chopped up her body and hidden it in three separate graves. It seems that Wilson kept three of her teeth
as a souvenir. The hospital closed in 1992. While some parts of it have been demolished,
some scary abandoned buildings still remain, concealing their dark history. Sooo what is scary than a creepy abandoned
hospital? A creepily abandoned mortuary – basically
a hospital for the dead at number 3 This is disgusting! Memorial Mound in Kentucky was left abandoned
for 18 years with corpses left to rot inside! Caskets were disintegrating and bodies left
in blue plastic bags. Weirdly, coffins were elevated off the finding
and left to decompose. Embalming liquids still remain in their tubs
too…which is weird! Some of the interior walls and fabrics appear
to be molding, too. The site closed down in the year 2000 and
was left abandoned since. The building, bodies and all, was rediscovered
in 2014 and is now on sale. Who on earth would want to buy this building? It is horrifying and more than likely totally
haunted! What is worse than a creepy abandoned dead
person hospital…. A creepy abandoned Mental Asylum riddled with
ghosts…. Give number 2 your best smile… it is the
Sai Ying Pun Psychiatry Hospital in Hong Kong. This hospital was the sole asylum in Hong
Kong Between 1947 and 1961. The building was later abandoned in the 70s,
however, it seems a number of ghostly spirits were left behind. Supernatural spirit hunters have reported
mysterious footsteps and sounds of a woman wailing…worst of all, though, some people
who have been unlucky enough to be in the building at night have reported visions of
an evil man bursting into flames, while others report seeing decapitated ghouls staling the
halls at night. The scariest and haunted hospital in the world
has also been the spot of many murders and suicides… at number 1 we have Kingseat Psychiatric
Hospital in New Zealand Opened in 1932 and shut down in 1999, the
Kingseat Hospital was not a nice place to be when it was opened and is seemingly even
worse now it is closed. The maximum security psychiatric unit was
very very intense…and you can still see the bars that were placed on the windows as
well as scratch marks in the walls from where patients were clawing to get out. Local legend has it that more nurses died
at the facility than patients. Since the hospital’s closure in the 90s, several
death cases have been reopened and investigated as manslaughter or murder amid repeated claims
of abuse, with some saying staff beat several patients to death and simply let others starve
to death. There have been over 100 ghost sightings in
the building, which has been the subject of several paranormal investigations over the
years. Many believe the hospital is haunted by a
grey nurse… others report seeing a number of shadows. A family that lives nearby has even claimed
that the ghosts play with their children. Creepy. Okay, so that was the top 10 scary abandoned
hospitals – which do you think is the scariest? I told you I would tell you my scariest story
earlier, didn’t I! Well, I have never been to a scary abandoned
hospital, but I have been to a haunted house! Okay, before
I go…two comments from a recent video to round off…. I did the Top 10 scary tinder stories and
you guys seemed a bit surprised I was single. Yep. It is true. Scary! Right! Itz Amy Wrote: Rebecca you always exceed to
put a smile on my face. Even if it is videos like these.. #SINGLEPRINGLE Sabrina Sneha Wrote: I am a “single for life”
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and has been trying to get back with me for 2 years. after that, I was done.? Honey… one bad egg doesn’t mean they’re
all rotten. It’s about waiting to find someone who is
good enough for you! Well, there you
have it……..

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  1. Hmmm…..the scariest thing that ever happened to me?

    My mom ate the Chinese food I was thinking about ALL DAY

    ok…. maybe that was only scary for my mom….

  2. Wtf… How much sh!t is there in Southern NY that I don't know about??? Never heard of any of these!! Makes me wonder what I've been doing all my life….

  3. where is that moscow hospital which was never finished and is one of the most haunted and dangerous places of moscow? i missed that

  4. Denbigh Asylum is pronouned "Den-bee" I live around 25 – 30 mins away from the Asylum and locals call it the Denbigh Nut House.

  5. Me and my cousin went to a haunted prison in Boise Idaho at night for a night tour and hid in solitary confinement and scared people lol

  6. I am working at a ln old hospital-pathology which is now a museum. My job there varies from doing guided tours, programs and helping with the exhibition. My mother is a painter, and because I learned a lot from her, I also painted some walls in one of our exhibitions. I was alone in those rooms and it was kinda stormy outside. I tend to be talking to myself whenever I am alone, jus for fun. There are several light-spots eluminating the room, one of them was pointed to the spot on the Wall I just painted over. Suddenly this exact light went out, and I was like "Ey what are you doing, turn that back on" (yeah sometimes I tend to talk to lifeless objects too XD). And we'll the ligh really turned back on. I was really confused. Likely it was jus a coincidence and the light where flickering because of the storm. But my colleagues and I are sometimes joking that our "house ghost" is at work, when an door slams or we hear any other sound in the building. Furthermore I always have a funny feeling when I walk down the Institute Hallway in the evening. I have this feeling in no other part of the building, not even the old dissection hall. But in this particular hallway, like someone is watching me closely.

  7. My buddies and I heard about ghost that walks thru the graveyard at midnight. This graveyard was in the middle of woods on some back road. Anyways we were bored and went out to see this ghost. We got there and light a smoke and nothing. So my buddy starts walking around. The next thing I know my buddy runs by freaked out telling us to run to the car. So we did…….I was the driver so I got the keys out but I droped them. My buddy starts yelling here it comes hurry. I found the keys and we got out of there like a bat out of hell. I never saw the ghost but my buddy was white as a ghost and swears it was following is all the way to the car.

  8. If you want a creepy one rolling hills asylum in east Bethany new york i can tell you the whole history i have investigated it has a super creepy history and is a creepy building that is haunted

  9. I think the doctors are probably scarier than the patients in most of the asylums. On a related note, my scariest experience was after surgery when I was still out of it on painkillers and the doctors woke me up in the middle of the night in a panic to tell me that my blood pressure was dropping and they needed to put a central line in my neck. They tilted my bed head downwards and draped plastic over my face in order to cut a hole in my neck. It was terrifying and I do not recommend.

  10. "Kinderkrankenhaus" is just the word equal to children's hospital. I think its called Kinderkrankenhaus Weißensee or something.

  11. I don't know why everyone makes such a big deal about Hitler staying at that hospital since he was just another nameless, faceless soldier then

  12. Found my mother's body and her friend's and her friend two step kids. They were murdered. That's the scariest thing I have seen

  13. You guys should look into an abandoned mental hospital complex in Tinley Park Illinois it’s patrolled by the US National Guard but they are easy to get passed and it is extremely haunted

  14. I live in north Dakota, and we have an old asylum named san haven sanitarium, my friends and I spent the night there and it was a super awesome experience

  15. Scariest situation I've ever been in. Every Saturday at 4:45 I find myself having a mental breakdown. I support Southampton.

  16. Kings Park Psych Center! I love visiting those buildings!! Far from New York City, but what a wonderful place to visit!

  17. Hey Rebecca J. Love this YouTube channel it's great. Wanted to say that I have and a few times with friends explored the kings park hospital and def saw a shadow or a person in a dark outfit. Super scary. Btw your stunning and super beautiful.

  18. #3 Memorial Mound is actually in Bessemer Alabama. It's about a 5 minute walk from my house. I've many different times.

  19. I've been in a hospital when I was little and I was scared but now I'm even more scared of hospitals…

  20. Just so you know, they use real chainsaws in haunted house events in the U.S. but they remove the chain so it can't hurt anyone

  21. The scariest thing that happened to me was:when I was 9 yrs old my mom asked me to water the garden it was night time my mom was drunk so yeah she acts different when she is drunk I didn't want to do that but my mom was mad as hell so I have no choice, while I was watering the garden I heard someone knock on our gate I opened it and I saw no one outside I looked at each of my side then when I turned to my right side I saw a woman wearing white clothes and has black hair so I hurried up watering the garden

  22. The number 5 spot, the Willard Asylum, I grew up about 30 mins away from it and would frequently drive there to watch the sun set over Seneca lake from the old dock where they used to bring good to the asylum. Most graves are only marked with a numbered metal plate the size of a tea cup and the wood line is dotted with crooked and old crosses (especially creepy to see when the sun is setting), although now most of the original property is the regional juvenile correctional facility, a few of the old buildings remain, but as for an easy place to urban explore, I’d recommend only for advanced explorers. A cop I knew who used to guard the old buildings experienced some ghostly happenings and his partner and he refuses to go in since. As for the suitcases, there’s a website where the contents and people are documented, defiantly a sober read through, but good when you find one of when the patient actually made it out but for some reason left their suitcase.

    With enough digging I’m sure you can find more scary things about and from people’s experiences.

  23. Hi Rebecca my name is Destini and I'm the type of girl who will have tea parties with her dolls , I was sitting on the floor with my dolls and tea set when I headed a bang we were looking after my neighbours cat at the time so I thought it was him so I shouted " Tommy!?" Nothing happened so I looked around my bedroom and no cat was visible so I just sat back down when one of my dolls turned . Her. Head I screamed and my dad rushed up with bat because he heared the bangs and heared me scream I told him what happend and he took the doll apart and threw her away and now I think about her and she was the creepiest thing I owned she had light blonde hair big (really big) blue eyes and a wide smile and her name was Dolly 😰😰😨😨

  24. One of my scariest experiences was a few years ago, my best friend and I went fr a walk around the block. This was a very common thing for us as the park was right down the street. Our parents warned us beforehand because there was a sex trafficker recently caught literally a block away and he obviously had other helpers. Well while we were walking, a car pulled up to us and I didn't get a good look before screaming and shoving her away but it looked like a they held a gun. I pushed her towards a house and ran down the street in front of them screaming like a mad-man "come get me you assholes". They spun around and sped off in the other direction. This was years ago and we still haven't told anyone about it.

  25. The Penhurst School outside Philadelphia,Pa. Closed in early 80's. And Warren State Hospital near Erie,Pa. Parts of it are still in use today.

  26. This should start of with "Warning if you click this video you will be watching urban legends for the rest of your life" I have been watching these for one hour

  27. Denbeigh asylumn is known locally as denbeigh mental, it is beautiful and terrifying all at once, I have camped in the adjacent grounds and some strange things happened… including an unexplained explosion 10 meters away from where we were standing as a group… we went to investigate, but there was no evidence of anything even happening!

  28. The one I went to in Niagara Falls was Dracula's Castle and I was scared shitless. But if I have a chance to go back I'd make it through the whole thing. There was a guy following me (supposed to be Dracula or some other vampire) and my aunt whispering and tapping my shoulder. Like you I ran out screaming even though it was fake.

  29. My scary story:
    My dad was visiting his dad (yes my dad has a dad) and he was visiting him I was in the truck asleep, when the phone rang and I got out the truck faster than usain bolt and called out like Five times. It turned out to be 630-296-7536. Didn't Pick up. The most creepy part is that the number is from booth world industries

  30. Rebecca! Oh my gosh, I can't believe you mentioned King Seat! I live in the same city, even had a relative as a resident there when I was a kid… but you didn't mention the cool thing about it, King Seat has since become a kind of a theme park called Spookers where actors dress up as monsters and you can do a sort of sacar tour of one of the old hospital wings at night. It's pretty awesome :p

  31. Its fine that that is ur scariest moment, if u just think, many people can die in haunted houses and it wont even be hardly noticed. After realizing that i never set foot in one again….lol

  32. I completely get it! Back in 2010 I went to a haunted corn maze with my future husband and some friends. We get to the 2nd or 3rd part and original Leatherface jumps out and starts to chase us with his chainsaw. I took off running into the maze, my friends couldn't find me. Leatherface chased after me. I remember hiding in the loop area and seeing his silhouette against the light standing at the entrance looking for me. My friends finally found me and we moved on. Since then, hearing chainsaws makes me freeze up. I also got a nail in my shoe, but thankfully it didn't go through to my foot. I don't know about Canada, but any attraction I have been to they cannot touch you. I also believe the chainsaws are real, but they don't have the chain on them so they cannot cut.

  33. The scariest or spooky situation I have ever been in was when I was living with a family friend and their son was actually planning to kill me. he was only 8 years old and that he had hidden the knife and told his sister that he was going to kill me in my sleep. his sister came and told me and brought me the knife creepy

  34. I will go to real haunted places with equipment BUT never a haunted attraction! Nope. I'm a wuss!
    When I was 9yrs I woke up in the middle of the night and there was a man standing in my door way looking right at me! It was misty white, I could see he was smiling at me. I literally peed my bed, and pulled the covers over my face! I wanted to scream for my mom but I was too frightened. Soo when I got older I found out why my mom would sleep on the couch with the TV up real loud, bc she would hear talking and footsteps! She was scared! Unfortunately my uncle hung himself in our basement before I was born. We had other things happen in that house, but I'll never forget that spirit standing there, starring!

  35. I tried to go through this abandoned house behind a grade school by my house but we walked for 2 hrs I could see it the whole time but we could never seem to reach it two hr walk out two hr walk back exhausted and confused we left disappointed and creeped out

  36. This was a great list! My scariest would have to be at Newcomb Hospital in Vineland New Jersey yes it is closed down and yes it is haunted I use to work there.

  37. hey rebecca i went to a "haunted" fire house and where it was they are allowed to touch you too so I went past a ambulance they made to look abandoned and a person reached out and grabbed my ankle, I then turned and started saying I'm done repeatedly, however my dad made me go the rest of the way through

  38. Someone (still have no idea who) tried to break into my apartment while i was sleeping and my cat wouldnt shut up and i yelled at her to stop and i didnt realize someone tried breaking in until the next day, when i saw the deadbolt pushed in and markings around it. They were VERY close to getting in. I still believe my cat saved my life that night.
    This was almost 3 years ago and i have extremely hard time sleeping now…

  39. Theres a hospital in traverse city we broke into and we took picks and you could see eyes and people super scary

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